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  • The saying as is in the couplet IN HINDI" Teysoo rey ghantar bajjaio, Nown nagri nown gaon bassiyo Bass gaiy tittur, bass gaiy more HUagga chirryia ley gai chore Choran key ghjarm khetti Khaa chriya hoa gaiy motty , The translation is aS Teysoo ring the bell with the declaration That nine cities and nine villages have come to existance with TURKEY AND PECOCK TO SINGH AND FIGHT aND THE BIRD s--- IN THEM TAKEN HOSTAGE BY THE THIEVES who have farming at their place Then the bird got fatter after eatingi
    So this couplet it seems tell a tale hundreds of years back but telling what is going or going to be jn n the cricket

  • After one casualty of the cricket match affair in India the real volcano of the vast money in millions of rupees is showing its rumbling ,and trying to come out of its source (mouth) . The soon the authorities trace its origin and destination for dumping spot ,better it ,would be for the Cricket game as healthy Sport and the spectators lest they are being engulfed fromk the ashes to come out;. We hope now the other player of this series may not be out as a casualty

  • So is the story of Baba Ambade kar the Leader and the Barrister in law In India helped in drafting the Indian constitution form the republic of India. He rosed from the poor Indians under the rules of the British Empire to go up to the top of the scene then with Indian s fighting for freedom, but not as a down trodden child of any com unity but as a brilliant one who helped himself initially, no, doubt also later by the aid of the maharaja and others, who saw in ,him as the future leader. There was no question that he started for his community but to him it was only Indians for whom he worked, It was for the community to understand that he who can reach to such heights why others can not. Now at his birth day ceremony, it is irony some wanted to see and gain support from the voters for future prime minister or the leader for opposition etc and wasted time and the public money to asses the position. This is no way they can take lesson from,the saying that DANNA GUL MAIN GIR KER GUL SEY

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  • English blog Definition of "liberty" in The slogan (LIBERTY IS OUR BIRTH RIGHT.)

    In our country when under slavery we were aspiring to be free of the British rule our Respected leader of that time Coined a Phrase "LIBERTY IS OUR BIRTH RIGHT". and that it worked wonders and ultimately we got our Independence. The arose the question ,what type of the liberty is to be enjoyed by us and then the Constitution came into existence,to safe Gard our liberty.
    But how depressing it is now to know that in our country the children are now told that education is also their birth right./ Very proudly it was declared now, but that too with an outline of the scheme with no sound information and rules to be executed.. God knows to what extent this type, of misguiding may be continuing. If they have no technology with them they should call for from the global expertise organisation to full- fill the r deal to children

  • Since the British rule of Law was in India(Undivided) ie (comprising now Of Pakistan, Bengladesh and Burmah and Cylone) was applicable on about thirty crores people as such, and was effective on this me err population but now a days The country have a population of more than hundred crores with only one Chief Justice on them and as per recent news in the media that thousands of cases are pending to be heard in decades to come, And similar is the cases of litigations to be either to be registered or to be heard for getting justice in decade of yearas to come.Till then the killer or the dacoit or the defaulters are by law are not to be treated asa crinimals etc, So they have in this faith that during their life time they are free to do things ,not worrying about or their coming under the Law that means that the y suppose that they are above the law This a grave subject which has never bring touched by the law abiding, machines lest at present their post may be in danger in case iof the

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  • Indian currency note in the Garlands to show the public follower of any leader's strength

    Indians are very proud of "melas and Tamasahs" ,to enjoy and they can go to, any limit to attend. The beauty is that the Garland may be of currency notes of thousands in Numbers of Thousand rupee notes But in this country who cares- how and from where such collection of notes may be made , where as there is a limit for the keeping of such notes in one hold and that is to be in the knowledge of law athourites The other story may be it is a collection frorm the individuals mostly very poor citizens( The Called Dalits) If that is the matter then the definition of poor in India Is in the negative ie"Rich fellow " So the world charitable organizing parties are being made fool by considerijg Poor Indian asa poor but the position is not so as per this Garland episode

  • Cycling,Rallies,Mob Collecting and Dharnas are realy the Arms of DEMOCRACY OR OTHERWI

    MAHATMA GANDHI -the inventor of DANDI MARCH to liberate the people and fight to get the salt,that was not allowed by the rulers, showed the road to get things done or remove the obstacle created by any body. But in the democratic government ,now the rallies on foot ,on cycles or collecting the mobs from all around the country just to tell them by some individuals(thinking themselves that they only know what is wrong or what is the need of the day),is simply undemocratic in a State formed democratically Where as if any message is to be sent to the citizens there are various means and media to convince the victims or the rulers if there works are against the interest of any body. When there is in the world recesscion , and economy is bad ,and we need to work hard such rallies are simply waste of time,and energy and labor apart the creation of unnecessary difficulties tor the public
    The other side of this may be that some people are looking forward to new elections ,years ahead but not

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  • Our Grand fathers at the time of obtaining Independence from the Britishers would have never thoiught of their ( decendents- who have never tasted what is known of slavery and not even cared to know how scattered, divided nation comprising of factors like castism ,religion high &low standards and graded persons of different States were created by the rulers so as to continue to rule we Indians as Slaves, were united As a Nation with one voice Bharat Choro and we are Indian and Indian only.
    But alas Now the same genitic Children as the present politicians of india areFavouring for scatering the country into segements of castes, Hindu ,Muslims-( FOR WHOM bHARAMATA IS NOT A THING TO BE RESPECTED BEFORE THEIR RELIGION MUSLIM LAW,AND OF bEING
    mAHARASHTRa ,Bengal. Punjab and Tamil or ,labourers male and female
    Our constitution allowed the rreservation only for some years but never for ever as is the condition now adays) will try to destablise the country

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  • Women Reservation and Indian constituiion - a long strached phenomina, a simple political play.

    Indian constitution only gave a limited time for some years for any type of reservation ,just for the uplifting the poor, negleted uneducated and backward citizons of India.
    But more than sixty years the process of reservation .for casts creed and religion and sex and also the states is still going on,instead of improving the condition , the trend of development is down trend, regarding the population and it wellfare, in providing health, residential, financial and cultural activities to the rural and working labour (In cities and villages).
    By propagating the development in a few metro cities as a progressed nation is simply a hoax in the eyes of the world.
    For so many years since Smt Indira Gandhi;s declaraton of Emergency,many experiments by alternative Governments failed to improve the conditioins of the country, and now
    This experiment of reservationof MP seats for women (specially for underPrivilaged ,uneducated and socially victimised etc) by the parties,is not in the

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  • Planned murderous activities of Indian God men, on the poor and illinformed public

    A lot is to be thought about it,that is how to meet the challenge of such new crop of fak\e sadhus claiming themselves that they are god and will take the ignorant not educated till now the poor to the god bny the waY CHOSEN BY THEM


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