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  • Communicate This: Signs that Kim and Kris Were Doomed

    Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian. Photo: Us WeeklyKris Humphries and Kim Kardashian. Photo: Us Weekly
    By Roshini Rajkumar

    Most people were taking bets on the marriage before Kim Kardashian walked down the aisle to Kris Humphries. But even Kim's most critical pundits raised eyebrows when word got out divorce papers were filed so quickly after the extravagant wedding.


    You can find meaning in every visual, verbal, nonverbal, and physical cue. So I was not shocked to hear Kim and Kris would not live happily ever after. Let's start with Kris's last name, Humphries. For those who watch Kim's reality show, you know she waffled about whether she'd take Kris's name or not. We witnessed fights she had with her mother who urged, if not demanded, her to keep her name as Kim defended her soon-to-be marriage and man. We even saw Kris acknowledging the name was Kim's tie to her late father. In the eleventh hour, Kim kept her own-much to what looked like the surprise of Kris-as the couple signed their marriage license.


    Body language can say a lot

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  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side of the Caribbean

    Photo: Don Romero/Getty ImagesPhoto: Don Romero/Getty ImagesBy Max Milano

    It's that time of year again when the winter blues start to kick in and people begin to daydream of a tropical holiday vacation. Many of us push aside the idea of a Caribbean getaway because we feel that it's either too expensive or not a place for folks who are single. Well, if you think the Caribbean is for couples only or people with money, it's time to think again.

    Following are some undiscovered destinations where singles and groups of friends can take a walk on the wild side full of rum, salsa, reggae and the real Pirates of the Caribbean. The best news is that these locations are all a fraction of the price.

    Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Ricans take partying seriously, and Old San Juan is stunningly beautiful. Surrounded by a fortified wall, it is one of the best preserved Spanish Colonial towns in the Caribbean. Narrow cobblestoned streets open into airy plazas where colonial mansions have been transformed into Nuevo Latino restaurants

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  • Cougar Dating Love Lessons Even Demi Moore Can Use

    By Lucia

    It looks like there's trouble in Cougar Paradise for Demi Moore these days. Her husband of six years, Ashton Kutcher, has recently been accused of infidelity. Though many people assume a split is inevitable, Demi was recently spotted on the red carpet still wearing her wedding ring.

    A "cub" that strays can be devastating for Cougars (or for any woman for that matter). While dating a younger man can lead to an extremely fulfilling relationship, there are sticky areas that partners of the same age may not face. This relationship comes with its own set of guidelines, and the good news is that the challenges are usually due to the older women's own self-sabotage and not the younger man's motives. Yes, that's a positive thing since most of this can be avoided with a little insight and guidance.

    Below are a few love lessons that any Cougar (including Demi) can learn from in order to have a healthy relationship, no matter what the age difference:

    Don't Be a

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  • First Date Outfit Ideas: Outdoor Festival

    By Maggie Voelker

    Girl's outfit

    Wayfarer Sunglasses | Faux Fur Vest | Jeans | Sweater | Bag | Riding Boots

    Mother Nature can be unpredictable in the fall so dress in layers. Whether you're going apple picking or beer tasting, stand-out from the crowd in a pair of colored, skinny jeans or cords and boots. Pair that with a long-sleeved tee or sweater (depending on the weather) and a fabulous faux fur vest. Add a cross-body satchel and don't forget your wayfarers for a day outdoors!


    Pull Over | Boots | Cord Pant | Wayfarer Sunglasses | Button Down

    Men, stay comfy and warm in casual corduroy pants, a casual button-down shirt and half-zip sweater. Keep your feet toasty in a pair of chukkas or casual boots, and protect your eyes from the fall sunshine with a pair of retro wayfarers. And gentlemen, take advantage of the cold: If your date is looking a little chilly, put your arm around her and warm her up for a bit, they'll appreciate the gesture.

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  • Six Celebrity Couples We Never Imagined Together

    Seal and Heidi Klum. Photo: UPI Photo/Phil McCartenSeal and Heidi Klum. Photo: UPI Photo/Phil McCarten
    By Whitney Baker

    There are plenty of pairings that just make sense: peanut butter and jelly; flip-flops and the beach; bright red lipstick and that little black dress, to name a few. That's not to say that unexpected matches don't make their mark: bacon and chocolate (seriously); navy and black; cowboy boots in the summertime.

    This idea holds true for relationships, too. Sometimes, a couple just seems right, and other times, it takes a bit more convincing to understand why they're a good fit. If nothing else, the celebrity couples below prove that love can pop up in the most unexpected places and that opposites do attract. As for bacon and chocolate, the jury is still out.

    1. Katy Perry and Russell Brand: As a preacher's kid, Perry (born Katy Hudson) grew up listening to gospel music and singing in her church choir. It's safe to say that Brand's path to stardom was quite different, as many of his experiences with drugs and promiscuity influence his stand-up

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  • Five Reasons Why Opposites Attract

    Photo: Sam Edwards/Getty ImagesPhoto: Sam Edwards/Getty ImagesBy Jessica DeRubbo

    Why are nice girls attracted to bad boys? Because opposites attract - duh! For decades, we've been throwing around this cliché without really investigating why it may be true. I mean, at one time or another, haven't we all been drawn to those who are so different from us that we'd be hard pressed to actually find a similarity?

    For instance, your idea of having fun is to hit the bar scene and meet new people, while he wants to sit at home and watch sports. You're super bashful at a dinner party, and he's the life of the party. You were always a straight "A" student with no "naughty" record, while he struggled to pass in school and spent the majority of his time in the principal's office. Despite those glaring differences, the thing is, sometimes being in a relationship with an opposite personality works.

    So, let's find out why those who have very little in common find each otherirresistible. Here are five solid reasons:

    1. It's all in the

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  • First Date Outfit Ideas: Dinner and Drinks

    By Maggie Voelker


    Shoulder Bag |Mary Jane Heels |LBD | Blazer | Cat Eye Sunglasses

    Ooo la la dinner and drinks, huh? Time to play dress-up. While you get to flaunt your chic style on this date, don't forget it's the first time you will be hanging out together so you don't want to reveal too much. Try a fitted black dress and cute cropped jacket with understated heels. Throw on a pair of sunglasses, grab a clutch or cute bag and you're ready to go!


    Belt | Dress Shirt | Khaki Pants | Jacket | Dress Shoes

    Guys, put your best-dressed foot forward for this sophisticated outing. Opt for a pair of dress pants, dress shirt and sport coat - no tie. A sweater could be substituted for the jacket if that's more your style. Don't forget the belt and above all, nice shoes - remember, girls love shoes. It's embedded in our DNA, we can't help it. Feed into our obsession and big bonus points will come your way!

    Headed to the office holiday party? These ensembles are

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  • 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for that Special Someone

    Photo: Sam Edwards/Getty ImagesPhoto: Sam Edwards/Getty Images
    By Linda Guma

    With the start of the holiday season comes the inevitability of shopping for the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones. And the holidays and romance most certainly go hand-in-hand. If you're looking for gift ideas that don't involve the usual frumpy grandma-style sweater for your partner this year, you've come to the right place. That said, keep in mind that the more consideration you put into your present, the more meaningful it'll be. Here are ten ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

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    1. Personalized compilation: Make a personalized CD or mp3 playlist for your partner by putting together his or her favorite tracks. Don't forget to include anyromantic tunes that remind you of special moments you experienced together, such as your first slow dance. And, of course, mix it up with some holiday numbers, to celebrate with the joyous spirit.

    2. Customized calendar: Nothing says "I

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  • Budget-Friendly Tips for Holiday Weddings

    Photo: Sue Flood/Getty ImagesPhoto: Sue Flood/Getty Images
    By Cara Davis

    The countdown to the holidays has begun. With it comes the only time of year that's simultaneously joyous and stressful. For some, this season will bring with it the event of a lifetime: a wedding. Those planning holiday winter weddings have several opportunities to save money and lessen the stress burden for themselves and their guests.

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    1. Deck the Halls.

    Most event locations will have already decked the halls for the holidays, allowing you to piggyback their efforts for a low-cost wedding. Go with Christmas hues of gold, red and green - or go for a silvery winter blitz. Strings of white Christmas lights will transform any room into a holiday paradise.

    2. Silver Bells.

    Create budget large-scale ornaments as decorations using Styrofoam balls spray-painted and covered in glitter. Or create groupings of bare branches spray-painted white and covered in silver glitter. Paper ornaments, like

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  • 5 Celebrity Couples Who Got Engaged During the Holidays

    Photo: Chris Ryan/Getty ImagesPhoto: Chris Ryan/Getty Images
    By Amanda Martin

    It's almost that time of the year for holiday lights, family time, presents and, of course, mistletoe. Bridal magazines publish holiday specials, romance is thriving and a diamond ring makes for a great present, so it's no shocker that 'tis the season to tie the knot. Don't be surprised this holiday season when your Facebook feed is flooded with news of engagements. And just like us regular folk, celebrities are quick to say "I do" during the holidays. Check out these five celebrity couples who got engaged during past holiday seasons:

    1. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian: This couple got together in 2009 while shooting the Lifetime movie Northern Lights. During that time, LeAnn Rimes was married to dancer Dean Sheremet and Cibrian was married to model Brandi Glanville, with whom he has two sons. After their extramarital affair was made public, Rimes and Cibrian became exclusive. "You had two couples whose marriages didn't work who really stumbled upon

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