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  • Is Dating Your Ex Off Limits?

    Photo: Paul Katz/Getty Images

    By Erika Mionis for Cupid'

    After a tough breakup, many people gorge themselves in the nearest pint of ice cream and attempt to forget their sorrows. Shortly thereafter, it's common for them to experience a rush of self-confidence; they're determined to enjoy being single. However, the rush and the ice cream therapy can't last forever.

    It's easy to assume going back to your ex is okay if you have a change of heart. And in some cases, it's acceptable to retry a failed relationship. However, it's important to fully analyze your breakup, your ex and your plans for the future before rekindling the flame. Here are a few things to consider:

    The cause:

    Even the most pointless breakups happen for a reason. Before restarting your relationship with your ex, make sure to figure out why the two of you split up in the first place. If your breakup was caused by a petty argument, feel free to reconsider the relationship. If the parting of ways was the result of a

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  • Power Couples: Celebrity Duos that Command Our Attention

    Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Photo: Getty Images

    By Whitney Baker for Cupid'

    Some celebrity couples have the "it" factor that just draws us in and makes us interested in everything happening in their lives. Other duos have to work a bit harder for our attention, but either way, we cannot help but take notice. They make headlines because of their enviable romances, high-profile careers and cute kids; and we anxiously await their next moves.

    Below are five power couples that, for better or worse, never fail to command our attention:

    1. Prince William and Princess Catherine: The royal wedding lived up to every expectation, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have continued to capture our attention - and our hearts - ever since. It seems that these lovebirds garner media coverage for every move they make, even when they do something as mundane as grocery shopping.

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    2. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Whether Carey is flaunting her

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  • Jesse and Ann Csincsak

    By Daniela Agurcia and Steven Zangrillo for Cupid'

    When Former 'Bachelorette' winner Jesse Csincsak treads deep into the Colorado woods, he should bring a few lotto tickets with him. On Friday, February 17, the Breckenridge local was snowmobiling 15 miles in the middle of the backcountry in Vail when he came across a lost mother and her son. Mother, Hilary Skye, and son, Dillon, had been stranded before Jesse came to the rescue. This isn't the first (or second) serendipitous encounter to sneak up on the professional snowboarder as he's navigated the trails of the Rocky Mountains. Last year Thomas Pazerunas had also lost his way 15 miles behind the Vail Resort with no cell service until Csincsak helped him.

    As if playing backwoods Superman wasn't enough, Csincsak also notably brought his wife, 'Bachelor' Season 13 contestant Ann Csincsak, out into the same backcountry chill for their first date.

    Meeting a new flame's friends is hard enough in the first

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  • Ten Most Beautiful Celebrity Couples

    David and Victoria Beckham. Photo: Getty Images

    By Jessica Smith for Cupid'

    Beauty comes from the inside and out, and the radiance of love can be the most profound beauty people can exude. There are plenty of beautiful stars in Hollywood and when two gorgeous celebrities are matched together, they turn heads and leave us awe-struck. Here are ten of the most beautiful famous couples that Hollywood has to offer:

    1. Prince William and Kate Middleton: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have earned the number one spot on our list. They've been married less than a year, but ever since Kate Middleton elegantly walked down the aisle, she has taken the world by storm with her class and beauty - and let's not forget her great fashion instinct.

    2. Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen: Fame, fortune, and beauty - this couple has it all. They've been married for almost two years and they're definitely turning heads. The New England Patriots quarterback and his supermodel wife have an 18-month old son and are making big

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  • What Does Astrology Tell Us About ‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik and His Quest for Love?

    Ben Flajnik
    By Lori May for

    Benjamin Flajnik, also known as "Bachelor Ben," is the latest contestant on The Bachelor to go looking for love. With the season drawing closer to the final episode and live special, more and more fans of the series are perplexed by who Benjamin Flajnik is-and what is he really looking for in a Lady Love?

    What does Astrology tell us about Benjamin Flajnik and his quest for love?

    Benjamin Flajnik is a Virgo (Sun Sign placement), based on the public information of his birth date being September 10 th , 1982, in California. As an avid fan of The Bachelor, I have tuned in since the beginning of Ben's season only to be repeatedly amused by just how much of a "typical Virgo" Ben seems to be. Below are a few highlights of the traits, interest, and behaviors of Bachelor Ben's that led me to apply the "typical Virgo" stamp of approval.

    Virgo Man traits Ben exhibits:

    Need for Flexibility: Ben has repeatedly commented, both to

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  • Top 10 Academy Award Nominations If the Oscars Were Based on Love

    Midnight in Paris

    By Matthew Dougherty for Cupid'

    What if the Oscars were solely based on love? For all of us hopeless romantics out there who drool over prince charmings like Ryan Gosling in the Notebook, this would be our kind of Oscars. We all love living vicariously through these glamourous celebrities and adore when they get swooped off their feet and fall madly in love both in real life and in romantic movies. After all, it gives us hope and encourages a little fantasy in our own lives! If only the Academy Awards were based on love, then our top 10 Oscar nominations would be:

    1. Best Romantic Movie: Midnight in Paris

    Woody Allen has an uncanny ability to reach staggeringly romantic depth within his films, which is surprising coming from someone with those glasses. His latest,Midnight in Paris reminds us of his mastery over film by depicting the struggle of staying true to your own desires while trying to combine your life with another's, something every married

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  • From Bad Dates to Fireworks: How Different Dates Lead You to Your Knight

    Photo: Rayes/Getty Images
    By Lindsley Lowell for

    Just because Valentine's Day is over doesn't mean single women can breathe a sigh of relief. Talk of spring romance is just around the corner, and many single women are still not feeling the love. For them, Valentine's Day was more like Valencrime's Day. It's hard for women, especially those over 35, to believe that there's true love out there for them. When friends and family tell you that you're too picky, thereby implying that you should settle, remember to close your ears. Instead, listen to what your heart is telling you. The fact is, your close ones don't have to live with the guy … you do.

    Love is an easy concept in theory, but when you have been on many a horrific dateand feel like the only men you are meeting are dingalings, the thought of a knight in shining armor in your future remains looking like a fairy tale. Most of the guys out there are far from Princely and are not nearly so charming.

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  • Five Hollywood Relationships that Spiraled Out of Control

    Katy Perry and Russell Brand. Photo:
    By Katanya Royster for

    Relationships can be hard work, and they require a lot of effort to be put in from both ends. When you both commit, it makes it all worthwhile- in most cases. While many relationships start off on a high note and continue on the path of blissfulness, others plummet to a place of irreconcilable differences, physical altercations and repeated infidelity. They end up heading straight to Splittsville. In fact, all you have to do is ask the following couples:

    1. Chris Brown and Rihanna: Typically, the phrase "first love" invokes visions of butterflies, sunsets and all things untainted. But, in 2009, we saw an ugly side of first love. Singer, Chris Brown, was accused of assaulting his popstar girlfriend, Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty. At the time of the assault, Brown was 19 and Rihanna was 20. After pictures of Rihanna's badly beaten face surfaced, fans immediately took sides. Some were ready to dismiss Brown's actions as a forgivable misstep,

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  • Top 10 Whitney Houston Songs Inspired by Love

    The beautiful 48 year-old, Whitney Houston was found unresponsive in her Beverly Hills Hotel bathtub on Saturday, February 11. The six-time Grammy-winning legend's tragic death took our country by surprise, and only one-day before the 54th Grammy Awards. A tribute was paid to her last night by Jennifer Hudson. All around the world, people are mourning and celebrating the life of Whitney and her songs that will forever be remembered as some of the greatest of all time. She lived her life with an open heart and sang about love and passion. She wrote about love, all kinds of love more than any other artist we have come to know.

    Here are Whitney Houston's top ten songs inspired by Love:

    1. I Will Always Love you: Houston's "signature song" and number one on the singles charts in almost all countries.

    2. Greatest Love of All: Houston based this song on family to represent the love and appreciation she has for those who has supported her throughout her singing career. The

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  • Using Numerology: Does Your Relationship Add Up?

    Photo: Getty Images

    By Donetta Huffman for Cupid's Pulse

    Finding out if you and your sweetheart are meant to be is sometimes a gut feeling, judged by your relationship's strengths and flaws. However, many couples (more often women) seek clarity by visiting psychics and astrologers. Whether for fun or to validate some serious decision-making about the fate of a relationship, these 'supernatural' predicting methods are a trend for young women looking for advice. If you're a numbers gal, numerology may be the thing that you crave.

    Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers to determine a couples life path, destiny, soul and overall compatibility. It can lead you to some interesting romance facts. You may have heard about numerology, but thought it was a complicated mathematical process that was difficult to master. Don't worry; it's not like those hard to memorize, crazy x-y equations that made your palms sweat and gave your stomach butterflies while taking high school algebra

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