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  • If You’ve Always Wanted to Be a Part of Modern Family, Here’s Your Chance

    By: Ivy Jacobson for Phil and Claire Dunphy's home is for sale, but surprisingly, Phil isn't the realtor (but will always be a man who cares). The Modern Family couple's home in LA (used for exterior shots) is on the market for $2.35 million dollars, so if you've always dreamed of being a part of the Dunphy clan, this may be your only chance.

    The four bedroom and bathroom (plus powder room) home is located in the coveted LA neighborhood of Cheviot Hills, and is described by listing agent Mitch Hagerman as being "charming, gorgeous, cozy and family-oriented."

    Sounds perfect to us. Until we can rustle up a few million dollars to possibly have Gloria, Mitchell and the rest of the gang over, these beautiful interior shots will have to suffice.

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  • You’ll Never Believe What Sarah Jessica Parker Has in Her Living Room

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    YouTubeOver the years, we've gotten the chance to fall in love with Sarah Jessica Parker, her stilettos and her style - but not her apartment… until now. The Sex and the City star turned style icon has been lauded for her immaculate taste in fashion for years, and along the way, we've only imagined how amazing her decor style is too.

    However, the design gods (and Vogue) just gave us a serious gift, because SJP granted the magazine permission to come film at her NYC apartment, while a reporter asked her 73 rapid-fire interview questions.

    So now, not only do we know that she has a fabulous vintage globe collection, a ping-pong table in her living room (pictured above) and a stunning gilded bar cart, but her least favorite color is orange and she prefers sausage, peppers and onions on her pizza. It's a total win-win.

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  • 5 New Books to Read Right Now

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Veer/The NestIf you need a fresh book club pick, dive into one of these five new reads all released this month, spanning Hollywood legends, crazy travel excursions and a very real seventy-foot swimming pool in New York City.

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  • 7 Hidden Home Spots that You're Forgetting to Clean

    Can't remember the last time you cleaned the tops of your doorframes and the top of your refrigerator? Check out the 7 most common places people forget to clean - and learn when to tidy 'em for a house that's really spotless.
    By Samantha Leal for


    The Top of the Refrigerator

    Why: Your 'fridge is usually close to your stove, so the dust on top of it gets mixed in with grease and it can make an awful mess, points out Jackie Harmon, co-owner of Healthy Clean, an eco-friendly cleaning company based in Denver.
    How to: Simply spray the area with a grease-removing cleaner and wipe with a paper towel.
    Clean: Once a month

    The Tops of Doorframes, Smoke Detectors & Wall Hangings

    Why: All of these spots are easy to miss when you're doing your Sunday dusting. And dust build up in and around your smoke detector can lead to false alarms.
    How to: Wipe with an old, soft rag
    Clean: Once a month

    Behind Large Appliances

    Why: Dust, food and even, um, doogie doo can pile up behind the fridge and

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  • 5 Relaxing Spring Break Staycation Ideas

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Shutterstock/The NestIf you're not in school (or a teacher), the glorious days of having an official weeklong spring break are gone.

    However, you can celebrate it in your own way by designating the weekend to strictly lazing around or doing a few fun things that you can never seem to find the time for.

    1. Watch a movie marathon in your pajamas.

    Queue up your Netflix, get an obnoxious amount of snacks assembled and spend the day in your pajamas catching up on all those Oscar-nominated films you wanted to see - or just re-watch the last season of Mad Men. Bonus points if you also apply a bright green mud mask.

    2. Act like a tourist in your own city.
    Even if they're an hour or two away, all cities have famous, fun or weird landmarks. Re-explore your town with a friend by going to its museums, fanciest restaurants and the like so you can truly be a tourist for the day.

    3. Go to the beach or a water park.
    Choose which water scene will make you happier: a water

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Shutterstock/The NestShutterstock/The Nest

    If you don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day, there's a good chance that you'll get pinched. Similarly (and more importantly), if you don't practice any green living habits, that deserves a pinch too - only because it's so simple to do. If you're not doing any of the below, start immediately - and then buy yourself a green beer or two for a job well done.

    1. Unplug any electronic devices
    Unplug any electronics that aren't currently in use - so when you go to work, make sure your laptop, iPad and hairdryer aren't plugged in. Leaving them plugged in (even if they're turned off) wastes tons of energy and makes your electric bill increase. Compare this months and next month's bills to see the difference.

    2. Make sure your detergent is concentrated
    If your laundry detergent's label doesn't say "concentrated," swap it out for one that does. Concentrated detergents have less water in it, therefore it's lighter to ship - which makes the environment

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  • New Bacon App from Oscar Mayer Will Change Your Morning

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Wake Up And Smell The BaconWake Up And Smell The Bacon

    Wake up and smell the…bacon? If roses aren't your thing (but breakfast food is), then the folks behind Oscar Mayer plan on making your mornings a whole lot easier.

    The company just released a new app (fittingly called Wake Up and Smell the Bacon) along with an iPhone "dongle", which will revolutionize your morning routine. The dongle plugs into your iPhone's jack; and when the app is downloaded, the alarm literally sizzles while the phone emits the delightfully smoky smell.

    Sound delish? Then act fast, because Oscar Mayer's dongles won't be for sale. You have a shot of snagging one by taking a quiz on Oscar Mayer's website, which is available until April 4. If you win, you'll start having glorious, bacon-infused mornings within six to eight weeks.

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  • Like the Cronut? Then You’ll Love This New Dessert

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Dominique AnselDominique Ansel

    If you were crazy enough to stand in line outside of the famous Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC at ungodly hours of the morning to snag a Cronut; the famed French pastry chef has yet another genius invention for your sweet tooth.

    This time, Dominique is straying from the flaky, warm croissant-donut hybrid and giving us something chocolate-y that we couldn't have dreamed up better: Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots.

    63 Amazing Chocolate Recipes

    It makes total sense, right? A gourmet chocolate chip "glass" will contain a "shot" of milk, as described by reps from the bakery. The cookie will be crispy on the outside to hold the milk, and gooey on the inside (because, well…duh).

    Concert-goers heading to SXSW in Austin, TX on March 11 are seriously fortunate, because that's where these magical creations will be debuted. There's a chance that the shots could make their way to NYC afterward; so Austin and NYC-dwellers should start forming a

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  • 5 Oscar Party Appetizers to Make This Sunday

    With the 86th Academy Awards scheduled for this Sunday, there's a good chance you'll be eating an obnoxious amount of finger food while enjoying Jared Leto's man-bun from the comfort of your own couch. So, to make your viewing-party-of-one go as seamlessly as possible, I rounded up five Oscar-worthy appetizers best enjoyed with a glass of wine and your favorite pair of sweats. Because let's face it, you should spend less time stressing about dinner and more time appreciating Leo's black-tie look.

    By Rachel Sylvester for

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  • 5 Surprisingly Cheap Winter Date Ideas

    Don't let post-holiday bills and bone-chilling temps turn date night into a bore. Try one of these wallet- and weather-friendly ideas this weekend!

    By Kristin Koch for

    Thinkstock / The Nest

    1. Fire it up
    If you're going to stay in on Saturday night, do it right. Open a bottle of wine, and whip up a warm, hearty meal together. Need some ideas? Check out our collections of recipes for just about everything, including plenty of comfort food.

    2. Act like kids
    Get your blood pumping by squishing together on a sled designed for someone half your size and zooming down a hill. Bonus points if you can manage to crash into your neighbor's snowman.

    3. Ice dance
    Remember the good old days of gliding around the rink, holding hands with your crush? No? Well, then it's time to experience it! Head to your local skating rink (and do your best not to fall). Some relationship experts say that fun is one of the best aphrodisiacs (not to mention that rubbing each other's sore butts

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