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  • Engagement Rings of the Rich and Famous


    By Nan Gibbons

    If we're being honest with ourselves, we know that a 2 million dollar engagement ring probably isn't in our future. Although you may not be able to afford a multi-million dollar rock, you can still channel inspiration from celebrities to choose a quality, stylish ring for your upcoming engagement. Your personal taste and style mixed with the splendor of celebrity rings will result in the perfect look for you. Here are some styles to consider:

    Classic Elegance

    You can never go wrong with classic engagement rings. The timeless beauty of a studded band like Carrie Underwood's or a simple set of diamonds will always do the trick. Underwood's ring combines the style of a wedding ring with the sparkle of an engagement ring and makes for a pretty amazing result! Standard rings with diamonds in the center of a plain band never fail to draw "oohs and aahs" from family and friends.

    Vintage Charm

    If you're drawn to the idea of a vintage ring, there are

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  • 10 Love Lessons from Bruce Springsteen



    When it comes to the ups and downs of love, The Boss has shared some valuable lessons with us over the years. Here are some of the most important points in a romantic education, Springsteen style:

    1. Love Makes it Impossible to Sleep - In the oft-covered "I'm On Fire," Bruce rumbles the line "at night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet/ and a freight-train running through the middle of my head/ but you/ you cool my desire." Anyone who's ever felt the pangs of a complicated love affair can immediately identify with this exhausting sentiment.

    2. You Can Be Your Own Worst Enemy- We've all done our share of damage to ourlove lives, but the gravelly voice of the Boss can make us feel the pain of those regrets when he pours his heart into the apologetic "Back In Your Arms." His plea for forgiveness is wrenching with lines like "All the love I've thrown away and lost/ I'm longin' for again/ Now darlin' I just wanna be back in your arms."


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  • The Most Romantic Hotels for Couples –and Celebrities!


    By Isabel Eva Bohrer

    Finding a secret hideaway as a famous couple is difficult. Paparazzi follow you everywhere, and you need some good fences and security to really make that vacation a relaxing one. Despite these difficulties, there are some places that make it possible. Read on for information on the most romantic hotels and which famous couples have stayed the night there. To make your very own reservation, check

    1. GoldenEye Hotel & Resort (St. Mary, Jamaica)

    Once owned by James Bond creator Ian Fleming, this hotel is a purely romantic experience with a celebrity twist. It is not an ordinary hotel, but instead a compound of luxurious private villas. Each of them offers its own private world, set amid spectacular tropical gardens and embellished with extraordinary comforts, amenities and service. Fleming's three-bedroom villa is particularly popular as it still contains the writer's Jamaican red bullet wood desk. This also

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  • Why Men Look at Other Women

    By Marcelina Hardy

    How many people look at Demi Moore and think, "Wow, she is so hot!" … and yet Ashton Kutcher couldn't stop turning his head, body and well, everything else towards other women.

    So what is it? Why do men look at other women when they have the lady of their dreams standing right beside them? Don't worry ladies. It's much less heart wrenching than you think, but yes, they still need to quit it.

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    Creating Perfection When There Is None

    No one is perfect, not even Demi Moore. Guys have this wish fulfillment that they can create the perfect woman by piecing them together. What they do is look at the huge boobs on one girl and then places it on the tight butt of another. Then they take the perfect, long, tight legs of another girl and join it with the flat tummy of another. In their minds, pieced together, is the perfect woman. They daydream about this with all of their pieces put together.

    Something is

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  • How to Define Your Aura to Find Lasting Love

    By Pamala Oslie

    Ever wonder why you feel drawn to some people and not others? There's a reason why certain people are compatible, and that reason is that their energies, or auras, mesh well together. An aura is an energy field that radiates from you and broadcasts who you are at all times. People can feel your essence, just like you can sense theirs. In fact, different aura colors reveal different personality types, and certain color personalities are more compatible than others.

    Take this simple quiz to find out what your aura colors say about you and your most compatible partner:

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    Aura Colors Quiz

    Yes No Color #1

    ___ ___ I like to laugh, play, and cheer people up.
    ___ ___ I tend to look younger than my age.
    ___ ___ I like to be creative, artistic, athletic or a healer.

    ___ ___ Total

    Yes No Color #2

    ___ ___ I am analytical and logical, not an emotional person.
    ___ ___ I

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  • Simple Ways to Please Your Man


    By John Powers

    Contrary to popular belief, men are simple creatures. It doesn't take much to make us happy. All you have to do is find out what your man likes and then take an interest. That's honestly all it takes. Spend quality time together doing things you both appreciate and your relationship will flourish. Here are some ways to make that happen:

    Enjoy each other's company.

    Laugh, smile, and be silly and lighthearted. It may sound impossible, but it's necessary to eliminate stress. Do this by sharing inside jokes and special moments. A good relationship will bring out the best in both of you, and you should look forward to being together. Most guys are low-maintenance, and we want our downtime to be carefree.

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    Make together time count.

    Each of us has a different schedule, and it's important to make the most of time together doing things you both enjoy like playing tennis, going wine tasting

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  • How to Communicate with Your Ex Over the Holidays

    By Amy Osmond Cook, Ph.D.

    Reese Witherspoon is my favorite actress. Not only is she a beautiful woman and a classy mom, but she also starred in Legally Blonde, a girl-power movie that I watched every day (I kid you not!) for the first three months after my divorce. I cried when Warner dumped Elle and cried again when Elle emerged triumphant at Harvard. I kept thinking, "If Elle Woods can do it, so can I." So this year, I am cheering for Reese. She has moved on from what she called a "humiliating" and "isolating" divorce (Elle Magazine, April 2009) and has found happiness with Jim Toth and a peaceable relationship with her ex, Ryan Phillippe.

    While it sounds like Reese has got it all together, she may have a little bit of anxiety as she and Jim manage their special occasions together for the first time. As a divorced and remarried mother of five children, I know what it's like to try to manage innumerable family get-togethers over the holidays. There are too many

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  • Don’t Let Holiday Food Dictate How You Eat

    By Aimee Wilcox

    The holidays are for celebrating those meaningful traditions with the person who matters most to you. But, often times those celebrations are synonymous with food. So, how can you keep all the delicious treats and calorie-rich meals from adding up on the scale? Here are a few tips:

    1. Be there and be square: Bring the healthy food.

    If it's a potluck, holiday party or a family get together, ensure your access to healthy foods by volunteering to bring a healthy dish. It doesn't have to be fruits or vegetables (although those are great options); think outside the box with things like hummus, roasted vegetables or low fat cheese. But don't just bring it; the point is to fill up on the healthy food first. Or, eat a small meal (like soup) before you go so that you don't throw all self control out the window on an empty stomach. Keep your indulgences after that to a minimum (picking 2-3 other foods to sample is a good goal). Don't forget that drinks have

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  • How to Run an Ad Campaign to Get More Dates

    By Robert Manni

    In my novel, The Guys' Guy's Guide to Love, our main character, Max Hallyday, writes a column for a women's magazine doling out regular guy-style sagely adviceto the ladies. He advises them about how men think and how to get them eating out of your hand. He takes a tough love approach, but he is honest and well intended. As a result…well, you'll have to pick up a copy of the book to find out what happens.

    Let's follow Max Hallyday's lead and find out how to successfully advertise yourself in order to find lasting love. Whether you're selling love or mayonnaise, the same rules apply. Here are five steps:

    1. Know your target market.

    Men and women spend a lot of time trying to figure each other out, but they may not take the time to explore what is going on within the culture of the opposite sex. For example, do you think guys know that today's women have different needs? In the past, relationships had major financial implications. Guys paid.

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  • How to Avoid the Reality Show Relationship Curse

    By Brea Gunn

    One more Hollywood divorce has entered the official records. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' fairy tale marriage lasted less than three months. Say what you will, but I think that this whole mess could have been avoided if they made their relationship more private. When you live your life so publicly, I'm sure that it's difficult to separate reality … from reality TV. Even so, it seems that many stars have been swept away with the ratings, only to realize that they aren't as perfectly matched as they originally thought.

    Why don't we start at the beginning of the end? Here are seven former celebrity duos whose relationships may or may not have dissolved as a result of being featured on reality TV:

    1. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey: We all fell in love with Jessica Simpsonand Nick Lachey on their series, Newlyweds. She was so sweet and innocent, and he was her protector. Unfortunately, they split shortly after their show wrapped in 2005.


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