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  • The Secret to Online Deals -- Revealed!

    It's easier to find online deals if you know when to shop!

    By Rachel Sylvester for

    Stockbyte/The NestStockbyte/The Nest

    Between shopping for books, boots, housewares and handbags, the ease and appeal of online shopping is both tempting and wallet-draining. Not only must you remember where to shop, but a savvy online buyer must know exactly when the best deals are available. Luckily, the insightful shopping bloggers at Extrabux dug up some useful information on what to buy and when.

    Top 10 biggest spending excuses!

    Based on price data Extrabux spent two years gathering, the hard-earned results show that prices of specific goods can fluctuate on any given day of the week. Take computers, for instance. If you're purchasing electronics online, stick to Mondays. Buying televisions and digital cameras earlier in the week will guarantee you the lowest prices. Sunday is ideal for spending money on major appliances, while jewelry is best bought on Wednesdays. For the bookworms out there (us included), Extrabux

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  • Top 7 August Festivals in the U.S

    Ready for a road trip? Hit up one of these fun August fests, where everyone from foodies to music lovers can have their day(s) in the sun.

    By Kristine Solomon for

    The NestThe Nest

    1. Maine Lobster Festival:
    Get your nutcrackers and bibs ready, because this event celebrates everything about your favorite crustacean, from feasting to cooking contests to lobster crate races and more. August 1 to 5. Tickets range from $5 to $25.

    10 sexy summer cocktails

    2. Burning Man: About 50,000 people attend this annual arts festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The organization itself, a nonprofit, even has trouble articulated what the Burning Man festival is, but suffice to say it's an event where freedom of expression is embraced and just about anything goes. First-timers: leave your inhibitions at the door. August 27th through September 3rd. $390 per ticket.

    3. Telluride Film Festival: Head to the cozy mountain town of Telluride, Colorado to

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  • Top 5 Dog Breeds that Can Land You a Date

    Whether you're male or female, these canines may be your best mates when it comes to getting dates.

    By Kristine Solomon for

    For Men: #5: French bulldogs
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest
    These pups are strong and muscular, and they make excellent companions. No wonder they make men more appealing in women's eyes.

    For Women: #5: Beagles
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest
    Maybe it's because they have a hunting instinct, or it could be because of their pleasant nature, but beagles make the list of dogs that make women seem more appealing.

    The cutest pet photos ever!

    For Men: #4: Siberian huskies
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest
    Their striking blue eyes and outgoing personalities make these animals -- and their owners -- a draw for many women.

    For Women: #4: Poodles
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest
    One of the smartest of all dog breeds, poodles appeal to both sexes -- but it was the men who said these curly haired companions make women more date-worthy.

    Which dog is right for your duo?

    For Men: #3: Labrador retrievers
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest
    It seems that both sexes are turned on by people who own these playful pups!

    For Women:

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  • 6 Places to Go Before You Have Kids

    These destinations are too sexy, too adventurous and too faraway for tikes. So enjoy them now!

    By Cemile Kavountzis for

    Shutterstock / The KnotShutterstock / The Knot

    Moshi, Tanzania

    There's tons to do in this top adventure destination, like going on a safari near the Ngorongoro Crater (a hotbed for wildlife). Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro also sets the "thrill" bar high-like 19,341 feet high-but it takes days of serious hiking to get to the top (you'll sleep in tents along the way).

    Where to Stay

    Located on the southern slopes of Kilimanjaro, the brightly colored Springlands Hotel is outfitted with African handicrafts and supports "green" tourism (from $72;

    Head north from Serengeti National Park for comfy tents at the Ikoma Safari Camp (from $300; or go east to the Pongwe Beach Hotel in Zanzibar (from $130;

    What to Do
    Sign up for a tour with a company like 2Afrika (they'll help plan your safari from bottom to top). En route to Serengeti National Park, stop at

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  • 10 Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Pet

    Which shelter pet is right for you and your significant other? We've got the scoop -- straight from the ASPCA.

    By MaryAnn Barone for

    shutterstock/The Nestshutterstock/The Nest

    Crossbreeds shouldn't be shunned.

    About 25 percent of dogs in shelters are purebreds, according to the National Council on Pet Population Study & Policy -- meaning the majority of pets are super-cute crossbreeds. What does this mean for you? Crossbreeds tend to be healthier than purebreds because they're more genetically diverse. Purebreds may have issues like hip dysplasia and respiratory problems -- which are much less likely with crossbreeds.

    How much does a pet cost?

    Don't assume pets at shelters are "bad."
    The number-one reason cited for pet relinquishment at animal shelters is moving, says Gail Buchwald, senior vice president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) pet adoption center. It's important to recognize that pets aren't there because they're unloved, unwanted or inherently bad; they're there

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  • Hot Grilling Gadgets for Father’s Day

    Father's Day is approaching -- time for Dad to transform into grill master. Help arm him for the task with this brand-new giftable gear.

    By Sarah Newell for

    Battery-Powered BBQ Light
    Photo courtesy of the manufacturer Photo courtesy of the manufacturer
    Even if the sun goes down, Dad can still heat up the grill with this magnetic light. Outset magnetic light for BBQ tools, $10,

    Host a BBQ like a pro!

    Deluxe Apron and Grill Set
    Photo courtesy of the manufacturer Photo courtesy of the manufacturer
    This multi-pocketed apron keeps the essential grilling tools at arm's reach so Dad can focus on the food. BergHOFF Orion 9-piece barbecue set in apron, $150,

    Personalized Grilling Accessories
    Photo courtesy of the manufacturer Photo courtesy of the manufacturer
    You'll know you're eating the finest barbecue when it's stamped with Dad's initials. Monogrammed steak brand & carving board, $56,

    Alternative Grilling Gadget
    Photo courtesy of the manufacturer Photo courtesy of the manufacturer
    What's better than grilled meat? Cheese! Dad can wow guests with a yummy grilled-cheese appetizer. Cheese BBQ utensil, $12,

    Surprising things to throw on a grill

    Modern Skewer
    Photo courtesy of the manufacturer Photo courtesy of the manufacturer
    For the design-loving dad, this

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  • Free Coupons and Deals: Bookmark-Worthy Sites

    We're suckers for online deals. Coupons and promo codes are like free money. And with today's technology, you can find savings everywhere.

    By Samantha Leal for

    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest

    This site has one of the web's most comprehensive collections of printable coupons and online promotional codes. What we love is that you can even enter promo codes to determine their success rate -- so you know whether they've expired.

    Easy ways to save $1000
    Yeah, we know: No-brainer, right? But if you think this site is outdated, you're completely wrong. It has everything you need to save, from loyalty card coupons that you can add to your loyalty card online to local coupons. You can even search for products you want to buy (at a discount).
    This site is the best resource for making the most of online purchases. Basically, MyPoints gives you points for purchases made with its associated retailers. We're talking everyone from Target and Walmart to Madewell and L.L.

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  • 5 Types of Lingerie: Which Turns Your Man On?

    We rounded up five types of sizzling ensembles that suit different types of men. Identify your guy, and then surprise him with a sizzling night of dress-up.

    By Kristine Solomon from

    The Girly Look

    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest

    If you've got a playful, bubbly personality, and your significant other loves nothing more than to bring out that side of you, then he'd probably love to see you in some flirty, girly lingerie. Think a lace baby doll - which, it bears mentioning, does wonders for your body; it's just so flowy and forgiving. And if you don a super-short baby doll, you can show off those sexy gams of yours -- perhaps in a cute pair of peep-toe pumps!

    Your erogenous zones -- explained!

    The Vampy Look
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest

    If your hubby likes things mega-hot in the bedroom, indulge his erotic side by dressing up like the sexpot you are! Your best bet: Pull on a formfitting teddy or a corset-and-G-string combo (lacy or satin, it's up to you), and kick up the seduction factor with -- you guessed it -- some thigh-high

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  • Ditch Those Boring Date Nights with These 5 Sexy, New Ideas

    Spice up your date nights with these sexy tips from a relationship guru.

    By Kristine Solomon from

    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest

    Go Out on a Limb for Date Night (or Day!)

    Hitting up your go-to Thai restaurant again and catching a flick afterward? Woo-hoo. Not. "Shake it up by doing something physical on your date!" says "flirt expert" Rachel DeAlto. "Get your blood rushing by playing a one-on-one sport like tennis, volleyball or rock climbing." Make the most of that endorphin rush when you get back home and engage in another contact sport -- in the bedroom. (You might want to shower first.)

    Score brownie points with your spouse

    Spice Up A Dinner Date Night
    Spending the night in with a romantic meal? Great! But please, don't just whip up one of your go-to dishes, turn on the TV and call it a date. "Date night dinners are less about the meal than the delivery," says DeAlto. Your partner's favorite meal might be peanut scrambled eggs, but if it's served by candlelight with your undivided attention (and

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Get Quality Time Together in the Morning

    A couples guide to waking up on the right side of the bed (and staying there!).

    By Anne Jones from

    Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPhoto Credit: Getty Images

    Turn off the snooze so you can rise and shine with one of these tips for including quality time a deux in your morning. You may not become a morning person, but you'll feel less guilty about catching up on the DVR at night.

    Serve Breakfast in Bed
    Don't use birthdays and gushy holidays as the only excuse for breakfast in bed. The most important meal of the day is that much more fabulous when it's unexpectedly whipped up and served by your personal at-home chef. Even the most ho-hum oatmeal suddenly seems special when it's delivered in bed. Doing the dishes earns bonus points, and if you're feeling extra-creative, French toast is more fun in your unmentionables...or out of them!

    5 quick tricks for a better relationship

    Commute Together
    "Commuting" and "fun" are not often found in the same sentence, but planes, trains, and automobiles are more entertaining when you're with

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