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  • SWINE FLUE;-why not a chanceto treat it with bio chemic 12 tissue remedies of schussular?

    Leading homeopaths are promising to try the specific homeopathic medicines on the basis of the literature available by senior physicians of the 18th and19th century we hope itwill work wonders but as to reassure them world health authorities the system may be allowed to be tested onthe patient and on their blood molucles during the treatment but not on the rats initiualy.

    we assure that on the recent mode of testing and latest cell development technology we may get the best results by the Bio chemic 12 tissue remidies.

    Therefore it is requested that some work must be done on this line

    ramdass saxena

  • If one goes to the root of homeopathics medicines develoment and their effectson the body of the patients there are lot of the experiments to be done to convince the people of the efficacy of the system that would mor than the match the various medical system in curing the illness


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