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  • Real Couples Reveal Their Strangest Turn-Ons -- What's Yours?

    By Victoria Powers for

    Getty Images / The NestAdmit it: Your partner has a quirk or two that actually turns you on. (No worries, we don't judge.) For fun, we asked our readers to reveal the surprising things that make them hot. Check out their outrageous answers - and share your own in the comments section below.

    "He makes a big to-do about getting his friends together for man playdates; it's insanely cute." - Jodi21Harbur

    "It's a turn-on when he takes his mother to church on Sundays. It's the taking-care-of-his-mother part that really gets me." - Aligater

    8 annoying (yet lovable) husband habits

    "He does these hilarious imitations of cartoon characters, and to me, funny = sexy." - MrsSisco

    "Whenever I see her manhandling our lawnmower." - JayL9654

    "I love the smell of his deodorant." - Linzi24

    "She performs the 'She's a Maniac' dance from the movie Flashdance in her pajamas-it's always a highlight." - JCNYC31

    "When he irons his boxers, tees and dress socks-it's totally dorky, but it gets

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  • How to Make Perfect Popcorn (With Step-by-Step Photos!)

    By Khalil Hymore for

    As a kid, whenever my family went to the movies, my mother used to pop up a great big pot of popcorn and portion it into little brown paper bags for us. She would then smuggle it into the theater in a giant tote bag along with pouches of Capri Sun. Yes, we were THAT family. And although I remember being mortified at the time, I now know better. I thought she was just being cheap, and maybe she was (popcorn costs pennies to make at home), but she was also being health conscious. (We were also a soda- and sugary cereal-free house.) As an adult and now parent myself, I can respect that.

    Cut $50 from your grocery budget

    Homemade popcorn is cheaper and healthier-and it's infinitely tastier. It's also a lot of fun to make. You only need two ingredients (three if you count salt, but that's a topping). My daughter loves it when I pop corn on the stove. She runs to the kitchen to listen to the popping and gets super excited when it stops. It's adorable, I just

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  • 7 Chic Backyard Accessories for Under $20

    Now that spring has (finally!) sprung, it's time to spruce up your outdoor space! For inspiration, check out these stylish seasonal finds, from hanging lanterns to colorful throw pillows:

    By Rachel Sylvester for

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    Easy ways to save $1,000

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  • How to Decorate with Spring’s Hottest Colors

    Add some spring to your space with a few colorful accents! Get inspired with these room pics, featuring bold and soft shades of spring's hottest hues.

    By Victoria Powers for

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    32 style solutions for your home

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    23 tips for creating a room you love

    30+ cool dining room ideas

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  • How to Roast and Carve a Chicken (It's Easier Than You Think!)

    By Khalil Hymore for

    Roast chicken is what I make when I don't really feel like cooking at all. It's the easiest weeknight meal. After about five minutes of prep work, plus an hour of roasting (which lets me play Legos with my two-year-old daughter), I end up with a delicious and satisfying dinner that's supremely comforting.

    Roast chicken is also an essential recipe to master-you should memorize it! You can make basic roast chicken with just four simple ingredients: chicken, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Or you can dress it up a number of ways. Think of it as the little black dress of dinners-it can be infinitely accessorized.

    8 easy diy renovations

    Try it tonight with my step-by-step instructions (and photos), below:

    Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

    Choose a roasting dish. You can roast your chicken in any kind of pan you want, as long as the bird fits. I've roasted chickens on a rack in a roasting pan and in a large oven-proof skillet, but my hands down favorite way

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  • 6 Cringe-Worthy Date Night Disasters (+ Share Your Own!)

    Thinkstock/ The NestBy Ashley Oerman for

    You've heard the saying You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince - well, sometimes you also have to date 'em too. For fun, we asked our readers to dish on their worst-ever dates. From a guy who couldn't get over his ex to a wealthy cheapskate, these jaw-dropping tales will make you more grateful than ever for the love you have:

    "In college, my best girlfriend and I were going on a double date with this guy and his roommate. When we arrived at their apartment, we walked in to see my date steaming his roommate's shirt. The worst part is that after he steamed it, he buttoned the shirt and rolled his sleeves for him. I took a hint." - Cayla

    "I went on a date with this guy I met through a social/special interest group. He recently finished a series of ballroom dance lessons and he asked me if I wanted to come to his "recital." He was socially awkward and he couldn't carry on a conversation. He also kept looking at his feet as he danced and he

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  • How to Organize in 20 Minutes (or Less)!

    Mark Lund/ The NestBy Sarah Newell for

    It may be hard to believe you got to this point-- piles of clutter, crammed closets and overflowing drawers- so here's how to get organized in a cinch. What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking...

    If you have 30 seconds...

    Sharpen Up Knife Storage

    Make your kitchen safer and help knives keep their edge by storing them in a knife drawer. Catch-all drawers are really only good for one thing-hiding what you're looking for. Keep sharp knives separate for safety and easy access.

    Contain Plastic Bags

    Contain all those empty grocery bags in a plastic bag container to clean up the space under your kitchen sink and keep them at your fingertips for reuse. Find yours at

    Easy Ways to Organize Your Wires

    Untangle Jewelry
    Put brooches and clips in an unused ice tray then place in a bureau drawer. The key here is to see and separate. You'll be more inclined to wear what you know you have and can quickly grab.

    Store Toilet Paper

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  • 10 Things No One Tells You About Your First Married Easter

    Shutterstock/ The NestBy Heather Morgan-Shott for

    For some couples, their first married Easter is exactly like it was when they were dating. Other couples totally change the way they celebrate this holiday-for example, splitting the celebration between two families for the first time-and encounter the unexpected. To give you a sense of what you might be in for if this is your first Easter as a Mr. or Mrs., we asked Nesties to share what surprised them the first time they celebrated Easter as a married couple. (We kept their identities anonymous so they'd be brutally honest!) Here's what they had to say:

    "The whole concept of hunting for Easter eggs was completely new to him!" - A.A.

    "When I was a child we would have a huge seven-course meal on Easter with 25 people. Our first married Easter was with her family, and dinner was a two-course meal with eight people. It was such a let down." - J.R.

    "His family is kosher - mine is not - so I had no idea what to prepare!" -T.A.

    "Her family has

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  • 11 TV Relationships We Wish We Had

    From Jim and Pam to Ricky and Lucy, these on-screen couples make us wish for our own made-for-TV romance.

    By Rachel Sylvester for © 2013 The Nest Inc. All rights reserved.

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  • How to Fake a Clean Home in 30 Minutes!

    By Alonna Friedman for

    Shutterstock/ The NestDo you have company coming over? No time to whip your house into tip top shape? No problem! Check out these quick and simple tips to get a clean home in 30 minutes.

    Declutter (4 minutes)

    Pass through key rooms, picking up the following:
    Catalogs, bills, and newspapers
    Pets' toys
    Handbags and shoes
    Sports equipment
    Stray DVDs

    Wipe Down (10 minutes)
    Spray an all-purpose cleaner on your kitchen countertop and wipe away grime.
    Remove fingerprints from stainless steel surfaces using a glass cleaner.
    Wipe down the dining table (if you have hardwood, just remove dust with a damp rag or microfiber cloth).
    Spray the bathroom sink, vanity, and counters with an all-purpose disinfectant.
    Wipe down the outer edge of the tub (it's something all guests will see) and pull the curtain or shower door closed.
    Clean the mirror with vinegar and wipe with newsprint (it works).
    Spritz all outside surfaces of the toilet with disinfectant before moving inside.

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