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  • User Post: Clutch Time!

    When you go out, do you lug around your big huge purse? Does it get in the way everywhere you go? Do you hate keeping up with it? My answer to this all of the above is yes! I've been looking for a super cute clutch for a long time. I finally found one! Its a little long but I can't wait to use it! Do you prefer a clutch or a big bag? Clutch: bought from Just Add Jeans... [online boutique] Send me pictures of yours at Tweet me @fierceglamour
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  • Winter Weddings...what do you wear?! Quick Guide

    So we've talked about winter weddings/ bridesmaids dresses , but what about when you are a guest to a winter wedding. What do you wear? Heck I have trouble picking out what to wear to any wedding. This question has come up quite a few times lately, by me and a reader. So, Lets figure it out!

    First off, think of dressing this way. If the bride weren't getting married, but just attending the wedding what would she wear? (Applicable if you know her only) Might help you get an idea of the appropriateness. Now, let's break it down

    Semi-Casual Wedding
    I was faced with this problem last weekend. My friends had one of the most unique/memorable weddings I'll ever attend (She wore a black dress, he wore jeans, it was so them!) Anyway it was a semi-casual day and I had a super super hard time deciding what to wear. I didn't want to be too dressy or too casual. And decided that I just couldn't wear flats to a wedding, it's against my nature. So I ended up with black leggings, a

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  • Oh boy, Olsenboye!

    Unless you've been living under a rock with no tv, or media in the US for the last 23 years, then you definetly know who the Olsen twins are. Mary-Kate and Ashley have built an empire in their life so far, and made a huge impact on the fashion world through their own line, Elizabeth and James, and even their own coffee table book! Now, they are collaborating with JC Penney's for a new Junior line. "Olsenboye, which is the Olsens' ancestral name, will fall into Penney's good and better price tiers. Olsenboye is a casual sportswear and accessories collection that includes denim, bottoms, tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, jackets, handbags and shoes. The line will retail from $20 to $50 and is being designed to be mixed to create different looks. The brand also will periodically flow in travel-inspired mini collections, each reflecting the looks and trends of different cities. Beginning Nov. 6, Olsenboye will be available on and in those 50 stores, including the Manhattan flagship,

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  • My Stiletto Saviour--a story from Sweden

    As you know, there are big changes coming to the blog very soon, and Tiffany a mid-westerner transplanted to Sweden by love is working on it! She's doing an amazing job!! THANK YOU TIFF! She shared her feelings about her stilettos with me earlier and I had to share:

    "As a mid-western girl living abroad in Sweden, I find myself clinging to any flats or wedge heel shoes - this city is riddled with cobblestones. I picked only my favorite shoes to bring with me because I only had 3 suitcases when I moved overseas. For 8 months, ALL of my cute shoes remained in the closet. That is, until I came home to the US for a visit and found these:

    Discreet and easy to use, the SoleMates High Heeler™ attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels. By increasing the surface area on the base of the heel, it reduces the pressure on this area and prevents the heel from sinking into grass or falling into cracks!

    The patented design of the SoleMates High Heeler™ is

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  • User Post: Belt Buckle Bulge Solution!

    The waist of most of my pants (especially my jeans) stretches out pretty fast. Thus they require a belt. But I like to wear fitted tops that are longer than my pants waist.

    This leads to a dilemma.

    1) Wear a belt, pull the top over the belt, and have a funny pooch in the front over the belt buckle.

    2) Forget the belt and just tug at my pants all day. And complain that I should have worn a belt and looked stupid with the pooch.

    There is no win-win here. Either way, I end up pretty frustrated. Well after a #2 solution this past weekend, I'm fed up.

    So after a little bit of internet searching, I think I found a solution. A couple brilliant people somewhere in time decided to make a "virtually invisible belt". I found two such products, the isABelt and Invisibelt.

    The Invisibelt promises that it "provides instant slimming effect, lays flat under fitted tops, and adjusts like a bra."

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  • User post: Obsession of the day: Leggings

    I could wear these every day for the rest of my life (or at least until I get tired of them). I mean work, play, and sleep in them. Mine are unbelievably comfortable. Today, it is basically flooding outside so rain boots are a must. And leggings are the perfect "pant?" to wear with them. They slide right in with out any stuffing and dry out quickly when a few rain drops hit them! Woo-hoo!

    Wear them with a longer tunic, belted dress (how I'm wearing mine today), a long cardigan, or a boyfriend blazer. Just about anyway imaginable, these can work. I especially love how they look with boots of almost any kind!

    I like mine just plain stretchy black but you can get them in all kinds: jeggings, patterned, shredded, studded, liquid, and more! They can be super expensive or super cheap. Mine were $4.90 from Forever21. (I'm a cheapie sometimes.)

    However you wear yours, you can't deny this trend. What's your current fashion obsession?

    Michelle @ Fierce Glamour Blog

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  • Is this trend really worth it? Thigh-high/Over the Knee Boots

    am patiently waiting for just the right time to wear my boots . And this has me wondering if one of the biggest trends this season is worth the hype- thigh-high boots ?

    I haven't bought any, nor do I really plan too, but they sure do look fun to wear! But they also look extremely uncomfortable?!

    Obviously they aren't for eating dinner at the local Chili's.

    1) You have to sit down and those boots don't look good for sitting

    2) People would give you some strange looks.

    Tons of celebs have rocked these boots, but it just makes me wonder, if you're not famous, not in high fashion, and not attending social events 24/7, are these boots really worth the investment?


    Yes, they are uber fabulous looking, but I think that I could forego a little uber fab for a season, save some cash, and buy a classic piece in the spring. Plus, I have a little "Pretty Woman" feelings about these boots, and don't want people to think those same thoughts about me.fcboots_overknee celebsfcboots_overknee celebs

    For me, I'll wait

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  • Makeup Wonderings...

    I go on tangents a lot, usually because I've just had a number of experiences with whatever I'm talking about. Well, today it is about makeup.

    • ULTA is opening soon! ---As you know, we are finally getting an ULTA in Tyler . Yay! I'm patiently waiting for it to open, and drive by every once in a while to check on its progress. (Lame! I know.) It is going to open soon! My prediction is in November, just in time for Holiday shopping! If you want to work there (who wouldn't want a discount?), apply here!
    • Cleaning out your make up drawer is a fresh new look on your makeup!---I've been redecorating my bathroom, which some how means switching around drawers and products. Anyway, this led me to cleaning and moving my makeup drawer. I wear mineral powder makeup, which gets all over and I have more palette eye shadows that break for no reason, all leaving my makeup drawer pretty dirty. So I got out the Lysol and went to cleaning last night. In the process, I cleaned out my
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  • The Death of a Heel

    It's a sad dreary day in more ways than one! I live in the South where we are experiencing mass amounts of rain. Every time I look out the window, rain, rain, and rain! Now normally I don't mind the rain because I have an umbrella, rain boots, and/or coat. Today was not one of those days. I didn't expect the sky to open; I expected sprinkles, so I dressed cute in heels, pants, and cardi.

    As I went to the grocery store during lunch, I managed to step in a puddle near the door that was mid-calf deep, soaking my heels and the bottom ¼ of my pants. It was literally as if I dunked my feet into a bath. When I got under covering, I had to take off my black patent pumps and pour out the water. Normally, I'm very careful about what shoes I wear when it's raining so as not to soak them. Today was just a freak accident.

    These heels are soaked completely through. In between the lining, padding, everywhere. So I've taken them off for now, hoping against hope they will dry out and be ok. But I'm

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  • As season change, I change other things too. Do you?

    As seasons change, more than just the weather switches, we all wear to warmer clothes in darker tones and colors, makeup palettes change from dewy skin to a more matte finish, less bronzer more blush, and richer jewel toned eye shadows and nail color.

    Well, same goes for my hair. I don't really plan it but somehow, my hair changes with the seasons. As winter fades to spring/summer, my hair usually gets lighter with highlights, and as summer fades to fall/winter, my hair usually gets darker with the help of my preferred hair dye.

    So a few days ago I made my transition to fall/winter with 6WNLight Chocolate Brown/Nonstop Chocolate by Clairol's Perfect 10. I'll admit it was darker than I expected, but I'm loving the color and getting more used it. Here's my transformation:


    Do you change hair shades season to season? Or are you a naturalist?

    Michelle @ Fierce Glamour Blog

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