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  • Gold nano Particles in homeopathic medicines

    The times of India ,new Delhi reffers to new scientific reseaech going at Universities inU S A ic very encouraging I will like to mention as per homeopathic literature a similar reference may be found as regarding treatment in heart related troubles. the detail may follow.


    Though in case of accidents immediate help is required from hospitals but in between the treatment being started there first aid may be given by oral medicines from homeopathic medicines to control pains and condition of shock etc which are very effective and may be compared to the best of alopathic medicines i will refer to it later on.

  • why not Homeopathy TRIAL FOR sine flue

    Recently there is news from USA scientific news thbat the virus attacks on the lungs cell deeply resulting ddamage to the lungs of the patients that is very difficult to control, soi i refer to the research fellows to study some medicinesa ion homeopatrht like the following.
    VERATRUM ALBUM( WHITE HELLEBORE) - a very specific for the conditions and symptums of the deseases of flue
    I hope some body may give his attention on it
    ram dass saxena

  • Homeopathy = treatment for High blood pressure patients

    Refer to Materia medica by Boericke
    page 668-670.
    1 Veratrum Album. (WhiteHellebore) and 2 .VeratrumViride(White American Hellebore)
    no 1,-- Results into one of the best
    heart stimulants in homeopath doses (DrJ.s mitchell )
    comparing it to" Veratrine" ( for increased vascular Tenssion ) it relaxes it and stimulates the elemination of toxinx.

    2. VERATRUM VIRIDE:- it induces fall of both systolic and diastolic blood pressure
    and for heart trobles etc and bvalvular deseases

    so the medicine are a subject for physian interest 9n the interest of patient.

  • Homeopathy treatment for BLOOD PRESSURE VARIATION in patients

    CAMPHORA (camphor)/ page 158 of the matreaa medica of Boericke,
    A medicine for patients having Low Blood Pressure as per work done by Hanemann, who says" the action of this substance is very puzzling and difficult of investigation even in the health organism.
    ,as heart stimulant for emergency use of camphor is the most satisfactory remedy

    picture of a state of collapse after operations, low bloodpressure, 3doses ofcamphor,1x,15 minute interval has achived classical fame.
    In Ayurvedic medicine it is also workable for bringing the patient to recovery after collapse state from xtreem weakness etc.

  • controlinmg BLOOD PRRSSURE by homeo pathy

    There are numbers of homeopathic medicine that could keep the blood pressure Normal from varying at different times ina patient if given by taking note of other symptoms and giving the medicines single and not as mixtures (that is against homeopathic rules and principls} but some companies are now a days selling as patent medicine which is simply as copying as allopathic system, resulting into not as a permanent remedy.
    I will write about those homeopathic remedies with refernce to the senior and old masters of this system.

  • SODIUM CHLORIDE (COMMON SALT) As a medicine for treating insect an scorpio stings bite

    Natrum Mur (Homeopathic medicine) is rcommedd forapplying a rub of the medicine on the part of the body affected by the sting of the insect for effecting the cure of the pains, as per the homeopathic books written by the Drs as william &B0rics 12 tissue remedies.
    But in India people living in the far off villages anmd in the forest have been using common salt (Nacl salt) for the instant relief and cure of the scorpio bite of its sting as follopws.
    A few grains of the salt int luke warm water in a spoon used with a few drops from it and put inside the ear of the victim of the scorpia bite (ear from the opposide side of the body bit by the scorpio) instantly neutralise the effect of the bite and cure the patient free of the swelling an d the pain.
    So this method is to be tested now with the modern technology so as to recommend to the patients for their good.

  • Homeopathic, Biochemic the 12TISSUE REMEDIES of SCHUSSLER for DIABETES

    The reference is from BOERICKE & DEWEY book on the 12 TISSUE REMEDIES
    page 157 on the CLINICAL CASES. on diabets mellitus,.
    The auther has reffered the following, tissdue remedies tried on patients of whom in some cases they have been fully cured decade ago
    So if the scientific world now trace out the cause of recoveries on the present infrastructure of the science, it will be big help to huanity

  • homeopathic medicine "STIGMATA MAYDIS"--ZEA (CORN_SILK)

    This is medicine as reported in the matriamedica by Dr WILLIAM BOERICKE.
    and in India it is understood that the villagers were in know of the efficacy of the boiled extract of the silk corn ( MAKKA KA BHUTTA ki SILK FIBRE)
    which cured many patients suffering from diseases resulting in to swelling of
    or full of water in the body or parts of the body even after the ineffective treatment of allopathic Drs.
    the book on page 611 notes as follow

    "Has marked urinary symptoms ,and has been used with success in organic heart disease, with much oedema of lower extremities and scany urination,Enlarged prostatic and retention of urine.Uric and phosphatic go9norrhea, Cystitis".
    To my knowledge recently a few hundred patients in india has been benifitted by this corn silk treatmen
    and as such the attention of the medical world if interested should be drawn to it and tested for the benifit for the patient.t

  • i shall be throwing some light on such medicines, perhaps negleted and forgotten by the practisioners due to a long losttime,


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