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  • Top 5 businesses you can start for less than $20,000

    Thinking of starting a business but know it may take more financing than you could possibly afford? Yahoo! Finance's Farnoosh Torabi 5 kinds of business, in your neighborhoods and online, that can be launched with less than $20,000 in an initial investment.

    Hint for #1: Do you love pets?

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  • Top 5 items getting more expensive

    It feels as if everything is getting more expensive, but Yahoo! Finance zeroes in on five everyday and big-ticket items that have decidedly become more costly. Starting with your daily cup of coffee, Farnoosh Torabi shares how food, air travel, college, health care, and gold prices have risen and are expected to keep rising. Are you feeling the pinch?

  • Top 5 devices devices losing appeal

    Take a look around your home. No doubt you've got some once-cutting-edge devices that you're no longer using. Yahoo! Finance's Farnoosh Torabi counts down the top five devices quickly losing their appeal, starting with basic cellphones and and ending with DVD players. What must-have gadgets are you no longer using?

  • Top 5 ways money can buy happiness

    Recent studies have confirmed that money in and of itself will not make us happy, and surrounding ourselves with lots of stuff we buy won't either. But here are 5 habits and small indulgences that can at least make us smile.

  • Top 5 bad money habits kids learn from parents

    Parents model all kinds of behavior for their kids, and how they deal with money is one of the most important behaviors kids pick up that can have a lifelong impact for them, and their kids. Yahoo! Finance's Farnoosh Torabi talks to some college students about their money memories and takes a look at some of the bad lessons kids can absorb from parents. Number one: Arguing about money in front of kids can have a devastating, long-lasting impact on kids on how they view money as they become adults. Watch the video to learn more about these other bad money moves that have generational consequences.

    2. spending money you don't have

    3. failing to price compare

    4.spending money on instead of time with kids

    5.not tying an allowance to chores

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  • 5 top counterfeit goods that could do harm

    The sale of counterfeit products is a $600 billion-a-year industry, fueled by consumers who often knowingly buy substandard knockoffs because they are, well, cheap. But many of these products can also pose health risks and other dangers. Yahoo! Finance's Farnoosh Torabi reports on the top five counterfeit products that could do us far more harm than draining our pockets. Find out why these counterfeit goods are to be avoided:
    1. pharmaceuticals
    2. electrical items
    3. critical tech components
    4. perfume
    5. sunglasses

  • Woman stops sexist, abusive behavior (literally) in its tracks

    BBCBBCYou don't see this every day. Not the fact that a woman got off a train and stood on the tracks, but the fact that someone stood up so vocally and publicly to sexist, abusive behavior when others shrug it off.

    That's basically what Lisa Robinson did when she and her husband and 5-year-old son were aboard a train and she told a rowdy group of football (soccer) fans to stop verbally abusing another woman passenger with obscene, sexist remarks. When they turned to heap verbal abuse on Robinson, she signaled for the train to stop and for a conductor to notify the police about the crowd's behavior. The train's conductor merely reset the handle and restarted the train.

    "That's when I decided to slither down from the train on the tracks and stop it from going any further," Robinson says in the video accompanying this BBC piece. That's right, at the next station, she got off the train and stood on the tracks blocking the train until the police were called. The 30-or-so vociferous football

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  • Top 5 ways to build wealth and success

    From living below your means like Warren Buffet to rebounding after defeat like Steve Jobs and Michael Jordon, here are five tips gleaned from some successful celebrity money makers to help you build your wealth and career.

  • Should kids pay for adults' bad behavior on and off the field?

    CNNCNNThere isn't a parent whose kids have played sports who hasn't experienced a from-the-bleacher's scene of (typically) testerone-amped coaches engaging in a screaming match with each other or a ref. We shake our heads, talk to our kids afterward if we think lines were crossed. But when the kids on the field or court are pint-sized when this happens, it makes the whole head-shaking ordeal even more disturbing. We leave wondering: What kind of role models have we subjected our kids to in the name of teamwork?

    And, when one of these outbursts turns physical and is caught on video, well, you get this scene in Pearland, Texas, at a Pee Wee league game between mostly 11-year-olds. (Click on "Pee Wee league brawl caught on tape" on the right.) According to CNN, it looks like two younger players skirmished after a tackle, one coach went out on the field to break them up, and the whole thing devolved into this mess of adult and kid bodies pushing, pulling, yelling. At one point, one coach

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