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  • How to Deal when Everyone Else is Pregnant

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    By Sarah Yang for

    Did it suddenly seem like babies and baby bumps were popping up everywhere the moment you started thinking about getting pregnant? And all you want to see is that BFP, and still nothing. We know how it feels, so we asked a pro how to cope.

    Throw yourself a pity party…but don't overdo it

    Yes, you can feel sorry for yourself. "I do believe in throwing pity parties," says Shoshana Bennett, PhD, a clinical psychologist. You don't even have to stop at one pity party. If you need to do it each month until you're pregnant, go ahead. But here's the trick: You want to end on a positive note each time, or else it could lead to more depression. So pick a time and place and let it all out -- cry, yell, write in a journal -- however it is that you can get your feelings out. But give yourself a time limit: Party's over in 15 minutes (that kind of thing).

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    Don't compare apples to oranges

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  • By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpAccording to a new study from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, 9 out of 11 of the most popular hospital urine pregnancy tests are more likely to produce a false-negative result after the fifth to seventh week of pregnancy, even though the tests perform well in the first month after conception.

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    Led by Ann M. Gronowski, PhD, of the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, the study shows that when a woman's egg is fertilized, it begins producing the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is detected in urine or blood. However, during the fifth to seventh week of gestation, urine concentrations of an hCG variant known as the hCG beta core fragment increase rapidly, interfering with hCG detection. This is what causes false-negative test results.

    In a hospital, the failure to detect a false-negative can lead to serious consequences, like administration of

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  • Here’s the Lowdown on Prince George’s First Playdate

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    Photo: SplashNewsPlaying with the future King of England may sound posh, but hey, it's a fact that all babies drool and love to grab at the nearest toy.

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    Prince George was no exception at his first public playdate in New Zealand, where he played with 10 other babies with their parents present as part of Prince William and Kate Middleton's tour. Here's what happened:

    1. George knew what he liked when he grabbed the hand of a little girl wearing a polka-dot onesie and chose a purple tambourine to play with first, according to Us Weekly.

    2. He's also apparently a healthy-sized baby, since one of the other baby's mothers remarked on her son and George's size. "They're both big boys," she said.

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    3. Kate had George dressed to impress, wearing a cute (and $129) Rachel Riley sailboat jumper.

    4. George will probably make a commanding speaker

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  • Mom of Twins Gave Birth to Friend’s Twins After This Many Failed IVF Cycles

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    Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpChoosing a surrogate is one of the hardest choices to make in life - especially after undergoing IVF four times.

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    Sandi and Philip Palmisano's failed results were discouraging, but met Andrea and Mark Rivas in 2010 at the Shady Grove Fertility Center in Washington, DC, where they were also trying IVF.

    Andrea gave birth to twins after one failed IVF treatment, and became good friends with the Palmisanos in the process- so good, in fact, that Andrea offered to be Sandi and Philip's surrogate.

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    "We knew we would be life-long friends no matter what the outcome," Philip told the Today show.
    Andrea became pregnant with Sandi and Philip's twins two years after her own pregnancy and gave birth in February to Grayson and EmmaLee. The couples are still very close and consider one another family. Who wouldn't, especially after five failed IVF Read More »from Mom of Twins Gave Birth to Friend’s Twins After This Many Failed IVF Cycles
  • Recall Alert! Evenflo Car Seats

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    Evenflo announced a voluntary recall on more than 1.3 million child safety seats after finding that seat buckles in certain models were faulty and could become stuck in a latched position, making it difficult to remove a child from the seat in the case of an emergency.

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    Evenflo stated that this problem could be to due to exposure to various contaminants (like food and drinks), but there is no risk if the buckle is functioning normally.

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    Here's what you need to know about the recall:

    Evenflo's recall includes buckles from these children's convertible and booster seat models manufactured between 2011 and 2014:

    Momentum 65, Momentum 65 LX and Momentum 65 DLX, with model number prefix 385 and was manufactured between 3/4/2013 and 8/26/2013

    Chase, Chase LX and Chase Select, with model number prefix 306 and was manufactured between 6/12/2012

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  • Dads Tell All: What They Wish Their Partners Knew

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    We got new dads to dish on what they wish their partners knew. So, listen up, mamas!

    By Kylie McConville for

    Let's be honest: a new baby, a whole new lifestyle and a postpartum mama aren't exactly the easiest things for most new daddies to get used to. Though they usually try to be helpful, it's still a big adjustment. So, after hearing what moms wish their partners knew, we decided to pull a 180 and ask dads to share what they wish the women in their lives knew. Some of the answers may shock you.

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    #1. They miss you -- and your attention.

    "After baby was born, I did my best to help with everything my wife needed. And while I don't mind doing it, I need a hug or a 'good job' every once in a while -- some kind of appreciation for what I do!" -- Jake B.*

    "I really wanted to take a trip with my wife, just the two of us. Even if we went away for a day together or were able to get a family member to stay

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  • Snooki is Pregnant with Baby Number 2!

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Photo: OK MagazineThe Jersey Shore is going to have to prepare for a tiny new visitor soon! Snooki and her fiance, Jionni LaValle, announced today in a cute blog post that they're expecting their second child.

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    "Jionni and I are so excited to confirm that we are expecting our second child! Now knowing that our test results are good and our baby is healthy, we can finally talk about it! We planned to have a second child before our wedding, and will indeed still be getting married in the fall of 2014. We are a committed family that will raise our children to be the best they can be and give them the best life we can give them… Big things are happening this year with the wedding, moving into our dream house and having our second bambino or bambina!"

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  • Controversial Bodybuilder Mom Speaks Out About Her Postbaby Health

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    The last time we heard about weightlifting and bodybuilding mom Lea-Ann Ellison, she was sparking controversy by posting photos of herself on Facebook lifting enormous weights during Crossfit - two weeks before her due date.

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    Along with the photos, she wrote, "After the birth of my second child, I knew I needed to step it up big time. I loved being a Mom but I wanted to be a HOT Mom."

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    Now, she's spoken out about her son, Ellison, four months after his birth. Many doctors weighed in and said that her strenuous exercises could create complications during labor and require medical interventions, but Lea-Ann recently stated that she and her third son are healthy and doing great.

    While there aren't any official exercise guidelines for expectant moms, it's important to always listen to your body and go at your own pace.


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  • Regina Spektor and Jack Dishel Welcome a Baby Son!

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagicRegina Spektor is now a mama - which means she needs to start incorporating lullabies into her repertoire!

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    The Grammy-nominated singer and her husband, Jack Dishel, recently welcomed a baby son and took to Facebook on Tuesday to share the happy news.

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    "Hi everyone!
    I wanted to let you know that Jack and I have been happily hanging out with our new little son and that all is going great! Thank you for the tons of well wishes and good vibes- we wish them all right back at ya As you may have noticed, we're pretty private so we won't be posting any pictures or updates about him….but we can report that he's super CUTE!!!
    Lots of love, mama regi & papa jack (and lil dude too :))."

    "Mama Regi" announced her pregnancy in January and skipped out on the Grammys later that month too. We totally understand that Regina wants to keep pictures

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  • Play These Cute April Fools’ Day Jokes on Your Toddler Today

    By: Ivy Jacobson for

    Photo: Shutterstock/The Bump

    Since April Fools' Day is today, there's no time like the present to get your toddler's sense of humor running with a few of these cute and innocent jokes.

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    Biggest toddler challenges -- solved!

    When they start to get the idea, just wait for the old "there's an elephant in the kitchen" line a few years from now and then it'll be your turn to act shocked.

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    1. Replace your toddler's socks and underwear drawer with adult socks and underwear.

    2. If bath time can be a struggle at your house, make it fun by filling the tub with blocks, dolls or soft sports balls instead of water.

    3. For some reason, there's nothing more fun than being told to put your pajamas on backwards (even as an adult).

    4. Put a few drops of food coloring in your toddler's milk and act like drinking green milk is no big deal.

    5. Breakfast for dinner is a delicious surprise - and

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