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  • Free Coupons and Deals: Bookmark-Worthy Sites

    We're suckers for online deals. Coupons and promo codes are like free money. And with today's technology, you can find savings everywhere.

    By Samantha Leal for

    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest

    This site has one of the web's most comprehensive collections of printable coupons and online promotional codes. What we love is that you can even enter promo codes to determine their success rate -- so you know whether they've expired.

    Easy ways to save $1000
    Yeah, we know: No-brainer, right? But if you think this site is outdated, you're completely wrong. It has everything you need to save, from loyalty card coupons that you can add to your loyalty card online to local coupons. You can even search for products you want to buy (at a discount).
    This site is the best resource for making the most of online purchases. Basically, MyPoints gives you points for purchases made with its associated retailers. We're talking everyone from Target and Walmart to Madewell and L.L.

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  • 5 Types of Lingerie: Which Turns Your Man On?

    We rounded up five types of sizzling ensembles that suit different types of men. Identify your guy, and then surprise him with a sizzling night of dress-up.

    By Kristine Solomon from

    The Girly Look

    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest

    If you've got a playful, bubbly personality, and your significant other loves nothing more than to bring out that side of you, then he'd probably love to see you in some flirty, girly lingerie. Think a lace baby doll - which, it bears mentioning, does wonders for your body; it's just so flowy and forgiving. And if you don a super-short baby doll, you can show off those sexy gams of yours -- perhaps in a cute pair of peep-toe pumps!

    Your erogenous zones -- explained!

    The Vampy Look
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest

    If your hubby likes things mega-hot in the bedroom, indulge his erotic side by dressing up like the sexpot you are! Your best bet: Pull on a formfitting teddy or a corset-and-G-string combo (lacy or satin, it's up to you), and kick up the seduction factor with -- you guessed it -- some thigh-high

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  • Ditch Those Boring Date Nights with These 5 Sexy, New Ideas

    Spice up your date nights with these sexy tips from a relationship guru.

    By Kristine Solomon from

    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest

    Go Out on a Limb for Date Night (or Day!)

    Hitting up your go-to Thai restaurant again and catching a flick afterward? Woo-hoo. Not. "Shake it up by doing something physical on your date!" says "flirt expert" Rachel DeAlto. "Get your blood rushing by playing a one-on-one sport like tennis, volleyball or rock climbing." Make the most of that endorphin rush when you get back home and engage in another contact sport -- in the bedroom. (You might want to shower first.)

    Score brownie points with your spouse

    Spice Up A Dinner Date Night
    Spending the night in with a romantic meal? Great! But please, don't just whip up one of your go-to dishes, turn on the TV and call it a date. "Date night dinners are less about the meal than the delivery," says DeAlto. Your partner's favorite meal might be peanut scrambled eggs, but if it's served by candlelight with your undivided attention (and

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  • 7 Easy Ways to Get Quality Time Together in the Morning

    A couples guide to waking up on the right side of the bed (and staying there!).

    By Anne Jones from

    Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPhoto Credit: Getty Images

    Turn off the snooze so you can rise and shine with one of these tips for including quality time a deux in your morning. You may not become a morning person, but you'll feel less guilty about catching up on the DVR at night.

    Serve Breakfast in Bed
    Don't use birthdays and gushy holidays as the only excuse for breakfast in bed. The most important meal of the day is that much more fabulous when it's unexpectedly whipped up and served by your personal at-home chef. Even the most ho-hum oatmeal suddenly seems special when it's delivered in bed. Doing the dishes earns bonus points, and if you're feeling extra-creative, French toast is more fun in your unmentionables...or out of them!

    5 quick tricks for a better relationship

    Commute Together
    "Commuting" and "fun" are not often found in the same sentence, but planes, trains, and automobiles are more entertaining when you're with

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  • Which Mattresses Are Best for Sex?

    We've got straight up mattress-buying advice for some hot horizontal action.

    By Kristine Solomon for

    Thickstock / The NestThickstock / The Nest


    - If you like to get your bounce on and let loose your inner acrobat, coil mattresses are for you.

    - Coil mattresses -- especially innerspring mattresses -- are pretty durable, so you can have lots of hot sex on them for years to come.

    - If they're covered in wool or organic cotton, they regulate moisture (read: sweat).

    - As coil mattresses age, they get all saggy, lumpy and out of shape (too bad there are no workouts for aging mattresses). According to a recent study, 25 percent of Americans say their mattresses are saggy after three years. Buzzkill.

    - Also, there's the squeak factor. Fine if you're alone, embarrassing if you have houseguests -- or you're a parent. Or worst of all, if your houseguests are your parents!

    12 mind-blowing sex moves


    - Memory foam conforms to your shape, so there are fewer

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  • Dirty Secrets of Real Couples

    Have you ever wondered what other couples are up to? Yep, we have too -- so we dug up the dirt.

    By The Editors for

    Veer / The BumpVeer / The Bump

    1. Percentage of married women who report that they've had NO sex in the pastyear: 3 percent. Percentage of married men who report that they've had NO sex in the past year: 1 percent. (Hmm...)

    5 steps to hotter sex

    2. Number of times per week the average married couple has sex: 2. Percentage of married women who've faked an orgasm at some point in their marriage: 47 percent.

    3. Percentage of men who report that their partner had an orgasm the last time they had sex: 85 percent. Percentage of women who report that they actually had an orgasm the last time they had sex: 64 percent.

    How orgasms can save your life

    4. Percentage of married couples who sleep alone: 12 percent. Percentage of custom homes expected to have dual master bedrooms by 2015: 60 percent.

    5. Percentage of newly married couples who met online: 30 percent. Percentage of married couples who've

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  • How Well Do You Know Your Erogenous Zones?

    We map out the spots that will lead to feverish, panting, eye-popping climaxes. Or at least some awesome foreplay.

    By Melissa Walker for

    Behind the Knees
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest
    Thinner skin and plenty of nerve endings behind the knees mean that the right tickle here (think kissing, finger trailing, massaging) can send sensation straight up your thighs and into a serious hot spot.

    5 steps to hotter sex

    The Scalp
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest
    Best part of a haircut: The scalp massage. Am I right? In between wash-and-blows, ask your partner to make your nerve-ending-filled scalp a priority. Having him rub this area will release tension and increase blood flow -- both key elements of foreplay.

    The Ears
    Thinkstock / The NestThinkstock / The Nest
    That old blowing-in-the-ear move is often more silly than seductive, but kissing, gentle sucking or even a tender, well-placed lick can be tantalizing in the ear area. Also: Don't forget the exhilaration potential of a soft whisper -- as long as it's erotic and not, like, a question about whose turn it is to do the laundry.

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  • Virtual Room Makeover: Sophisticated New York Kitchen

    This Big Apple kitchen was lackluster at best, so designer Stacey Serro transformed it into a space that shines as brightly as Times Square.

    By Kristine Solomon for

    Out With the Old...
    Stacy Serro, P-L-A-I-D / The Nest
    Stacey Serro of interior design firm p-l-a-i-d Inc. specializes in turning dreary rooms into light-filled showstoppers. So when a New York City-based client needed help perking up her dark, cramped kitchen, Serro was the first person she turned to.

    Colorful kitchen accents under $100

    The Designer Conceives a Whole New Setup
    Stacy Serro, P-L-A-I-D / The Nest
    It's well-known that square footage in NYC living spaces can be limited, so Serro had her work cut out for her. The client also didn't have a very big budget (how could she, considering those sky-high New York rents?). So the designer chose a less-is-more approach, suggesting her client ditch the 24-inch-deep side counter and dark-brown cabinets and replace them with 18-inch-deep white cabinets. She also recommended eliminating one of the kitchen's double ovens to make

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  • Top 5 TMI Relationship Tweets

    A little PDA can be okay (within reason). But there's nothing more in-your-face disgusting than online PDA -- yep, we're talking tweets. Consider this your PDA PSA: Think before you tweet.

    By Samantha Leal for

    Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison
    PRphotos / The Nest
    Know the backstory? All you really need to know is that a 16-year-old Anna Nicole Smith wannabe married a 51-year-old (not hugely famous) actor. While her Twitter timeline is the gold standard for a chuckle ("Sexily slippin & slidin my toes on hard surfaces as my bodies senses begin to rush & feel electrified! Mmm... I kind of like rollerblading!"), this cringe-worthy tweet takes the cake: "Had a bodily breakfast in bed this morning; It was so tasteful... Just like sweet syrupy pancakes completed with a lush creamy filling. Yum!" Ewwwww.

    Top train wreck couples of 2011

    Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
    PRphotos / The Nest
    Could anything top this duo's Twitter share of 2009, in which Ashton snapped a picture of his then-wife bending over in a white

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  • The Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Couples of 2011

    These celeb couples had a big year! Let's take a look back at our favorite famous duos of 2011. Stars, they're just (totally not) like us!

    By Kristine Solomon for

    Kate Middleton and Prince William
    PRPhotos / The Nest
    Who among us did not tune in this past April to watch Wills and Kate become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (and who knew those would be their titles)? Between the perfect lace gown, the showstopping hats and, let's face it, Pippa, the royal wedding was everything we could've hoped for and more. It was the ultimate princess bride fantasy, and we ate it up.

    Which celeb couples will last?

    Beyonce and Jay-Z
    Getty Images / The NestGetty Images / The Nest
    As if this power couple wasn't adorable enough, they announced that after 10 years together, they were expecting a little baby B (or Z?). And Beyonce's unveiling of her bump on live TV? Brilliant. Even in utero, that baby knows how to make an entrance. We'll be watching this couple in 2012 for sure.

    Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux
    Getty Images / The Nest
    Are we the only ones who were so glad

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