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  • Red Carpet Rundown: Twilight Eclipse

    Oh loves its here again! Time for the Red Carpet Rundown for Twilight's Eclipse! I'm totally psyched about the premiere next Thursday at midnight! For now, let's focus on what the stars were wearing!!!

    Kristen Stewart In a white one sleeve embroidered Elie Saab wool mini

    Kristen StewartKristen Stewart

    Now last year she wowed. This year ….eeh! She looks cute but not stunning. The dramatic one shoulder white dress makes her look a little pale, and her hair would've been prettier down! But the dramatic low cut back is just the edgy feature that kicked it up.

    Nikki Reed In an embroidered sky chiffon Marchesa dress with feather skirt and shoulder detailNikki ReedNikki Reed

    Such a pretty girl, such a not pretty dress!? Did she raid Johnny Weir's closet? Her hair and makeup-stunning!

    Dakota Fanning In a beige one shoulder lace Elie Saab cocktail dress with feather hem detail Dakota FanningDakota Fanning

    Oh little Dakota, is not so little anymore! Its hard to believe that this girl is around the same age as Miley! Dakota ALWAYS dresses

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  • Easy Access: Summer's Hottest Trends

    Summer is in full swing, I'm already getting bored with my clothes. I don't really wanna buy more but I need some inspiration, STAT! I'm in need of some major fashion voltage! I'm obsessed anyway so why not share! So today I've searched through some of my fav magazine websites and found the hottest trends for summer! Some I agree, some I don't and others I'll do my own way! Here are the hottest summer trends from,, and

    GLAMOUR---> They visited with their favorite "personal-style" bloggers and got 18 tips on how to amp up your summer wardrobe!

    18 Hot Summer Outfits (Warning: These Are Super Sexy!) by Melissa Mannglamourglamour

    1. Layer on a little lace to dress things up.

    Set the mood by adding romantic lace to casual basics. "I like this outfit because it incorporates two of my favorite spring-summer trends, chambray and lace," says Jessica.

    2. Flirt it up with fun summer colors.

    Don't be afraid to show off your experimental side by mixing and

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  • User Post: Quick Style Guide: Staying Beautiful in the Heat

    Oh, its been to long since the last quick style guide! And you know how I love them so! It's summer ya'll! And in Texas that means 85 degrees by 9:00am. It's hot, its sticky, its hard to stay beautiful! So of course I've got some fabulous things to offer to help stay looking hot all day long!

    surfsprayssurfspraysHair: Its difficult to have cute hair in the summer.

    My first reaction to overheating is to pull my hair up into a ponytail and off my neck. Pony tails don't have to be boring though! Position is everything. Play with it! Try high on your head, try a straightened pony in the middle, or a low natural wave pony behind your ear (this is what I'm sporting today, I let my hair airdry overnight)

    But there are some days I love to wear my hair down, you say? Me too! So go for an easy style! Easy, Beach Waves! Instead of slaving over a curling iron during the morning, try some wave spray! My absolute favorite is Garnier Fructise Wonder Waves Spray! It helped create this look and this one .

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  • Downtown Girls on MTV: Maybe worth watching!

    Last week, a new show premiered on MTV-Downtown Girls. I watched a rerun over the weekend and stumbled upon the new episode last night! It reminds me of a "regular girl" version of The City.
    I'm not completely sold yet but a couple of things intrigue me:

    1) its about a "Smitten" blogger, Shallon Lester (I love all things Glamour Magazine)

    2) its starts and ends with a video blog, all the while Shallon narrates (I love video blogs and her narration reminds of how my friends and I speak)

    3) the girls wear cute things and have pretty hair (shallow, shallow, shallow-but TV is just another way for me to get outfit and beauty ideas)

    So I'll keep watching and along the way, I'll share what ideas the show has sparked. Last night's ideasà new nail color and outfit idea( a different post)

    Throughout the episode (based on finding a new man for Shallon) I got a glimpse of Shallon's nails! They were white! When I first saw them, it instantly brought back a

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  • User Post: My Spring Wedding-Dresses, Shoes, Jewelry, oh my!

    I think every little girl dreams of the day she gets married starting around the age 3. Its encouraged and though of as cute. This includes visions of big dresses, long trains, flowy veils, and lots and lots of tulle, bridesmaids in colors all matchy. I was no exception. I was into drawing around 12 and designed my own dress back then. It was quite elaborate with rhinestones, low cut backs, and pretty flowy fabric. But what it definitely was NOT was a big puffy tulle dress that would make me look like I belonged on the top of the wedding cake or my bridesmaids look like 80's prom queens. Well, fast forward 11 or so years, time to plan my wedding! It was a small intimate wedding with family, close friends, and bridal party and of course outstanding fashion!


    Bridesmaid dresses are one of the hardest things about wedding planning to me.
    Do you want them to match? Will they all look good in the same thing? What color would be best? Could they wear it again?

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  • User post: How many times did you change clothes this morning?

    Some mornings getting ready for work and picking out clothes is easy. I already know what I feel like wearing and it's easy to put together. Other days it's misery. Clothes strewn everywhere; shoes all over the house!

    Today was a misery day.

    I went through:

    · 2 different shirts (a flowy blouse and a ruffled tank)

    · 2 different bras (had a color showing under shirt moment),

    · 2 different pairs of pants,

    · 1 skirt

    · 2 belts, and

    · 3 pairs of shoes (1 pair of heels, 1 pair of flats, 1 pair of sandals)

    Then, I tucked and un-tucked my shirt about 8 times.

    Finally, I settled on the ruffled tank (un-tucked), the skirt, and the sandals.

    My closet looked like exploded and there are shoes all around the full length mirror.

    How many times did you change clothes this morning?

    --Michelle, Fierce Glamour Blog




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  • Step out of your normal beauty box-I dyed my hair red!

    For our May Shine ! Beauty Guru Challenge, we were asked to "document a beauty transformation". We were challenged to step out of our normal beauty routine and try something new/different!

    "The makeover could be as simple as wearing that bright red lipstick you've been too scared to wear out of the house, or go bold with some new highlights or bangs"

    After reading the challenge, I knew immediately what I was going to do! Seriously there was no contemplation. (This had come long before!)

    I was going to dye my hair red!

    Ever since I saw Confessions of a Shopaholic, Julie and Julia, or anything with Isla Fisher and Amy Adams, I've been wanting to transform my hair to their pretty shade! About February, I found my favorite hair dye ( Perfect 10 ) in a new shade! Honey Berry(Medium Reddish Blonde)! The box looked like the color I wanted to achieve, so I bought it. With a wedding impeding, I decided to wait to dye my locks. So now about 6 weeks later, its the perfect time!

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  • Moulin Tennis? More crazy tennis fashion

    A few months back we talked about Maria Sharapova's interesting outfit during the Australian Open, well now its Venus Williams' turn!

    Venus debuted this littler number at the French Open yesterday. This is an interesting choice of wear for Ms. Williams and looks a little more fitted for the boudoir than the tennis court. But kudos to her for stepping out of the box! I still like Maria's better though! What do you think?

    The pictures are from an article on Yahoo's Busted Racket:

    Venus Williams wears a racy dress in French Open debut

    By Chris Chase Follow Yahoo! Sports' tennis blog, Busted Racquet, on Twitter and Facebook.

    Chris said,"If things don't go well for
    Venus Williams at the French Open perhaps she can find some work at the famous Parisian Moulin Rouge.

    The seven-time Grand Slam champion wowed the crowd at Roland Garros on Sunday by wearing a lacy, black dress with bright red trim on her bodice during her first-round match against Patty Schnyder.

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  • User post: My Spring Wedding-Hair and Makeup

    Lovelies, as you know I got married in April (Mine was a week before MJ's, crazy small world right?). I finally am back to a regular routine and can blog out the wedding! (plus we got the pictures back so I can show too!) Our wedding was outside on a Saturday in the afternoon. It was a small intimate wedding with family, close friends, and bridal party. I didn't want a huge fuss with my or my bridesmaid's hair and makeup. So we all did it ourselves! As the day started creeping up, I wondered if this was the best way to go, but I didn't want to have to add extra cost to everyone at the last minute.


    I only wanted a few things for my bridesmaids:

    • Amped up day makeup (a little smokier than usual!)
    • A small amount of pink lipstick (everyone ended up using the same one)
    • Same color of nail polish on fingers/toes! (I gave the color to them as part of their gifts)
    • Soft curly hair, mostly down! No Up Do's! (We all pitched
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  • User post: Product Review: Goody's Spin Pin

    Sometime last week, I saw the tail end of a commercial for a new hair product/accessory. Whoo-hoo!

    The name: Goody Spin Pin

    The Purpose: make a messy bun in a few easy steps without a jumble of bobby pins

    So last night I decided to go pick one up, who doesn't want a messy bun with ease?!? The search was on. After visiting 2 Walgreens, 2 CVS, 3 other beauty supply stores, and a rude call with a Walmart employee, Target once again prevailed as the best store ever (to me at least!).

    After I got home, I went immediately went to the bathroom mirror to play with them. I pulled them out of the box and was a little surprised to see they looked like a spring. I was a little skeptical on how these two little spring like pins were supposed to hold up my hair.

    I did as the directions said, knotted my hair, and twisted in the "SPIN PINS" and voila, it held. My ends were sticking out but that was my fault. I tried it a few more times and it got better.
    I even wore today, each try

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