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  • "We want our money back"

    Reuters via Yahoo! NewsReuters via Yahoo! NewsThat's what President Barack Obama said when discussing a proposed tax on the banks which have done so well in the year since the U.S. economy nearly collapsed that they are able to dole out bonuses in the six and seven figures.

    Some of those companies would not have survived the implosion that claimed Lehman Brothers and nearly felled insurance giant AIG if the government hadn't stepped in with a $700 billion bailout fund to save the day.

    So who could argue with the president's simple assertion that it's time for the banks to step up, pay up, and help our country out of debt if they are so flush so quickly that outsize bonuses are once again possible? Well, the Republicans in Congress, for one group, though they have been pretty quiet so far. It's hard to be popular sticking up for well-heeled bankers these days. And the bank execs, who went hat in hand to Congress this week, admitting they did some things wrong, even apologized, but still said this is a case of punitive

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  • Haiti: How we can help

    AP Photo/Jorge Cruz: Injured people sit along Delmas Road a day after the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti.AP Photo/Jorge Cruz: Injured people sit along Delmas Road a day after the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince, Haiti.We don't know the full measure of loss from the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti, but we know far too many people are suffering, as are those who don't know if their loved ones in the area are safe yet. Tens of thousands are feared dead, and as many as 3 million of the impoverished country's 9 million people may need emergency care.

    When a disaster occurs so far away it doesn't always feel real, no matter how starkly real and powerful the images pouring out of the devastated Port-au-Prince are. Those images and first reports from Port-au-Prince tell us a staggering number of people are hurting, and they need help.

    The good news is there are lots of ways to help, quickly and easily and safely, thanks to the Internet. So what can we do? Here are a few ways to reach out.

    Network for Good has an extensive list of reputable agencies that are working to provide relief to Haitians. Next to each agency listed is a brief explanation of what they are working on, and a donate button that will lead you

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  • The story of Miep Gies, friend and protector of Anne Frank

    AP Images/Miep Gies in 2007, holding her memoir, Anne Frank RememberedAP Images/Miep Gies in 2007, holding her memoir, Anne Frank RememberedIf you have yet to read this story about Miep Gies, do. It is only right that it rose quickly to The New York Times 10 most popular stories and is widely searched on the web. Gies died at age 100, the last surviving protector of Anne Frank and her family during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam, the woman who found and kept Anne's diary safe for the world to read.

    Gies worked for Otto Frank, Anne's father, and she and her husband did not hesitate to help hide the family and four other Dutch Jews for 25 months after the Nazis moved into Amsterdam. The Gies and three others brought them food, books, news from beyond their hiding place, and visited with them to buoy their spirits. Gies bought Anne her first pair of high-heeled shoes. She held onto Anne's diary after the terrible day of the arrests; she didn't read it and she hoped that Anne would return for it one day. But, as we know, she died just shy of age 16 at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where her 19-year-old sister,

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  • Sarah Palin has a new job

    Fox NewsFox NewsAnd it suits her well. The former Republican vice presidential candidate and former Alaska governor is calling upon her broadcast roots for a new gig with Fox News.

    The best-selling author of "Going Rogue: An American Life" has signed a multi-year deal with the network to provide political commentary and analysis on several of Fox News' shows and channels, including on Bill O'Reilly's show, "The O'Reilly Factor," and on Fox News Radio. She also will host episodes of Fox News' "Real American Stories," a series featuring real-life overcoming-adversity stories. How much the contract will pay has not been divulged, but it does appear to give her time for other pursuits.

    It sure seems Palin has landed right where she belongs, even if she (wink wink) calls Fox "a place that so values fair and balanced news." Of course, this is all no huge surprise. When she stepped down from her governor's post a year early, speculation went wild that she would land somewhere on TV. With her broadcast

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  • Dissed by his NBC bosses, should Conan O'Brien leave?

    AP via Yahoo! NewsAP via Yahoo! NewsSure, empathizing with a guy who makes multi-millions, guaranteed for five years, over the way his boss is treating him may not come easy for the rest of us who make considerably less. But when you frame the whole late-night musical-chairs mess this way, it's a little easier: Think how you'd feel if your boss finally followed through on a promise of a promotion, and you and your family and all of your coworkers move across the country for this new job, then five months later you're told, in essence, you need to give up that spot you worked hard to get so the guy you replaced could have it again.

    Now, that's not exactly what is happening over at NBC, which has confirmed that it would like to move Jay Leno back to 11:35 p.m because his 10 p.m. show did so badly that it has all of the affiliates complaining that no one is watching their 11 p.m. news shows. Jay will lose a half hour of his show to make the move, but Conan O'Brien would have to move his show start time to 12:05 a.m., and

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  • CES: New tech trends that may find their way into our homes

    Photo by Ben Patterson/Yahoo! TechPhoto by Ben Patterson/Yahoo! TechI don't think I truly experienced sensory overload until the first time I walked the seemingly endless halls of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Every year, the world's major tech manufacturers (save Apple, of course, which does its own thing), converge on Vegas to display their latest products in the hopes they will become the next tech innovations we just cannot live without.

    As I blog from the comfort of my home, I have to admit I am missing this year's tech frenzy just a little bit. Making sense of such a big show is not easy, but Christopher Null and Ben Patterson do a pretty great job of it on Yahoo! Tech. Reading their and other reports from the show, it seems this may be some of the fledgling technology that will wend its way into our hearts and homes in the next few years:

    3D TVs:
    They are all over the sprawling show, along with the battery-powered "active-shutter" glasses needed to make TV viewing three dimensional. But as Null sensibly asks, will we want to make

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  • Americans' job satisfaction low and getting lower. Are you happy with your job?

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesEven in a shaky recession, it seems it's not enough to just have a job.

    The Conference Board research group has tapped into the lowest level of job satisfaction among Americans in more than 22 years of studying job contentment. The recession may be partly to blame as workers are unable to find suitable and well-paying work, but there seems to be more at play.

    At the heart of the winter of our discontent are these three truths:

    --incomes have not kept pace with inflation
    --fewer workers consider their work interesting
    --rising health insurance costs have cut into take-home pay, which isn't keeping up with inflation

    This year, the study found, only 45 percent of workers say they are happy with their jobs, down from 49 percent last year and 61 percent in 1987, the first year the Conference Board began measuring job satisfaction.

    So, are you somewhere in this downward job mood spiral, or are you happy with your job?

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  • A needed break, a fresh start

    After our big holiday snowfallAfter our big holiday snowfallAh, the first Monday of a new year, a new decade. Hopefully you all had some time off during the holidays, or were able to relax and restore even if you've had too much time off because of too little employment in 2009.

    As our kids have gotten older and our work lives intensified in the past few years, the week between Christmas and New Year's has provided needed time for our family to relish just being home, relaxing, seeing family and friends and, basically, to get a needed break. And each year I look forward more and more to this time to stop and turn inward, keep a fire going in the fireplace, and enjoy the fact that we don't have to run here and there after a full day of work.

    It's over too fast, of course, but I am starting the new year refreshed, grateful for what I've got, hopeful for days to come. Morning came fast, dark, and cold this morning in our house, but everyone arose pretty easily as Monday mornings go. Lots of mornings of sleeping in and hangout time with friends

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  • Ever felt the need to unfriend Facebook?

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesHere's a fascinating story in the New York Times about teenagers who are voluntarily disengaging from Facebook because of the social networking's addictive pull and the big toll it was taking on their school work and college application prep.

    Facebook's live feed is a siren call to teens and adults alike, especially if you get notified via email when someone has commented on your status or the status of someone whose wall or status you have commented on. It's amazing that kids--and many adults--get anything done when they are tuned into Facebook. I showed my oldest daughter the story and she rattled off the names of a few close friends who had deactivated their accounts because it was getting in the way of school work.

    While the number of teens has grown on Facebook in the past year, so has the number of adults, who have been re-friended by friends and acquaintances from past high school, college, and work lives. It is so easy to get lost in the social network, clicking around to

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