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  • Anti-Aging Products for Your Hair?

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    We wouldn't blame you if you roll your eyes at the thought of putting your hair on an anti-aging regimen. I mean, first of all, Isn't hair dead? How can it get older?, and secondly, you may already be dealing with anti-aging serums and creams for your skin, and now you have to worry about your hair, too? Well, the truth is: Your skin isn't the only thing that changes as you age. Hair--despite it being "dead"--also goes through changes that may require you to treat it differently as you get older. Here's how best to deal with the top three culprits.

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    Culprit: Gray hair
    . Since it's visible, this is the most obvious sign of aging hair. Some people start sprouting grays in their 20's while others may not turn gray until much later. Gray hair occurs when follicles no longer produce any melanin (color). Nobody knows for sure why hair stops producing melanin and unfortunately there is no way to prevent it.

    Well, you can

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  • Myth or Fact: Preparation H for Puffy Eyes

    Photo courtesy of preparationh.comPhoto courtesy of preparationh.comShannon R., SELF magazine

    Perhaps you've heard it before...maybe you've even tried it...but does smearing Preparation H on your puffy eyes really work?

    First things first: Puffy eyes are a double bummer. They make you look exhausted even if you're not and they can be incredibly difficult to treat. Puffiness--which is red, swollen skin under the eyes--is usually due to bloating, dehydration, fatigue, allergies, hormones or genetics. Yikes, that's a lot of causes, which means it can be really hard to say what treatment will work best to minimize the puffiness.

    Preparation H might sorta work...temporarily. It restricts the blood vessels, which gets rid of the redness for awhile, and contains 1% hydrocortisone, an anti-inflammatory that could temporarily reduce puffiness in theory. Still, I would not recommend using Preparation H on your eye area for one big reason. If you accidentally get some in your eye, the other ingredients can cause serious damage, and then puffiness will

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  • Why Your Skin Loves Red Wine

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    Drinking red wine
    (in moderation, of course!) has been shown to have some heart-healthy benefits. That's thanks to its polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that can protect the body against oxidative damage. However, there is now some evidence that the polyphenols in red wine may benefit your skin, too! Here's why you might want a side of wine-based skincare with that glass of Pinot Noir.

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    According to Science Daily, a German chemical company and a Spanish natural cosmetics company have developed a powdered version of red wine (which was actually quite a feat!). When they added the "red wine powder" into a skin cream, they noticed that it had potential anti-wrinkle effects on the skin.

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    We know antioxidants in general are amazing anti-aging ingredients, and polyphenols are an antioxidant powerhouse. More and more beauty brands are coming out with products that contain

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  • Why a Spa Facial is Worth the Splurge

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    Happy Spa Week ladies! This is a beauty junkie's best week of the year, when spas all across the country offer discount treatments. It's a great time to try something new, and a perfect excuse to pamper yourself! So what should you sign up for first? I'd suggest a facial. They're pampering. They're luxurious. And they have some real skin benefits that you can't always achieve at home.

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    In fact, according to the American Academy of Dermatologists, facial rejuvenation can effectively reduce wrinkles, treat sun spots, tighten loose skin, improve skin tone and color, remove blotchiness and eliminate damaged blood vessels. They discuss eight types of facial treatments that can help whip your complexion back into shape. They include:

    • Topical Treatments - like antioxidants and enzymes
    • Injectable wrinkle fillers - like Botox
    • Chemical Peels
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Laser resurfacing
    • Photodymanic Therapy
    • Surgical
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  • The Top 5 Things that Can Ruin Your Mani

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    are more than just pretty polish, they're about pampering yourself, your hands and your nails! Proper nail care can help extend the life of your mani and keep nails looking in top shape in between appointments.

    5 factors that can ruin nails:

    1. Environmental dryness
    - While usually worse in the winter, dry nails and cuticles can be a problem all year long. If your nail condition is literally changing with the seasons, it may be due to humidity (not enough or even too much!). Nails, like skin, are subject to the drying effects of the environment which can wreak havoc on your mani. Solution: One of my favorite parts of getting a manicure is the lotion hand massage. Treat yourself to a mini massage at home. Keeping hands and nails moisturized is the best way to keep fingers looking fab!

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    2. Excessive hand washing
    - While healthy washing habits are important, over-washing can strip your hands and nails of the

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  • Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    Most women experiment with hair color at some point in their life. They may want to cover some gray, add a few highlights or experiment with a new shade all over. Whether you do it at home or at a salon, hair coloring can get expensive. Here are a few tips to protect your investment and keep hair looking vibrant!

    What causes color to fade?

    - You may be surprised to learn that water is the number one culprit in causing color loss. Most women think it's shampoo or harsh chemicals that cause color loss (which is true to some degree), but it's actually just good old H2O. In fact, if you soaked your hair in spring water, much of the color would be drawn right out. This is especially true If you use darker colors like reds, browns or blacks.

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    - UV rays can break down your hair color, causing the color to fade and look dull. Again, women who use darker hair colors are more likely to notice the fading.


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  • Can Perfume Help You Lose Weight?

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    Our sense of smell is a pretty powerful tool. Our nose can warn us of danger (something is burning!), transport us (to our favorite vacation spot!) and comfort us (bring back a childhood memory). The basis of aromatherapy uses the power of scent to help alter our mood - whether we want to be relaxed, energized or even feel happier. But can fragrance be a weight-loss tool?

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    Lose pounds with perfume?

    While perfume doesn't have a physiological effect on our bodies (if it did, it would have to be classified as a drug), there is some research to indicate that the perception of body weight could be influenced by the fragrance you wear.

    In a study conducted by Dr. Hirsch at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, four groups of about 50 men each looked at a woman and estimated how much she weighed. With three of the groups the woman was wearing one of three different fragrances (citrus

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  • Look Younger: 3 Ingredients

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    Your face isn't the only place that shows signs of aging! While often neglected in the battle to fight aging, your hands are just as susceptible to fine lines, cracking and age spots. Here are a few key ingredients to help keep your hands (and face!) looking younger.

    What are the best ingredients to help fight aging?

    - Retinoids are derivatives of Vitamin A and are generally considered the most effective anti-aging ingredients. Retinoids have been shown in research to reduce wrinkles, skin roughness and overall skin aging. While retinoids work great on the face, they also work on your hands by improving the texture of the skin. Look for products that use either retinol or retinyl palmitate. Just a note of caution, retinoids are irritating and you can expect some flaking and redness when using these products. If you have sensitive skin or concerns, you should speak with your dermatologist before using retinoids.

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  • Health Benefits of Carrots

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    Happy Easter! We all know that carrots are a favorite snack of the Easter Bunny but did you know that carrots may be good for your skin, too? Carrots (or more specifically carrot seed oil) may have some benefits when added to your favorite skin care products, so let's take a closer look at this vitamin-packed veggie!

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    What is carrot seed oil?

    Steam distillation is used to collect the oil from the seeds and the root of the carrot. The chemical composition of the oil contains lots of ingredients including vitamins (A and D), carotenes and flavonoids.

    What are the possible skin care benefits of carrot seed oil?

    - This is an oil so it would be considered an emollient, which means it provides moisture. Because of its particular composition, it's lighter than other oils with different chemical compositions. This makes it nice for skin care products since it's not too greasy.

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  • Getting Eyelash Extensions? What You Should Know

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    Women spend millions of dollars each year trying to get longer, lusher, fuller lashes. While mascara may be enough for many, some women just didn't score the genetic jackpot when it comes to long lashes. Eyelash extensions are a viable alternative for getting long lashes, but here some things to know before you go!

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    How do eyelash extensions work?

    Individual lashes are dipped into a medical-grade adhesive and bonded to your natural eyelash. This process is done one lash at a time, so it can take a while. The adhesive can last about 4-6 weeks depending on how careful you are (the more you rub your eyes, wash your face, etc. the quicker the adhesive will wear off). If you get regular touch-ups (re-application of adhesive) the lashes can last longer. One pretty cool thing about eyelash extensions is that it can be custom to you. You can pick the color, texture and length of the lash, so whether you want a more natural look

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