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  • What is More Important? Being "Right" or Being "Nice"?

    I do believe that I may have wasted more time on being "right" than any human being should. This time was wasted by needing to make amends, beg forgiveness, mend fences and burn bridges with people i cared about. It was time wasted because I dismissed people from my life that didn't agree with me. Those same people could have given me a new insight, viewpoint, or perspective, but I choice to close myself off to anything except that fact that I was "Right".

    I justified my behavior, words and lack of manners by being "Right". I called a "Spade a Spade". I told the "Truth", plain and simple. If you are telling the truth, you can say anything. Right?

    Now I ate enough soap as a child to know it was not what I said but how I said it. Rudeness, was not a trait my mother suffered lightly. My mother had devised the torture of wiping soap over my tongue to clean up my mouth after I offended her, someone, anyone with my words. I never understood how telling the truth or pointing out the obvious

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  • My Top 3

    If I had to grab 3 things and go, they would be

    1 Estee' Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

    2 L'Oreal Sublime Sun Face Lotion

    3 Mabelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss

  • SHINE Beauty Guru: Mabeline Baby Lips

    For November I received a sample of Mabelline's Baby Lips in Peach Kiss. I normally shy away from colored glosses or lipstick in general. Because my friends, I have lip lines. These "lines" are closer to being cracks, crevices or canyons where color tends to settle or feather in. While I am not ready for granny panties, I remember how as a teenager, I would watch in horror as Miss Eunice's red lipstick settled into her lines when she was singing in the Sunday Choir. Seriously! I had to drop out of the choir, because I would stare at her mouth and forget the words. That coupled with the fact I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.

    I was hesitant to use the product. It sat on my bathroom vanity for a week before I put on the first application. I fell in love instantly and have been kicking myself for not putting it on the minute I opened the package.

    Mabelline claims that Baby Lips will provide 8 hours of hydration and SPF 20 sun protection. I have to agree with this claim. My lips are

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  • June's Beauty Guru Review: Venus Proskin MoistureRich Razor

    This month's Beauty Guru assignment was Gillette's Venus Proskin MoistureRich Razor. The hairs on my leg are fine. The first time I shaved, I thought the razor missed quite a few due to this and that the shave gel was at its highest height. After a few uses and the shave gel wearing down, I still found areas that were being missed by the razor requiring me to go back over my legs several times.

    The truth was I was missing these areas. Without shaving cream to outline where I had shaved and the width of the head being minimized by the side shave gel bars, it was a lot like a lawn mower, under the wheels does not get mowed and neither did the hair under those side shave gel bars.

    The Venus Proskin cartridges will work on any Venus razor. The head is flexible and I did not nick or scratch that the two places that I always seem to scratch or nick, ankles and behind the knees. I loved and appreciated this. Until using this razor, I had just accepted the fact, I shave; I need to have Bleed

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  • Review: Softsoap's Strawberry Smoother Body Wash

    When I received this months assignment as a SHINE Beauty Guru, a bottle of Softsoap Body Butter Strawberry Smoother, I decided to share it with Sweetums and my daughter. I thought a man's opinion would be a different take on beauty products. Okay, the truth is I took one whiff of that body wash and knew to the core of my being I would not be able to use it. It smells heavenly. The strawberry and jojoba are very subtle. I loved that fact that jojoba was faintly more evident than the strawberry. So why couldn't I use it? Because I have a strange body chemistry that will change the scent of a product and usually not for the better. I knew that by afternoon I would probably smell like a fruit salad gone bad.

    Softsoap claims, "That with a unique and invigorating fragrance and skin-enhancing ingredients inspired by high-end beauty products, this new body wash delivers advanced beauty care at an affordable price."

    My Daughter's response:
    My daughter thought the texture of this smoother is

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  • User post: Is love enough to help a troubled teen?

    A childhood friend of one of my daughters is in an adolescent treatment center. She tried to kill herself. She is 17. I have known her since she was 6 years old. She had spent at least one night a week staying over at my house since she was 6. My daughter was best friends with her older sister. They were 9 and she would tag along. I remember my daughter asking me once to tell her that she couldn't come because they didnt want her along. I took one look at her eyes, wide open, and happy because she thought she would be invited, and I just could not oblige my daughter's request. By the time she was 10, she was over here at least 3 nights a week.

    She is a great kid. Her home life has always been a disaster. When things would get out of hand, I would have her come stay over here. I wished then that she could just stay here because she was such a doll to have around. Yes, she was difficult and wayward. But she was a lonely kid, desperate for affection and direction. I have plenty of

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  • As a hardware test engineer, I work on machines and new hardware daily. This often results in cuts, bruises and broken nails. Coupled with the scars from childhood, I am very self-conscious about my hand. Most days I consider myself lucky if I can keep my nails clean. So I do not like to draw attention to my hands by wearing colored nail polish.

    This Spring's trend towards neutral colors is perfect for me. I absolutely loved everything about my sample of CND's Desert Suede. CND's (Creative Nail Design) polish goes on smoothly. When I first applied the nail polish, it blended well with my skin tone, which was pale after an almost sunless winter. The temperture warmed up enough this week that my hands have a little more color and I still love the color.

    I love Desert Suede alone. I did try the Gold Shimmer as sheer nail color and as a top coat for the Desert Suede. I tried covering it with a clear top coat but I just did not like how the Gold Shimmer looked on top or by itself

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  • User post: Letters To Emma Mae

    On this day, 10 years ago, I received a package from my brother Beau. After momma's passing he found a pile of spiral notebooks in her vanity. There were 6; one was written to each of us. On the first page of each notebook, my mother had written. "When I was a child I failed to keep the letters to and from my mother. After she had passed away, I wished I had them to remind me of her and how she loved me. As dying is inevitable, I am going to make sure that no child of mine longs for our letters, or my love. MOM" Across the cover of the notebook my brother sent was written, LETTERS TO EMMA MAE. One page contained my letter to my mother and the one next to it was a copy of her responce to the letter.

    If you don't mind, I am going to pass one of her letters on to you.

    But I have to give you the background story. I had divorced my husband. My divorce was a family scandal. My maternal-grandmother, a devout Catholic and autocratic woman blamed me for the 4 aunts that soon

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  • User Post: "Get Real" and Stop Dieting" Book Review

    Until I read "Get Real" and Stop Dieting I thought I was eating healthy. I had paid a small fortune for my prepackaged "healthy" diet plan. Yet by the end of the book's introduction, I realized I was misinformed. I was on a "DIET" but I was not eating healthy. I felt like the duped emperor in "The Emperor's New Clothes" and Brett was the child in the audience pointing out that not only didn't I have anything on, but if I continued to be dazzled by "claims" and bought into "DIETING" I was destined to walk naked down the boulevard again and again.

    If you are the type of person that runs for cover at the thought of reading another diet book, you can come out of hiding. While this book has comprehensive dietary and nutritional information, a shopping list and recipes to get started immediately, this is not a diet book. Brett Blumenthal has drawn upon her years of experience as an advisor and consultant in the wellness and spa industry to create an easy to follow map. Her knowledge

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  • User post: It might be winter but you can still garden

    Though my father slipped away from me and passed from this world over a decade ago, when I garden, he is with me again. As I lower this old body of mine to kneel on the earth, the years drop away. I am young again; I am my father's child.

    As I close my eyes and tilt my face upwards to the sun, I feel the warmth of my father's smile. My hair is tousled by the breeze as the wind whispers the secrets of the earth. I listen closely and I hear the words of my father echo out of the past.

    "Emma Mae, tend to your garden and you might become "A True Gardener"."
    "A true gardener?" I asked, "Aren't I a gardener already?"
    "No ma'am. You garden. That is not a True Gardener by a long shot. Nah, it takes a whole lot more than just putting a plant in the ground to be a True Gardener."
    He went on to explain, "A true gardener can look out over the most barren of patches and see an oasis before a single plant is in the ground. A true gardener knows that the right combination

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