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  • Easy, Cheap Butt Shapers That Work

    Easy, Cheap Butt Shapers That Work

    It's official: Springy shoes that make your feet bounce or roll with each step don't tone or strengthen your butt muscles, says the Federal Trade Commission. So if you fell for the hype and bought Reebok's EasyTone or RunTone shoes, you may get back some or all of your money (no word yet about settlements from other toning shoe manufacturers).

    Turns out what fitness experts have been saying is true: There are no shoe shortcuts to getting a butt like Pippa's. But if you work at it -- as Pippa is said to do with Pilates and aerobics -- you can build stronger, firmer glutes. Here are more butt builders that really work:

    1. Brush your teeth. But don't just stand there watching toothpaste foam in your mouth. Get gorgeous glutes by placing your free hand on the sink for balance, tightening your butt, and stretching your right leg straight behind you so your foot is 6 to 9 inches off the ground (no leaning forward). Rise up and down on the toes of your left leg (try for 30 times),

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  • Delicious Recipes for Healthy Eyes and Vision

  • An Anti-Anxiety Pill That's Good For You

    An Anti-Anxiety Pill That's Good For You

    Times are tough, stress levels are running high, and it's hard to stay calm when your paycheck -- if you still get one -- isn't getting any bigger and your working hours are getting longer. Here's an easy, all-natural solution for rattled nerves: A daily omega-3 pill.

    Recent research published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity found that a daily supplement of fatty acids eased anxiety in healthy young med students. They had 20% less anxiety after taking a daily 2500 mg supplement for three months than those taking a fake pill. This is the first study to show omega-3's help normal, everyday anxiety.

    And there's another benefit to taking fatty acids. Not only did omega 3s give the Ohio State University students an edge on their nerves, the supplement also lowered measures of the kind of body-wide inflammation that's linked to many age-related chronic diseases.

    Here are 5 ways to be sure you get daily dose:

    1. Take a PCB-free supplement. If you're concerned about

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  • How Many Purple Veggies Can You Name?

    How Many Purple Veggies Can You Name?

    Quick! Can you name 10 purple fruits and veggies? When we asked RealAge members on Facebook this question, the top scorers rattled off twice that many. They have diversity to spare in their diets and are taking years off their RealAge. Follow their lead the next time you hit the produce aisle or the farmer's market and focus on the range of colors.

    Richly colored fruits and veggies -- bright berries, sunny tangerines, and, yes, deep purple eggplant -- contain protective phytochemicals and antioxidants that help prevent some cancers and preserve health. Yet these healthful vegetables, fruits, and legumes are often lacking in most diets.

    Pick out four or five that you've never had or rarely eat, and grab a few of your favorites, too. The more colors in your cart, the greater the payoff (and food coloring doesn't count). Better yet, take this list with you and pick at least two things from every hue:


    Tomatoes, watermelon, cherries, cranberries, pomegranates, beets,

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  • Top New Wrinkle-Filling Ingredient -- YOU!

    Top New Wrinkle-Filling Ingredient -- YOU!

    Organics and science often make strange bedfellows. In an odd twist, they've come together to deliver the hottest new wrinkle filler in town: one seeded from your own skin cells.

    The newest injectable, laViv®, has been FDA approved after 9 years of clinical studies and will soon be in the hands of skin docs and plastic surgeons across the country.

    Unlike other fillers that erase wrinkles, lines, and scars, such as Juvaderm and Restylane, laViv® is bioengineered from your own body, so there's little chance you'll be allergic to it.

    Here, your questions answered:

    What is it? Technically laViv® (azficel-T) is an autologous cellular product, a liquid injectable made from your own skin cells.

    How is it made? Your doc takes several miniscule tissue samples from behind your ear and sends them to a lab. There, fibroblasts from your skin are isolated, purified, and multiplied millions of times. (Fibroblasts make the building blocks of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic

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  • Look Taller, Thinner, and Younger in Seconds

    Look Taller, Thinner, and Younger in Seconds

    As quick as you can say, "Stand up straight," you can change how people see you, going from having a belly pooch to appearing taller and slimmer. And those extra 5 pounds around your middle are not the only illusions of poor posture.

    "If you slump when you sit, and hunch when you stand, you're signaling exhaustion, self-consciousness, poor muscle tone, and depression," says RealAge expert Amy Wechsler, MD, author of The Mind-Beauty Connection.

    Slumping also makes it harder to breathe deeply, and the lack of oxygen makes you feel tired and weary. And new research shows hunching over can even make you more prone to digestive disorders like GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). "Your posture influences how strong and flexible you'll be as you age, too," says Wechsler.

    Standing tall doesn't mean forcing your chin in and thrusting your chest out like a military honor guard. The idea is to straighten up and relax. Here's a perfect-posture, head-to-pelvis checklist:

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  • Healthy Game Changers: 5 Low-Cal, Football-Watching Snacks

    Healthy Game Changers: 5 Healthy Football-Watching Snacks

    How's this as a recipe for disaster: wings, pizza, dips and chips, brownies, and beer. These are America's football-watching favorites, and if you started snacking this month with the NFL kickoff game, chances are you'll look like a quarterback come the Super Bowl. Here, to the rescue, football-food makeovers that look and taste like the originals. Your guests won't know these nibbles are low in calories and fat, and you'll stay in your skinny jeans till baseball season.

    Lite wings: Cut the saturated fat and sodium with these cornmeal-crusted boneless buffalo wings. Serve them with a light blue-cheese dip.

    Pizza-to-go: For maximum calorie control, DIY. Convenience a priority? Order a thin-crust veggie pizza from Domino's, Pizza Hut, or Papa John's. All three can deliver a pizza that weighs in at less than 250 calories a slice.

    Chips and dip: Serve baked chips with one of the new Greek-yogurt-based fat-free dips. At about 15 calories a tablespoon, you can have more

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  • Why We Love Greek Yogurt

    Why We Love Greek Yogurt

    When we asked RealAge members to share on their Facebook pages the yogurt they love the most, the hands down favorite was Greek yogurt, a trend that's been gaining momentum ever since Oprah mentioned on TV that it was like a low-fat version of whipped cream. True, Greek yogurt is creamier than ordinary yogurt. That's because the yogurt is strained, so most of the liquid whey is removed.

    But can something this good really be healthy, or should you save it for a Sunday-morning treat? That depends on how you like it. The fruit-added kind is loaded with sugar, as is regular fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt. And if you're watching calories, nothing beats nonfat plain yogurt. (It also delivers more calcium.) But if you're counting protein grams, Greek yogurt takes the lead. In either case, if you want fruit, add fresh blueberries or a sliced banana, and leave the fruity yogurts of any kind on the shelf.

    Here are four things that yogurt can do for you.

    Here's how the different

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  • 5 Steps to Stop Night Eating

    5 Steps to Stop Night Eating

    Here's one reason why insomnia and night eating go together like Brad and Angie: There's not much to do in the wee hours except eat. But night eating doesn't discriminate. Even though you may sleep like a baby, if you end your evening with a bedtime snack of ice cream straight from the carton or spoonfuls of peanut butter right out of the jar, it's still called night eating.

    And it can lead to "night eating syndrome" -- which is increasingly being recognized as an eating disorder -- if you consume more than 25% of your daily calories in the evening. But assuming your night eating is more habit and hunger than anything, these five steps can help you stop it and avoid the weight creep:

    1. Set an evening curfew. If you must have an after-dinner treat, have it before your no-snacking curfew. And factor the calories into your daily budget. Despite what you may have heard, calories in food eaten at night are no different from those you had at breakfast, and they still count.

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  • Cut Calories Without Counting Them

    Cut Calories Without Counting Them

    No question about it -- writing down the calories in every morsel that passes your lips or entering them on your diet app works. Countless studies prove it. But there's hope for the less conscientious. You can lose weight without playing the numbers game. Tip the scale in your favor with these calorie-paring tactics:

    • Ah, chew! On average, people chew each mouthful of food just 15 times before swallowing, but a more thorough molar mash-up can melt pounds. Compared with people who chew less, people who chomped their food 40 times had lower blood levels of the appetite-hiking hormone ghrelin and higher levels of CCK, another hormone that's believed to suppress appetite, say the authors of a recent study. Even better, the chewers ate nearly 12% fewer calories. That could add up to a 25-pound loss over the course of a year!
    • Set a skinny table. Simply eating off smaller plates can help you slim down. People who ate off salad plates rather than standard dinner plates
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