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  • Could Breastfeeding for Longer Reduce Baby's Risk of ADHD?

    By Kylie McConville for

    Shutterstock / The BumpThe latest study to come from the journal Breastfeeding Medicine found that children with children who breastfeed for shorter durations may be more likely to have ADHD.

    Researchers at Schneider's Children Medical Center studied over 50 children (age 6-12) who had been diagnosed with ADHD between 2008 and 2009. These children were compared to two control groups: the first consisted of healthy (non-ADHD) siblings of ADHD children and the second control group was composed of children of similar ages without ADHD. Researchers also presented a questionnaire to both parents of children in all three groups that addressed: demographic, medical and perinatal findings, as well as feeding history during their child's first year of life. Parents were also given a validated adult ADHD screening questionnaire.

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    From the study and the questionnaire results, researchers found that the rates of breastfeeding were

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  • 9 Pregnancy Myths Busted

    From cutting back on caffeine to putting the kabosh on workouts, find out what's fact and what's fiction.

    By Alonna Friedman for

    Thinkstock / The BumpDon't do this. Don't do that. With all the pregnancy "advice" out there, it's hard to know what to believe -- or whom to believe. But remember, every pregnancy is different, so follow your doctor's orders above anything else.

    Myth 1: Eat three healthy meals a day
    False! You should be eating six or seven small meals (every two to three hours). "Eating frequently and from various food groups will keep your blood sugar in a constant range, which is healthy for you and your baby," says Stuart Fischbein, M.D., coauthor of Fearless Pregnancy.Don't obsess about food and don't diet. What was good for you pre-pregnancy is good for you now. And yes, that includes an ice cream sundae with butterscotch sauce if you so desire.

    Myth 2: Decaf only
    False! One small cup of coffee a day is perfectly fine. While a recent study at McGill University in Montreal did

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  • Alison Sweeney Shares Her 'Biggest' Secrets to Losing the Baby Weight

    The Biggest Loser and Days of Our Lives star gave us an inside peek into her life as a mom and an actress. She also let us in on her fitness routine and her latest book -- a juicy read!

    By Elena Donovan Mauer for

    Courtesy of Alison Sweeney / The Bump Give us the scoop on your new book The Star Attraction.

    It's an inside look at Hollywood through the life of Sophie, the main character who is an entertainment publicist. It's her story, dealing with the ins and outs of Hollywood, trying to balance a relationship and work, and trying to figure out what she wants out of life!

    This is your first fiction book. Why did you want to write it?

    I've spent years at Days of our Lives as an actress, telling other peoples stories. I love my job, but sometimes it's frustrating to act out the stories, when it's not how I want it to go! So I started writing this character to just fulfill my own creative instincts. Now it's crazy and thrilling to know other people will be reading it!

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  • Jessica Alba Gets Honest

    We bet you didn't know these 5 things about Jessica Alba.

    By Elena Donovan Mauer for

    Justin Coit / The BumpWhen a popular baby detergent gave her a rash, Jessica Alba didn't ignore it. She got passionate about it -- and started The Honest Company, a line of nontoxic, eco-friendly products. Now, the actress-turned-businesswoman has added a new credit to her résumé: author. Her book, The Honest Life, is packed full of Jessica's healthy and green secrets, from fashion and beauty to cleaning and planning baby's nursery. She's also got these surprises up her sleeve.

    She sometimes struggles at things (yes, really!)
    Doesn't it seem like everything would come easily to Jessica? Not so! "Writing a book for the first time was challenging-and it wasn't just because I was trying to juggle everything I'm doing," she says. "Because the book includes all the natural-living tips and tricks that I've learned over the years, I found it difficult to hone in on the most relevant content." Her savior? Her husband,

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  • Why I Hated Being Pregnant

    By Paula Miranda for

    Veer / The BumpI was never the type of girl that dreamed of the day that I would be married or have children. Instead I dreamed of the day that I would be recognized for other accomplishments in my career. While I listened to my friends share the names of their future children, I was busy thinking of what countries I would travel to first or what I would say to the President when I first met him.

    As time went on and I grew up, I learned an important lesson about life: you can plan all you want but nothing is certain.

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    As a young twenty-something I got pregnant. The pregnancy I had never planned for myself was here, and with it came severe morning sickness. I was sick all day, every day. I tried everything I could think of or read about to feel better but nothing worked. I was a hermit. What felt like eternity finally ended one month before I had my daughter. It was a brief moment of bliss. I felt like

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  • 7 Important Lessons I’m Trying to Teach My Toddler Early

    By Paula Miranda for

    Thinkstock / The BumpOne of the most important qualities I wanted to make sure my now teenager daughter and I had with each other while she was growing up were honesty and trust. I raised her with manners and morals - important values I think that all children should have. And now, raising a teen and a toddler, I've realized that these life lessons are important for my little one to learn, too. In fact, they're a good life lessons for us all.

    When times get tough and my tot and I are in the middle of a temper tantrum stare down, here are the most important things I always try to remind myself of:

    1. Lead by example. If you want you toddler to be and act a certain way, make sure your actions are consistent with that, too. Get down to their level and look them in the eyes. When you do this you communicate better with them and let them see through action you respect them. If they turn their eyes away, direct them to look into your eyes so they understand what your

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  • The 5 Types of Moms We All Know

    By Abigail Green for

    Thinkstock / The BumpWe all know we shouldn't compare ourselves to other moms. It's not right to judge or stereotype. Yeah, yeah… yeah. We also know we all do it and it can sometimes even serve a useful purpose. Who among us hasn't wanted to be a little more like that mom and a little less like that mom?

    Here are five of the most common mom types I've encountered:

    1. The By-the-Book Mom. This is generally but not always a first-time mom. She knows the recommended amount of sleep, food, dirty diapers and infant Tylenol a baby should have according to his age and weight. She knows exactly when the first teeth should appear and in what order. She can recognize cradle cap, RSV and Fifth Disease on sight. This mom is a font of useful knowledge, but should never be a substitute for your pediatrician. Also, she tends towards anxiety. Wonder why?

    "Holy Crap! I'm a Mom!"

    2. The Go-With-the-Flow Mom. This mom is the polar opposite of the By-the-Book Mom. She is very attuned to her

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  • Could Your Spit Be Good for Baby?

    By Kylie McConville for

    Thinkstock / The BumpA shocking new study completed by Swedish researchers and published in the journal Pediatrics found that parents who pick up a dropped pacifier and suck it clean may be helping their infants become better germ fighters.

    A shocking new study completed by Swedish researchers and published in the journal Pediatrics found that parents who pick up a dropped pacifier and suck it clean may be helping their infants become better germ fighters.

    Crazy new mom confessions!

    Crazy, right? We didn't believe it at first either! But you can't ignore the research. Here's what they found:

    Researchers in Sweden studied 184 infants at the age of four months old. Scientists collected saliva samples from each infant to determine which times of bacteria resided in baby's guts. At six months old, parents were asked to report on whether their infants used pacifiers and how moms and dads cleaned them. At ages 18 and 36 months old, researchers checked back in with parents

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  • How Tragedy Has Changed Me as a Mom

    By Lori Richmond for

    Shutterstock / The BumpIt's very hard to put into words how, as mothers, we react to tragic events - especially those involving the senseless deaths of children. Lately I've been thinking about how these tragedies, in their unfortunate frequency, have begun to shape me as a mother.

    Last October, in New York City, little Lulu and Leo Krim were the victims of a trusted nanny who brutally murdered them for no apparent reason. Their mother, Marina, was returning home, as she would on any other day, and found this gruesome scene in her apartment. I still remember the heart-pounding moment I read the news story, frantically wracking my brain to think about what I was doing at the exact moment Marina got home. My heart stopped and I felt my face flushing. I had just bid good night to my own nanny and was a enjoying cupcake surprise party with my kids - because it was my birthday. Thinking of these two dramatically opposite events happening, simultaneously, in the same city, was too

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  • The Top 5 Lies Grandparents Tell

    By Abigail Green for

    Getty / The BumpGrandma and Grandpa. Nana and Pop. Ya-Ya and Goo-Ga. Whatever you call them, grandparents can be a wonderful addition to your child's life. I was lucky enough to have two sets of them when I was growing up. One grandmother taught me how to do my nails and sew. It's not her fault neither skill quite caught on with me. One grandfather tried to teach me to sail and fish. Again, never really got the hang of either. Worms? Gross.

    Even so, I think grandparents are great. But there's no denying there can be, um, a slight communication gap between the generations sometimes.

    Here are the top five lies grandparents tell and what they really mean:

    1.What grandparents say: We'd love to come visit you and the baby.
    What they mean: Who cares about YOU? When are we going to get our hands on that BABY already?!

    25 reasons babies rock

    2. What grandparents say: Is there anything you need?
    What they mean: We want to bring the baby a present, but organic cotton burp

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