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  • The Most Annoying Things My Partner Said During My Pregnancy

    Shutterstock / The BumpBy Paula Miranda for

    Before I share what my partner would say that would literally make me scream while I was pregnant, I will say that I wouldn't trade the experience I had with him ever. This was his first child. Like any other first-time father, he was excited. He couldn't help it if I had absolutely no patience. He did get a couple passes since he was new to the idea of being an expectant dad - but then the day came when I had enough of his comments. I didn't want to hear what "his" suggestions were anymore. Enough already! I had been pregnant before. I knew what being pregnant was like.

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    During my first trimester, I was having a rough time with nausea. One night in particular I wasn't sleeping very well; I kept getting up and running to the bathroom, returning to the bed moments later without resolve. He woke up and asked me if I had ever thought of staying in the bathroom until my nausea ended. Really? I

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  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Spend Almost a Grand on Baby’s Stroller

    Photos: Courtesy of the Manufacturer / ShutterstockBy Kylie McConville for

    In news that will surely not knock your socks off: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be owners of the most expensive stroller ever created! Just kidding, there is probably some gold-encrusted stroller strolling the earth right now. But anyway…

    Just last week Kim and Ye headed to New York to clear the air on Yeezus' most recent Twitter feud with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kanye had landed himself in a bit of hot water by ranting against the comedian, so the appearance on the show was, more or less, to set the record straight and let the world know that despite his creative-crazy, Kanye's still has [un]likeable as ever. Phew.

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    Ever the gentleman though, Kanye wasn't the only one who stole the show. In fact, he was willing to share the stage with his beautiful baby girl, North West. The trio stepped out for dinner after the taping and it was little Nori's stroller system that got us -

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  • 7 Ways Having a Baby Makes You Sexier

    Thinkstock / The BumpSure you're handling dirty diapers by the pail-load and have breast milk stains on your shirt. But, whether or not you believe it, you're actually hotter than ever.

    By Valerie Tejeda for

    You've realized you're powerful

    "Feeling sexy is about power," says J. Maria Bermúdez, PhD, a family therapist and associate professor of marriage and family therapy and human development at The University of Georgia. And don't you feel strong having just gone through the birth process? Heck, you created a whole (pretty amazing) human. If you can do that, you can do almost anything, mama -- making you feel pretty smokin' -- and look it, too.

    You're in charge

    Not only did you create this person, but you're responsible for pretty much everything that happens with him. You're making big decisions by the handful, and lots of new moms find they're more outspoken than ever before, on their baby's behalf. That newfound confidence can transfer over to the bedroom.

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  • Kristin Cavallari on Having a Baby Before Marriage

    Photo: Jonathan Clay Harris / The BumpThe mom, reality star and fashion designer dishes on what worried her most about having a baby, what life is like at the Cavallari-Cutler home during football season and why she doesn't regret having baby Camden before her wedding.

    By Elena Donovan Mauer for

    The Bump: What was your biggest fear before becoming a mom?

    Kristin Cavallari: At first, I had set myself up for the first six weeks just to be brutal. Everyone I talked to said you walk around like a zombie and you get no sleep and it's just really difficult. I had set the bar pretty high for it to be really bad and I was actually pleasantly surprised. It was definitely hard but I expected just to be a zombie and I wasn't, so I think I just had that new mommy high and so it just felt great.

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    TB: Wow, that's awesome! What's your best advice for getting through those early weeks?

    KC: Get all the help that you can. Luckily we had a lot of family around and so my

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  • Why the Smell of Newborns Makes You Want to Have One

    istockphoto / the bumpBy Kylie McConville for

    The latest study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that the smell of a newborn baby triggers a surge of dopamine for new moms, which is similar to the reward response that comes with satisfying a craving for food. But smelling a baby doesn't make you want a snack - it makes you want one of your own.

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    Study author Johannes Frasnelli, a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the University of Montreal found that smells are part of a network of chemical communication signals between mom and baby that can be very intense. She said, "What we have shown for the first time is that the odor of newborns, which is part of these signals, activates the neurological reward circuit in mothers. These circuits may especially be activated when you eat while being very hungry, but also in a craving addict receiving his drug. It is in fact the sating of desire."

    For the study,

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  • C-Tucks: Genius Idea or Scary Trend?

    Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpYou're already going under the knife to get a c-section, so, while you're at it, why not get a tummy tuck to flatten things out, too? Hm… not so fast.

    By Elena Donovan Mauer for

    "A friend of mine told me I could have a tummy tuck at the same time as my c-section, if this is my last pregnancy," says MacieLu8* on The Bump community boards. "I asked my doctor about it and he said, 'Sure, I just did one of those last week.' I'm so excited!"

    There's plenty of appeal to the idea of having a nip/tuck right in the same breath as a c-section. There's just one dose of anesthesia, one operating room, and one recovery period for both surgeries. Plus, after nine months of watching the numbers on the scale go up and up, most women are eager to get their pre-baby body back. But is it really a good idea?

    What's a c-tuck anyhow?

    Getting a c-tuck means having two surgeries in the same timeframe. Baby is born by c-section; the OB and team whisk baby away, and then a plastic surgeon comes

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  • In-Flight Nannies: Would You Use One?

    Photo: Shutterstock / The BumpBy Kylie McConville for

    Your airline experience is about to get a sky-high makeover. Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, is now offering "Flying Nannies" to passengers on-board.

    The nannies are specifically trained to entertain children on long-haul flights. Aubrey Tiedt, Etihad Airways' Vice President of Guest Services, said, "The Flying Nanny will liaise with parents and use their experience and knowledge to make the travel experience easier. This includes helping serve children's meals early in the flight and offering activities and challenges to help entertain and occupy younger guests.'

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    According to the company's website, Etihad Airways has trained more than 300 cabin crew members for the role as Flying Nanny. This month, they'll train 60 more, adding more on the roaster each month so that by the end of 2013, a total of 500 Flying Nannies will be working across Etihad Airways

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  • Could Your Guy's Um… Testicle Size Make Him a Better Dad?

    Photo: Veer / The BumpBy Kylie McConville for

    A study published in the journal PNAS found that smaller testicle size in men appears to be liked to greater involvement in child-rearing.

    Study researchers from Georgia found and recruited male participants all with children under the age of 2 years old via fliers and Facebook advertisements. They then measured each man's testosterone levels and testes volume. They also performed brain scans while they were shown pictures of their own children's faces and those of strangers. Researchers also included mothers by surveying them on the father's level of parental involvement. Researchers, in the study notes, say that the intention of the study was to determine whether biological factors accounted for absentee fathers.

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    They wrote, "In modern Western societies, some fathers choose not to invest in their children. Why do some men make this choice? Life History Theory offers an explanation for variation in

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  • 4 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

    Photo: Veer / The BumpBy Abigail Green for

    Is there anything more stressful than those final few weeks leading up to your baby's birth? Yes! Constantly fielding all those "did you have the baby yet?" queries!

    When I was at the end of my pregnancies, it got to the point where I stopped answering the phone and email because I couldn't take it anymore. Not even the calls from my mother, mother-in-law, and friends who were "just calling to see how you're doing." (Translation: Did you have that baby yet?!) I was tempted to joke, "Oh, yeah, thanks for the reminder. We actually DID have the baby a couple weeks ago. I can't believe I forgot to tell you!"

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    If you're having a scheduled C-section, that's one thing. But for the rest of us, the baby will come when the baby darn well wants to come, OK?

    With that in mind, here are four things NOT to say to an expectant mom:

    1. Do not ask for her input on your travel plans. I actually had people say to me, "So

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  • Moms-to-Be Are Selling Their Positive Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist

    Thinkstock / The BumpBy Kylie McConville for

    Would you ever sell your positive pregnancy test on Craigslist? The latest (and weirdest?) trend to hit the internet has moms-to-be auctioning off their positive pregnancy tests online for about $25.

    While the reasons for doing so are still a little blurry, some ads suggest that potential buyers use the positive tests to get their longtime boyfriends to propose, while others encourage their buyers to use the tests to prank their parents. Horrifyingly enough, one test even says that the positive test for sale could be used to "ask for abortion money" and then use the cash to "go on vacation."

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    A woman in Florida put her positive up for sale with the following ad: "I will provide you with 1(one) positive pregnancy test with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Taken same day. It isn't my business what you choose to use it for!"

    In Toeldo, OH, a woman writes: "I will no [sic] take any responsibility for

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