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  • Perfect your pores with witch hazel! you may have noticed, folks have obsessing over organic and going nuts for natural products for quite some time now. But this goes beyond wheatgrass shots and free-range chicken, people! You've tried countless lotions, serums, cleansers and treatments with tongue-twisting ingredients that even your derm might have to look up. Why not go back to basics with your skincare regimen? Allow me to re-introduce: Witch Hazel!

    Apparently Witch Hazel has been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. Although it sounds like something my grandmother would have in her medicine cabinet, I was surprised to learn it's got a hugely devoted and growing following. I was fortunate enough to have my questions answered by the man who's bringin' it back, Bryan Jackowitz, Marketing Director of Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel.

    : When did people start using Witch Hazel and for what purposes?
    : Witch Hazel is truly a part of Americana. The Native Americans were the first to recognize the plant's healing

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  • Would you wear temporary tattoos if they were from Chanel?

    EXCLUSIVE CREATION Temporary Skin Art LES TROMPE-L'OEIL DE CHANELI've always wanted to get inked, but worry I'd end up a tattoo trend victim (tiny wrist-star anyone?). That's why Chanel's Spring/Summer 2010 temporary tattoos are ideal.

    Designs include the eponymous double C's, chains, rosary beads, and birds, all of which can be mixed up and applied a number of different ways. I chose to channel (no pun intended) SJP circa this year's Oscars, with a simple strand of beads on the wrist for a subtle take on the tatted look. I'm so into my skin jewelry I might just take the plunge and make it permanent! What do you think of this Spring's ink?

    Posted by Julie Schott


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  • Quick Fixes for Morning After Skin to the Mayo Clinic, a great source for all things medical, moderate drinking is defined as one alcoholic beverage a day for women and two for men, so if you've been justifying that third glass of red wine by telling yourself it's good for your heart, you may want to reconsider. Drinking too much not only increases your risk of high blood pressure, liver damage and obesity, it also messes with your skin! Luckily, top dermatologist, Dr. David Bank, has some facts & fixes that'll transform your morning-after-skin in no time! Read on after the jump.

    Dry Skin
    Fact: Alcohol dehydrates skin, which can lead to premature aging and wrinkles
    Load up on fluids and double up on moisturizer. First apply your regular moisturizer, wait a minute and then slather on another layer.

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    Puffy Face
    Fact: Alcohol plus little sleep leads to water retention, which causes swelling.
    Fix: Try applying a cold compress or tea bags for antioxidants on your face for a few

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  • How to tame your eyebrows you're a plucker, waxer or threader (like me), time between brow-scaping appointments can be trying. You know, when those stray hairs just barely start showing and if you pluck too early they'll be back like clockwork, right after your next appointment, leaving you in a vicious plucking cycle! Well, put those tweezers down! Here's a tip to tame your brow troubles after the jump!

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    After fighting the temptation to tweeze, I decided that if I had to live with these hairs, I could at least hide them. So I tried this:

    Take a little bit of concealer and smooth it under your brow, where the stray hairs are starting to show. Then lightly dab powder over the area to keep the concealer in place, just like you do the rest of your face. Stay clear of the rest of your brow, to avoid looking dusty. Then proceed to apply your eye makeup as usual. If you have the time to spare, Anastasia Beverly Hills has tons of great kits for a fool-proof brow you can do

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  • A Quick Fix for Wine-Stained Lips!

    Red wine. Love it, drink it, but don't wear it! Every time I enjoy a glass of my favorite ruby-red vino, I'm left with a pesky wine-stained pout and no, not the flattering kind. If you're Monday night happy hour has become Tuesday morning trouble, we've got a quick fix for you! Read on after the jump.

    Wine-inspired lip colors may be popular on the runway, but when your lips are stained with the real deal, the look is more hangover-worthy than hot. I've tried everything from vigorous scrubbing, lotion rubbing and even tooth brushing my lips, only to be left with a faded form of the embarrassing tell-tale tint.

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    So this time I reached for something right in my refrigerator, a lemon! Just rub a small lemon wedge over your lips to break up the stain. You'll start to see the reddish color come off onto the wedge. Then, using the corner of a washcloth, gently rub the rest of the stain off with soap and water. It will come off easily and your lips won't be sore

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  • Protect Yourself From A Pedi-Scare!, spa pedicures can be so relaxing...the foot massages, whirpool baths, yummy cocktails, the - Mycobacterium fortuitum? That's right. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently investigated the first known outbreak of bacterial infections acquired from whirlpool foot baths. Read on for a list of do's and don'ts so the only thing that you take home from the spa is a pretty pedi.
    Dr. Oliver Zong, a cosmetic podiatrist from New York City warns you to choose wisely when it comes to finding a nail salon to frequent. Here are Dr. Zong's do' and don'ts to a safe nail visit!

    Dr. Zong's Pedi-Do's:

    • Do ask how your salon's foot spas are maintained and how often they're cleaned. And keep an eye on clients they are working on to see if they disinfect the bath after each use.
    • Do pay attention to time spent cleaning footbaths between customers. Typically a disinfectant takes 10 minutes to work!
    • Do and at-home checkup for skin infections the days following your pedicure.
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  • Dry Shampoo Your Way to Beachy Waves!

    Shampooing every other day is surprisingly hard to do, especially if you have fine, limp hair like mine! This morning, in an effort to conquer my
    fear of unwashed hair I passed on John Frieda in my shower,which
    normally would have led to a morning hair meltdown. However, I picked
    up a bottle of dry shampoo and a flat iron and decided to make it work.
    Read on after the jump for my quick, "dirty hair" styling tip!

    I love dry shampoos because they double as texturizers and do a great job at holding curls. Here's a trick that I used this morning to get beachy
    waves with dry shampoo and unwashed hair (right now I'm test driving Ojon Rub Out Dry Cleanser. It's working great and I've already gotten compliments!)

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    In the morning, apply dry shampoo to your roots. I prefer a spray since
    it's easier to control application. Flip your hair over, giving your hair a good shake and flip back photo shoot style.

    If you have dark hair, be sure to

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  • A tip for getting a bright, white smile your teeth to shine like the stars? Keep on reading for a DIY tip to getting those pearly whites!

    Dr. Lana Rozenberg, a cosmetic dentist in NYC let us in on some of her favorite and fast-working tips to a whiter, brighter smile.

    Healthy mouth how-tos: Five ways to save your smile!

    To remove pesky stains (think sodas, wine and berries), mix one teaspoon of baking soda and two drops of lemon juice together and brush on after your toothpaste. The concoction includes peroxide and citric acid, which naturally whiten the teeth's enamel.

    --Posted by Lindsay Leff


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  • SELF Beauty Exclusive! The secret to Carrie Underwood's gorgeous skin.

    carrie.jpgOur gorgeous January cover girl - Carrie Underwood - has a skin secret that doesn't involve thousand-dollar face creams or a facialist-to-the-stars. In fact, it won't cost you more than you are already spending. Dying to know? See the secret, after the jump.

    Check out Carrie's style transformations!

    How does cover girl Carrie get gorgeous, glowing skin? Skipping sweets and eating healthy (we swear!).

    "My sugar intake is way down, and I have a lot fewer breakouts. Now when I drink tea, it's unsweetened. Or I'll have water," the start told SELF. "Also, I'm off soda. For so long, I'd have a Diet Coke with breakfast!"

    She also said, "People have asked me, 'What are you doing differently?' I tell them that I'm honestly just eating healthier. If you eat a bunch of grease and stuff like that, it's got to go somewhere. It can show in your skin."

    Get more skin-loving snack ideas here and pick up the January issue for more Carrie!

    picture courtesy of WWD


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  • Six ways to give the gift of Spa

    deva_couples.jpgI've always been a big fan of giving "experiences" like spa days as a gift for the holidays. Why? Because (at least in NYC) unless your giftee asks specifically she doesn't need or have room for more stuff. Instead, treat her to an hour she probably wouldn't buy for herself. After the jump, see my top six tips for gifting a spa treatment.

    1. No gift certificates? Charge it! Sure, giving a gift certificate is the easiest way to give a spa day, but sometimes your escape-of-choice just doesn't offer 'em. If this is the case pick a day when you know your friend is free (for example, the day she promised to help you prep for your holiday party) and call the spa to explain. Ask if you can have them keep your credit card on file and charge for the treatment and gratuity when said friend comes in.

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    2. A tip about tipping. See if there's a 'gratuity free' spa in your area. DevaSpa in New York City includes the tip in the treatment price so you can

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