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  • A New, Healthier Way to Perm Your Hair

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    Do perms bring back bad memories of overly processed, frizzy hair from the '80s? Well, fear no more, perms are back with a softer side (think soft waves like Kate Middleton or Jessica Alba!). Here is what you need to know about "thio-free" perms and how they compare to traditional perms.

    How does perming work?

    Your hair is made of keratin (protein) which contain disulfide bonds that give hair its shape. Perms chemically break that bond and then reform the bond based on whatever shape the hair is wound into (usually a rod or curler). This is also the same process for making curly hair straight, but instead of wrapping hair around a roller, the hair is ironed straight. This process works but it is damaging. You're chemically changing the shape of your hair which requires some pretty heavy-duty chemicals.

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    Traditional perms vs. "thio-free" perms

    Traditionally, the most commonly-used ingredient in perming is

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  • Treat Oily Skin

    Photo courtesy of fresh.comPhoto courtesy of fresh.comShannon R., SELF magazine

    Oily skin produces excess sebum (oil) which is more likely to clog pores, often leading to blackheads and even acne (yuck!). While a facial mask may just seem like a luxury you get a spa, the reality is a clay mask can be done at home relatively quickly and easily. Here is what you need to know about treating oily skin with a facial clay mask.

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    How does a clay mask work?

    The idea of using mud or clay as a skin treatment is not a new one. In fact, mud baths date back thousands of years when mud was said to have "miraculous healing powers." While mud may not be miraculous, it does contain some skin-treating benefits and the idea of "wet earth" treatments like clay and mud continue to remain popular. The most commonly used type of clay in facial masks is kaolin. Kaolin is known for its ability to absorb oil and moisture as well as provide a smooth consistency with easy spreading (making it ideal for facial

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  • 2-in-1 Shampoo—Worth It?

    Photo courtesy of drugstore.comPhoto courtesy of drugstore.comShannon R., SELF magazine

    When 2-in-1 shampoos were first introduced, they were considered not only a huge innovation in the industry but the ultimate in convenience for many women (and men!). However, as time went on, they started getting a bad rap. I've heard things like 2-in-1s can coat your hair with wax or even plastic (yikes!), leaving hair weighed down and dull and ultimately causing more harm than good. Well, it's time to to separate fact from fiction and set the record straight on this combo beauty product.

    What is 2-in-1 technology?

    Basically, two ingredients are added to a regular shampoo to provide a conditioning benefit - a silicone and a suspending agent. The silicone is usually an ingredient called Dimethicone and it is what makes the formula conditioning. The suspending agent is Glycol Distearate and it's what keeps the silicone from separating out of the formula. Without it, the silicone would just fall to the bottom of the shampoo and not stay mixed

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  • The Healthiest Way to Remove Nail Polish

    Photo courtesy of drugstore.comPhoto courtesy of drugstore.comShannon R., SELF magazine

    This summer-like weather made me want to run out for a fresh mani and pedi. I just love having a pretty set of freshly painted fingers and toes! However, when it comes to removing nail polish, the process becomes considerably less fun. Removing nail polish can be stinky and messy. There are plenty of nail polish remover options available, so let's take a closer look at how these removers work and which one is the best for you.

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    How do nail polish removers work?

    Basically, there are two different kinds of nail polish removers: acetone and non-acetone. Most brands carry both types--it's usually stated right on the front label. Both types contain a solvent (like acetone) that works by dissolving the hard film that's left on your nails by the ingredients in the polish. Nail polishes contain ingredients like resins, plasticizers, film formers and color pigments. All these ingredients work to give you a nice even coat

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  • How to Choose a Conditioner

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    Hair conditioner isn't just for women with full, thick and/or excessively damaged hair. Almost everyone could benefit from using a conditioner, and luckily there are formulas created for virtually every hair type (even ladies with fine hair!). Heat styling, combing, washing and even towel drying can all lead to damage, causing hair to look and feel dull and dry. Conditioners can help reduce flyaway, tame frizz and keep hair looking smooth and shiny. Here is what you need to know about picking the right type of conditioner for you!

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    Rinse-out conditioner

    Virtually every shampoo has a rinse-out conditioner partner and rinse-outs are certainly the most commonly used type of conditioner. These formulas contain ingredients like fatty alcohols and high molecular-weight silicones. Fatty alcohols (ingredients like Stearyl Alcohol) are what make conditioners thick, rich and creamy. They also "coat" the hair to make it feel

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  • Banish Blackheads Forever

    Photo courtesy of drugstore.comPhoto courtesy of drugstore.comShannon R., SELF magazine

    Blackheads aren't just a teen problem. They're large pores that collect skin gunk like oil, dead skin cells and makeup. While blackheads are more common in teens, since their skin tends to be oilier, it doesn't mean that these unsightly pores can't plague you well into adulthood. Here are a few tips to help you battle blackheads!

    What are blackheads?

    As I mentioned, blackheads are pores on your skin that have a wider than usual opening. Since these pores are large, they get filled up with "skin garbage" like sebum (oil) and dead skin cells. This garbage that clogs your open skin pores undergoes a series of oxidative chemical reactions that create a dark, black mass known as a blackhead. Oily skin tends to get more blackheads since there is more sebum to clog the large pores.

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    How do I deal with blackheads?

    1. Cleanse
    - Washing your face seems obvious, but if you sleep with makeup on sometimes or get a little

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  • Tame Frizzy Hair

    Shannon R., SELF magazine

    As humidity levels begin to creep up you may be noticing your hair is feeling a bit more poofy and frizzy. Or, it may just feel like you have frizzy hair all the time! Either way, there a few different reasons hair looks frizzy and there are some (non-damaging!) ways to help ease the frizz.

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    What causes frizzy hair?

    1. Your natural shape
    - Hair that grows wavy or curly tends to be more frizzy than hair that grows out straight. Hair shape is primarily determined by the shape of the follicles that the hair grows out of.

    2. The condition of your hair
    - The longer your hair is, the more damaged it is likely to be. Long hair has experienced a lot of brushing, combing and possibly heat and styling damage, which leads to split ends and broken hairs. Once the hair breaks, the shorter stub that remains tends to spring outward uncontrollably. The result - those frizzy pieces that stick out mid-way down your mane and drive

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  • 3 Beauty Trends That Are Here to Stay (And How to Wear Them)

    Samantha Fairchild ArchiveFairchild ArchiveLevy, SELF magazine

    When it all started, it was labelled a trend. We thought they were of-the-moment looks that would pass as quickly as the seasons. However, as spring gave way to summer and soon after came the fall, we saw these supposed "trends" appear time and time again, both on the catwalks and surely enough, in the pages of our very own magazine.

    These looks have become timeless classics that season after season, we all still cannot seem to get enough of. So don't be shy when it comes to including these in looks in your every day beauty arsenal:

    1. Rich red lips. As we reported last week, Dior chose this classic look in Paris at the Spring/Summer shows, reason enough to believe that, yet again, red lips are still a style "yes!" And the beauty of the red lip is you can wear the look anytime, day or night, and make a beautiful statement-- without going overboard. The key: Let (only) your lips do the talking. All other makeup can be a bit understated, giving full

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  • The 3 Worst Makeup Habits--and How to Fix Them

    Conde Nast Digital StudioConde Nast Digital StudioSELF magazine

    Using year-old mascara? Sleeping with your makeup on? Why these are serious beauty crimes and how to change your ways!

    1. 56% of women have gone months without replacing their mascara.

    Why it's a beauty crime Using year-old mascara? Sleeping with your makeup on? Why these are serious beauty crimes and how to change your ways!

    How to change your ways Replace tubes to prevent bacteria buildup. And turn the wand in circular motions-don't pump it in and out, Perdis says; doing this also prevents the formula from drying by keeping excess air out.

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    2. 55% of women admit to going to sleep with makeup on.

    Why it's a beauty crime Going to bed without cleansing skin can clog pores, causing breakouts and also making pores larger. "When you're sleeping, you're lying on skin, so makeup is pushed deeper into pores and, over time, can stretch them out," explains Dennis Gross, M.D., a dermatologist in NYC.

    Change your ways Fortunately, beauty aisles are

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  • Our 10 Favorite Beauty Buys Under $10

    By SELF magazine

    The best beauty buys for under $10.


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