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  • 8 Fun Date Nights for New Parents

    So the spontaneous trips to the beach (to make out!) or a chic restaurant (for a long, slow meal) are over. (Don't worry -- that's temporary.) Here are some ways you can still have romance while you've got a new baby -- and they don't all require a sitter.

    By Sarah Yang for

    Thinkstock / The BumpThinkstock / The Bump

    Indoor Picnic

    This one's for all our friends who live in apartment buildings. (Of course, if you have a real yard, you can have an outdoor picnic -- just bring the baby monitor with you outside!) Even if you can't get a sitter, you can make a meal feel special by rolling out a blanket on the living room floor after baby goes to bed. Cook (or order) your favorite meal, turn on some mood music, light some candles and pour some wine. Even though you're hanging out at home instead of hitting the town, an indoor picnic can feel really special and intimate.

    Rev up your sex life after baby!

    We know, we know -- you're not ready to leave baby overnight yet. But definitely take the grandparents up

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  • Is Sex the Cure for Morning Sickness?

    It's far-fetched but here's why it might be worth a shot.

    By Sarah Yang for

    Getty Images / The BumpGetty Images / The Bump

    In news that's sure to excite your partner, a psychologist is theorizing that the cause of -- and cure for -- morning sickness is none other than your baby's father. More specifically, his semen.

    According to Slate, Gordon Gallup, a psychology professor at SUNY-Albany, argues that since half of a baby's genetic makeup belongs to its father, it's possible that a woman's body treats that DNA as a foreign substance. So the mother experiences an immune reaction that involves vomiting and nausea, the same way it would if she'd caught a virus. Luckily, Gallup feels that the cause and the cure are both one and the same: (you guessed it) semen.

    Pregnancy sex myths -- busted!

    Although the theory has yet to be tested (read: it's nowhere near proven), Gallup speculates that to prevent symptoms of nausea during the first trimester, a woman should frequently expose herself to her partner's semen in order to

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  • How to Baby-Proof Your Pet (and Pet-Proof Your Baby)

    No, you don't have to say good-bye to your dog or cat once you have a baby, but you do have to take some safety precautions. Take notes -- these steps are super-important for pet/baby harmony.

    By Lisa Milbrand for

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    Introduce them slowly
    Your pet sees your home as his turf, so don't expect him to immediately accept your baby into it. "It can take two to three months for a dog to accept a new animal into a home, so you should assume the same for an infant," says Sam Basso, a professional dog trainer and behaviorist in the Phoenix area.

    Ease the transition by introducing them slowly -- this can help head off territorial behavior. "Greetings are extremely important for a dog to distinguish welcome visitors from unwelcome intruders," says Basso. Start by bringing the dog to a neutral place, far from his territory -- like a local park -- and letting him sniff the baby's blanket, and showing the baby to him. Once your dog seems comfortable, you can move to step two, which is

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  • 25 Reasons Babies Rock

    We're obsessed with babies, and after reading these amazing reasons why, you will be too.

    By Lissa Poirot and Sarah Yang for

    Thinkstock / The BumpThinkstock / The Bump

    1. They survive with holes in their skulls

    You know those soft spots on baby's head? There are actually two "holes," one at the back of the head and the other at the top, called the fontanels. Baby's skull isn't fully united at first so he can make that trek down the birth canal. The soft spots are a little freaky in the beginning, but they close up -- the one at the back within two to six months and the one on the top by about 18 months.

    2. They can turn a cynical person into a pile of mush
    You might have a friend who's the most stoic person ever. But when he meets your baby, he's oohing, aahing and busting out his high-pitched voice with the rest of us.

    Funny ways kids say "I love you"

    3. They have incredible brains
    During the first few years of life, an infant's brain nearly triples in size. Not only is your baby's brain going through a weight

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  • The Best Father’s Day Gifts for First-Time Dads

    It's his first Father's Day and we've rounded up awesome gift ideas to make him feel like he's the best baby daddy ever.

    By Sarah Yang for

    Man Bag
    Photo Courtesy of the ManufacturerPhoto Courtesy of the Manufacturer
    Trust us, he doesn't want to carry around a floral or girly diaper bag. Give him this manly messenger bag from Diaper Dude so he can blend in with the other guys. $98,

    Top 10 things every dad should know

    Graphic Tee
    Photo Courtesy of the ManufacturerPhoto Courtesy of the Manufacturer
    This T-shirt might turn diaper changing into a proud accomplishment for your guy. $15,

    Baby Carrier
    Photo Courtesy of the ManufacturerPhoto Courtesy of the Manufacturer
    He's going to need a manly baby carrier when he's hanging out and running errands with baby. Get him the newest BabyBjorn carrier, the Miracle. It's high-tech enough to appeal to his geeky side. $128,

    "Before I had babies, I never appreciated…."

    Handheld Vacuum
    Photo Courtesy of the ManufacturerPhoto Courtesy of the Manufacturer
    Our dad blogger, JD Roberto, recommends all new dads get a cordless hand vacuum to deal with all the crazy messes. Why not splurge on this sleek Dyson? Bonus: It looks more like a power tool than a vacuum, so he'll actually

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  • Worst Conception Advice Ever

    If you're trying to get pregnant -- and you're telling people you are -- you'll probably hear a wide range of advice on how to make it happen. But don't believe it all.

    By Laura Schocker for

    Thinkstock / The BumpThinkstock / The Bump

    You're past the annoying "So, when are you two going to try for a baby?" question -- now come the tips on trying to conceive. We asked Bumpies to vent about the worst TTC advice they've ever heard -- from the depressing ("Relax!") to the weird (post-coital headstands) to the downright funny ("We're supposed to do what with a turkey baster?). Read on for some of your most outrageous answers.

    "Just get drunk and you'll get pregnant!" Right because I HAVE to be intoxicated for the sperm to know where it's going. Thanks! -- Jewlz018

    Sex ed for baby-making

    "Just relax and it will happen". When someone tells me this, I feel like it's almost a slap in the face. -- youngin12

    "Try not to take a big poo after ovulating. You'll push everything out." Obviously… -- rrcraz7

    "When you sign up to

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  • Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $50

    Here's some gifts you'll actually want for Mother's Day. Start leaving some hints now.

    By Sarah Yang for

    Initial Necklace
    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The BumpCourtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
    Maybe you said you'd never wear anything like this, but now that you're a parent, you know you want some sweet "mom jewelry." This branch with "leaves" for each of your kids' initials is pretty freaking adorable. $30 at

    Funny ways kids say "I love you"

    Stylish iPad Case
    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The BumpCourtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
    Dress up your iPad with this way-too-adorable Kate Spade case. $50 at

    Artsy Portable Speakers
    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The BumpCourtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
    Take a dance party wherever you go with this colorful iPod speaker. $24 at

    Monogrammed Coffee Cup
    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The BumpCourtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
    The only "me" time you have all day long might be over your morning cup of coffee. These mugs are pretty, girlie and have your initial -- so you can tell everyone else "hands off!" $8 each at

    The best advice your mom ever gave you

    Fragrant Candles
    Courtesy of the Manufacturer / The BumpCourtesy of the Manufacturer / The Bump
    If you want to get away but can't really hop on a plane to Capri or Acapulco right now, try a

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  • What Baby’s Playing with that Isn’t Safe

    Keys, remotes, cell phones and more. What's okay for little hands and what you should make off-limits.

    By Sarah Yang for

    Shutterstock / The BumpShutterstock / The Bump

    You know the drill: When you're out running errands with baby, you give him your keys or your cell phone to keep him from going nuts in the grocery store (we've all done it!). But is it really safe to give baby certain everyday objects? We had experts give us the inside scoop.

    Babies love the shininess and sounds of keys -- and the real deal are way more fun than those plastic keys -- but are they really okay? Jeffrey Berkowitz, MD, a pediatrician at Pediatric Specialists of Plano in Texas, says nope. "Keys are made of brass, which may contain small amounts of lead," says Berkowitz. "Additionally, keys can cause injury to the mouth if the child falls while he's sucking on them." Instead, stick to the plastic ones. They might not be as shiny, but at least he can put them in his mouth without harming himself. Or if baby likes the cold feel of the

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  • How Celebs Dress Their Bumps

    You too can look red-carpet ready while you're expecting. Get inspiration from these pregnant stars' maternity fashion.

    By Elena Donovan Mauer for

    Sienna Miller
    PR Photos / The BumpPR Photos / The Bump
    The actress accessorized her bump-hugging lace dress with a classic coat and a black bag, tights and shoes. We love how she mixed textures and colors for a look that's put-together but not matchy.

    Crazy celebrity baby names!

    January Jones
    Courtesy of Seraphine / The BumpCourtesy of Seraphine / The Bump
    Blazers are great pieces to wear in the early months of pregnancy, since you can wear them open as your belly grows. The Mad Men actress made hers less business-like by wearing it with a comfy tee, a studded handbag, zippered cropped pants by Seraphine and black ankle boots.

    Alessandra Ambrosio
    Solarpix / PR PhotosSolarpix / PR Photos
    If you're bashful about showing off your stomach or your increasing cleavage (even though you shouldn't be!), why not expose a little leg like Victoria's Secret model Alessandra. The bright print really makes this mini dress pop!

    Pregnant cover girls: Who's your favorite?

    Hilary Duff
    PR Photos / The BumpPR Photos / The Bump

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  • Mom’s Voice Makes a Preemie Healthier

    The healing effect of mom's voice benefits babies.

    By Sarah Yang for

    Veer / The Bump

    Because they spend less time in utero, preemie babies are more likely to have cardiorespiratory problems like apnea (pauses in breathing that last longer than 20 seconds) and bradycardia (slow heart rate), but a new study published in the Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston suggests that simulation of maternal sounds (a recording of mom's voice and heartbeat) while they're in the NICU can lower infants' chances of having these problems.

    Signs of labor to watch out for

    Researchers took 14 extremely premature infants (born at 26-32 weeks of gestation) and made sure that they received maternal sound stimulation four times each day while they were in the NICU. The maternal sounds were played in the baby's incubator. Researchers found that apnea and bradycardia occurred at much lower frequencies when the infants were exposed to maternal sounds, compared

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