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  • Celebrity Couples Who Shy Away from the Spotlight

    Freddie Prinze, Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Photo: Getty Images

    By Whitney Baker

    Some celebrity couples flaunt their relationship for the entire world to see, posing for the paparazzi as if they're at a photo shoot (hello, Kardashian sisters!). Other couples, regardless of whether they've just begun dating or have been married for years, choose to hide from the spotlight and stay mum about the details of their love. Below are five Tinseltown two-somes who are keeping their lips sealed when it comes to romance:

    1. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Although this cute duo has refused to officially confirm they're a couple, they did come close to doing so on Oprah in 2010. The two jokingly referred to Kristen Stewart's "baby" when asked if they were dating. Also, an Oprah insider insists that Pattinson and Stewart revealed their relationship to the queen of talk shows before the taping. More recently, Stewart casually mentioned her "English boyfriend" in an interview for British GQ. Even so, don't expect too much PDA from this

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  • Celebrate Being Single This Year

    Photo: Getty Images
    By Steven Zangrillo

    If questions about your singledom are still echoing in your head from your last family visit and you feel down about your relationship status, this is the year to make a change. That doesn't mean going out and finding the first online suitor you fancy or tying the knot in Vegas with someone you just met. Instead, make a resolution to yourself and celebrate the positive aspects of flying solo.

    Can't think of anything but the negative? Well, soak it up, because despite what others tell you, there are many reasons to celebrate. If you need some help with your list, here is a jump start so you can start smiling about being stag:

    1. Singles are the Majority: What makes being unhitched exciting this year is that singles now account for a majority of households in the United States. Yes, it's true. According to a recent Census Bureau report, married people have dropped below half of households, to 48% and only a fifth makeup a traditional family

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  • Can Cheaters Ever Change?

    Photo: Anton Ovcharenko/GettyBy Sarah Foulkes,

    It can be a devastating blow to a committed relationship. One partner strays and the other is left picking up the pieces- and left with difficult decisions. If your significant other cheats on you- can he or she change? When is there hope to salvage the relationship… and when is it hopeless?

    The latest example: after ten years of marriage and sticking by her husband through his self-admitted infidelity in 2003, Vanessa Bryant has filed for divorce from NBA star Kobe Bryant citing' irreconcilable differences'. Reports say Vanessa believes the basketball star was up to his old tricks again.

    It's obviously a difficult time for the Bryants, who put out a joint statement through their publicist:

    "The Bryants have resolved all issues incident to their divorce privately with the assistance of counsel and a Judgment dissolving their marital status will be entered in 2012. We ask that in the interest of our young children and in light of the

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  • How to Handle Your Crazy In-Laws Over the Holidays

    Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell. Photo:

    By Evan Fischer

    While Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries may no longer have to worry about dealing with the in-laws, there are plenty of newlyweds out there facing the first real test of their matrimonial commitment this holiday season: meeting their new family members. For Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn, who recently renewed their vows, this will be old hat. But celebrity couples like Wills and Kate and Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert will find themselves in the same boat as every other newly joined couple in the world; facing the uncertainty of several days trapped with their in-laws. The good news is that there's no need for stress. By following just a few simple guidelines, newlyweds everywhere can have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday, even if the in-laws are a little bit crazy. Here's how:

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    1. Offer to help: The best way to get in good with the in-laws is to offer assistance here and there. Your mother-in-law may not

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  • Ringing in the New Year Celebrity Style

    Photo: E Dygas/Getty Images

    By Steven Zangrillo

    With 2012 approaching fast, it's time to plan the festivities!

    Whether you're hosting a party with a group of friends or having a romantic dinnerfor two in New York City, it's important to plan ahead on this special evening. To get you started, we've outlined ten celebrity style activities that will ensure you have a 2012 celebration for the ages:

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    1. Hit the Club

    You can catch celebrities making New Year's Eve appearances at the most exclusive hot spots from New York to Miami and out on the West Coast too. If you want to hang at the same location as your favorite star, make sure you have your ticket in advance and you're dressed to impress.

    2. Take a Vacation

    Maybe you can't afford to schedule a jaunt to St. Barts or Lake Como, as Diddy andGeorge Clooney have been known to do, respectively. However, there are many exotic and affordable locations around the world that you can

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  • What Your Gifts Say About Your Relationship

    Photo: Vivid Images/Getty Images

    By Amy Osmond Cook

    When it comes to gifts, I am an expert-at receiving them. I love gifts of any kind … from other people. (No, I'm not going to buy myself a $285,000 pink Bentley like Paris Hilton did last year.) The problem is, when it comes to giving gifts, I am a nervous wreck.

    Gift giving represents two things: (1) that you care about a person enough to give a gift, and (2) that you know a person well enough to give something that he or she will like. Mess one of those up, and it does some damage to your relationship.

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    Take, for example, the gift I gave to my husband five years ago. We were newly married, and I wanted to get him something personal and meaningful. He loves golf, and he's a funny guy-so I thought the trick remote control golf ball (that you can move when your opponent is about to swing) was going to be a hit. I waited in anticipation as he opened the box and saw a momentary look of confusion before he

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  • How to Determine the Expiration Date of Your Relationship

    Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Photo: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo; Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

    By Allison Pescosolido, M.A. and Andra Brosh, Ph.D.

    When you think the milk in your fridge has gone bad, you look on the side of the carton for the expiration date. If the date of expiration has passed, you simply toss it in the garbage, and buy a new one.

    Relationships can also have expiration dates, but unfortunately there is no stamp on your partner's forehead that tells you it's time to move on. As a result, many people stay too long in a sour relationship, which can be toxic and damaging for everyone involved.

    Sometimes the last breath of a dying relationship happens early on, like with Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. In other situations it comes much later, like with Al and Tipper Gore. Deciding to stay in a relationship or get out is complicated. While there are no hard and fast rules about when it's time to leave, here are a few tips to help you finalize your decision:

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    1. Have a bottom line: Be very clear about

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  • Romance Resolutions for 2012

    Photo: Brand New Images/Getty Images

    By Steven Zangrillo

    With the New Year right around the corner, many of you may be starting to stress about those ten pounds you stacked on courtesy of Grandma Anna's sugar cookies; or how you'll manage to get those last minute gifts shipped to your beloved in-laws and cousins you don't know very well. Instead, take a deep breath.

    Now is a great time to step back, look around and re-evaluate your relationships. Whether you're a wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or in the throes of a fleeting fling, there's never been a better time to understand your tendencies (good or bad) as a lover and a partner.

    Right under our noses lie some of the most common and simple adjustments we can make that will help get you started on the path of relationship improvement. Take to heart some of these "romantic resolutions" that you may want to put into practice as 2012 approaches:

    1. "I will not expect the world of my partner."

    To be clear, you should expect your partner to

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  • Last Minute Holiday Shopping Guide for Your Partner


    By Thomas Doane

    With the holidays just around the corner, some people are starting to panic as they worry about what to buy for everyone. Of particular concern for many is what to buy for their significant others. Whether you are newly attached or longtime lovers, everyone wants to find a gift under the tree.

    Believe it or not, even celebrities have these worries. After all, behind the fame and glamour, they are flesh and blood humans. Just like us, they have similar worries and doubts. In that spirit, here's a guide to holiday shopping for your significant others, whether you're famous or not:

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    If you've just started dating, think small.

    Not only will your new love not expect a large gift, but it may freak them out a little, which is definitely not what you want or need at this time of year. Try to find something small and meaningful for under $50. This could be something simple like an item of

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  • 5 Celebrity Couples Who Celebrate Hanukkah


    By Melissa Tierney

    It's almost time to light the Menorah and get ready for gifts from Hanukkah Harry, and celebrities are no exception. These famous couples are embracing their roots by participating in Jewish traditions together. Here are five of our favorite celebrity couples who will be spinning their dreidels this Hanukkah:

    1. Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor: Night at the Museum actor Ben Stiller enjoys embracing the Hanukkah tradition every year with his wife Christine Taylor and their two children, daughter Ella Olivia and son Quinlin Dempsey. They're all ready to light the candles on the Menorah in hopes for another healthy and successful year.

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    2. Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied: This dynamic duo has been keeping busy this past year. Between winning numerous awards and welcoming baby boy Aleph into the world, Natalie Portman and her fiance Benjamin Millepied are everywhere these

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