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  • Memorial Day Getaways for Lovers

    Photo: Karan Kapoor/Getty ImagesBy Deana Meccariello

    Kick off a new summer with your beau the right way by getting away! Memorial Day is a time for fun, sun and relaxing with that special someone. Here is a list of places you and your loved one can take off to celebrate the arrival of summer as well as your feelings for each other:

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    1. Montauk
    : Long Island, New York is home to Montauk, which not only offers a romantic and picturesque setting for couples to enjoy, but an array of fun filled activities for you to enjoy over the course of your weekend. Intimate outdoor restaurants and bars and beautiful beaches where you can take in a breathtaking sunsets are just some of the activities you and your partner can enjoy.

    2. The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel: One of the benefits of vacationing in Florida is that it offers beautiful beach getaways. While visiting this romantic wonderland, you and your lover must be sure to visit what the state

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  • Do Fairytale Relationships Only Exist in Hollywood?

    Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Photo: Touchstone PicturesBy Keryl Pesce for Cupid'

    When Richard Gere came galloping back on his white horse (AKA stretch-white limo) to rescue Julia Roberts (AKA Cinderella), a not-so-small piece of the dreamer in us melted as we sighed and secretly wished real life were just like that. I mean, fairytale relationships only exist in childhood stories and movies, right?

    If you want to get closer in touch with what relationships are really like, tune in to The Real Housewives of NJ, NY, Atlanta or wherever. That's more like it. Relationshipsare hard work, next to impossible to maintain and filled with drama, jealousy and cruelty. Umm, how about not!

    I'm going to let you in on two very big secrets:

    Secret #1. What you believe equals what you receive.

    Secret #2. Fairytale relationships DO exist in real life.

    There. I said it. I know it's not what you're used to hearing. That's precisely the problem.

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  • The Real Reason He Didn’t Call You Back

    Photo: Absodels/Getty ImagesBy David Wygant for Cupid'

    So you went out on a great date, or what you assumed was a great date. You did everything right. You were flirting. You wore the right outfit. The shirt was low-cut, but not too low-cut. The jeans fit nicely on you. You smelled great. You smiled. You told him you had a good time. You made yourself available, open and honest. When you got home, you called one of your friends. You told her what a great time you had and that you were eager to see him again.

    The very next day, you expected the phone call. You thought to yourself, "I know he's going to call. He had a good time. He looked at me at the end. Everything seemed perfect."

    But … the day passed, and the phone never rang. You checked your e-mail that night thinking he might have emailed you-he didn't. The following day, you called your friends about it, reviewed the entire date, everything you said, trying to figure out what his reactions were, and maybe-just maybe-what you said or

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  • Stars Who Go Public with Love and Affection

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Photo: Getty ImagesBy Samantha Mucha for Cupid'

    Finding the right person is a thrilling experience, but keeping your hands off of one another in public is often a challenge. A new relationship is filled with flirty kisses, not-so-secretive butt grabs and romantic handholding.

    In some cases, a little PDA is cute and picture worthy. Finding the balance between over-the-top scandalous make-out sessions and a cute peck on the cheek is the key to being a favorite couple versus a hated couple. These celebrity couples are all successful at acting like a couple in the spotlight without going overboard with their PDA:

    1. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: Every time a photo of this duo surfaces, they are usually smiling, holding hands or sharing a kiss. Since Gomez and Bieber are young and have a young fan base, acting appropriately in public is important for them not only in the relationship world, but for their careers as well. Nothing Bieber and Gomez do would be banned PG rated

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  • How a Spicy Kitchen Can Start a Fire in Your Love Life

    Photo: Getty Images
    By Daniela Agurcia for

    Some of the greatest pleasures in life come from food and love. Eating can affect people a lot more than just satisfying their taste buds. What most people don't know is that food can enhance your love lives, as long as you choose the right recipes. You can find aphrodisiacs in certain foods that will trigger the senses and ultimately end up enhancing the chemistry with your partner. Cooking for your date is inherently romantic, but consider taking it to the next level by spicing up your ingredients and enhancing both of your moods. A spicy kitchen can help you keep the spark alive in your love life in the following ways:

    1. Boosts your confidence: Foods like chili peppers can increase serotonin and endorphins in your brain, which enhance your mood and also make you more relaxed. This release assists in making you more passionate and helps you feel good about yourself. This great mood stimulates good attitude and boosts your

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  • 10 Avengers-Sparked Questions to Bring You Closer

    Photo: Andrew Rich/Getty Images
    By Amy Osmond Cook for

    "If you could have one superpower, what would it be?" I asked my husband, Jeff, on Friday. We were on our way to see The Avengers with our twelve-year-old son, Jake. "I would have mind-reading power," Jeff said. "I'd be Superman," said Jake. "Then I could have them all." "I said just one superpower," I quibbled. "But I'd stop time."

    Then, for the next ten minutes, my 12-year-old and I argued about whether you could count Superman's powers as only one power and whether being able to stop time would make you invincible. But I digress.

    When I was dating, I wished I had those mind-reading powers Jeff was talking about. What was really going on behind the polite, glassy-eyed smile across the restaurant table? Is he bored? Is he preoccupied with work? Is he on drugs? were all questions I found myself asking.

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    We may not be able to read minds, but Maria Coder has brought us

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  • Where Did Macho Go?

    Photo: Karan Kapoor/Getty Images
    By John Powers for

    Modern love is complicated. Expectations are higher than ever and men are being forced to evolve or risk becoming obsolete. This man believes that there are positives to masculinity that are often overlooked. Here are some tips to help you let your man be a man:

    Smell His Pheromones

    He is a man, and sometimes smells like one. You should cherish his manly characteristics. His testosterone brings balance to your relationship. Do not force him to shave his chest. If he wants to grow a beard, let him. Admire his manliness, and encourage him to enjoy sports and spend time with other men.

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    Let Him Dress Himself

    As long as he wears khakis to your cocktail party, you should allow him to veto the argyle cardigan. He is not Mr. Rogers. If he wears a sports coat, don't bust his balls about the jeans. They are not as tight as the jeans on a hipster in the West Village, but

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  • Best Celebrity Moms (Who Also Make Great Wives)

    David and Victoria Beckham and kids. Photo: XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM
    By Che Blackwood for

    Making a relationship work is hard. Throw in full-time jobs, opposing schedules and nosey families, and it can be darn near impossible to find the time you need to make it work. Now, add children to the mix, and some might begin to assume you're attempting to commit partnership suicide. Any woman that has the privilege of being called Mom, or even those who've tried their hand at babysitting, knows that after making macaroni necklaces and finishing science projects, there isn't much time left at the end of the day to dedicate to yourself, let alone your partner. Fortunately, it is possible to fulfill your parental duties and keep your mate happy without completely sacrificing your sanity, shower time or friendships. While it may sound like an urban legend, these celebrity moms have found a way to make juggling kids, love and inner happiness look somewhat easy:

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  • Pros & Cons: Bonding with Your Man’s Friends

    Photo: Sean MurphyBy Whitney Baker for Cupid'

    When you embark on a new relationship, you end up with more than just a great guy in your life. Soon enough, you will meet his friends, his family and his co-workers, and your social circle is immediately changed - for better or for worse. Some of these new friendships may come easy for you, while others may be a struggle. Either way, try your best to be open-minded: don't make assumptions about his friends or their feelings towards you and always be yourself. Remember that there are pros and cons to bonding with his buddies. Here are a few things to consider before introducing yourself:


    1. Finding common ground with your man: It's important to understand who your boyfriend was before he was your man. One of the best ways to do so is by bonding with his friends. Friendships often have a huge impact on people, and by growing closer to his friends, you're often able to deepen the love that you share for him. Plus, seeing you

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  • Get the Latest Fashion Style from “Hunger Games” Star Jennifer Lawrence

    By Ann Csincsak for Cupid'

    One of the hottest stars on the planet right now is Jennifer Lawrence, star of the hit movie The Hunger Games. Not only is this gal a sensational actress she is also becoming a style icon with her laid back, chic fashion. Right now she is wearing some of the hottest trends for spring and summer. Make sure for your next date out that you copy her easy style with some of these great looks.

    Keep it simple with neutrals and flared jeans for spring. Remember dark polish can take your date look from day to night.

    I love this look because of the classic touches she brings in while still sporting some great trends. High waisted pants, classic Ray Ban's, and the boyfriend blazer! All of these items will fit your budget and keep you right on trend for spring. To dress up this date look throw on a great pair of nude colored heels and your ready for a night out with your favorite someone.

    Make sure to check back next week for more great

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