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  • Should You Channel Your Inner Sadie Hawkins?

    Photo: AE Pictures Inc./Getty

    By Tanni Deb for Cupid's Pulse

    In the 1934 classic comic strip "Li'l Abner," Al Capp wrote about a lady named Sadie Hawkins who was frantic about the length of time she was waiting for suitors to approach her. When Sadie turned 35 years old, her father also became quite concerned and took it upon himself to find his daughter a mate.

    So, he announced a "Sadie Hawkins Day" and summoned every eligible bachelor in town to a foot race. The foot race began with the men running as soon as they heard the first gunshot. A second gunshot was the signal for Sadie to run and the first man she caught would become her husband. By 1952, Sadie Hawkins Day was celebrated at 40,000 venues in the form of a dance where women asked men out.

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  • How to Campaign for a Better Relationship

    Photo: Abel Mitja Varela/Getty

    By Tanni Deb for Cupid's Pulse

    With Election Day around the corner, this is the best time to campaign for a better relationship. Whether that means leaning to the left with a liberal approach or moving toward the right with a more conservative one, you deserve the best you can get. Use the following guidelines and you just may win a vote from that special someone:

    To find the perfect partner:

    1. Figure out what you want in a partner: Knowing exactly what you want in a partner will help you narrow down your choices just as you would with a candidate in an election. Otherwise, you'll settle for anyone.

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  • Celebrity Couples Who Could Use An Extra Hour of Sleep

    Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Photo: PopCrunch.comMariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Photo:
    By Melissa Tierney for Cupid's Pulse

    Whether we like to believe it or not, celebrities are just like us. They have hectic work schedules, grueling chores, and, of course, families to take care of. These five celebrity couples have been keeping busy with their growing families, their newest endeavors, and their constant presence in the spotlight. Yes, maybe they have nannies, assistants and personal trainers, but these celebs could definitely use an extra hour of sleep like the rest of us!

    1. Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon: Between building their corporate empires by launching a clothing and accessories line, going on comedy tours, and recording hit songs with major celebs like Nicki Minah, the pop diva and radio talk show host have been keeping busy. It's now even tougher for the two to have a romantic night to themselves: they have newborn twins, son Moroccan Scott Cannon and daughter Monroe Cannon, which they welcomed into the world on their anniversary!

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  • 5 Date Ideas To Maximize Daylight Savings

    Photo: Chase Jarvis; Getty ImagesPhoto: Chase Jarvis; Getty Images
    By Linda Guma for Cupid's Pulse

    After a long, hot summer of late night festivities, followed by fall work hours that extend past six, we could all use an extra hour of sleep so our bodies can catch up. Well, soon enough it will be here. On November 6th, we'll turn back the clocks again to mark the end of Daylight Savings Time. While most of us are probably happy about gaining that extra of sleep, why not maximize those sixty minutes by spending that extra hour with your partner. Here are five ways to capitalize on a little romance:

    1. Rise and shine: Of course, not all of us are nocturnal. If you and your partner are early risers, there's no need to bother resetting your biological clocks. Take advantage of that additional time by going for a morning jog together before you start your respective daily routines. To save some energy, you've got to use some energy. Other ways to be creative with dates early in the day include morning swims, sweet mimosas at a nearby cafeor

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  • Best Celebrity-Couple Costumes for Halloween

    Princess Kate and Prince William. Photo: Sean Gallup/GettyPrincess Kate and Prince William. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty

    By Whitney Baker for Cupid's Pulse

    There are so many fun factors about Halloween. First, there are the pumpkins: pumpkin carving, pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie - and an annual viewing of the TV show, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Next, you can't forget candy, like Brach's candy corn, which are only available seasonally in the autumn, making them a particularly delicious and coveted treat. Then, there's all that scary stuff: haunted houses, witches, goblins and ghouls - boo! And finally, perhaps the best part is the costumes - for one day out of the year, you get to be anyone you want to be, celebrities included.

    For anyone looking for a little romance on a holiday that's typically filled with fright, you're in luck! Here's a list of celebrity couples whose looks can be transformed into costumes. One of them may be the perfect fit for you and your partner.

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  • Best Celebrity-Inspired Halloween Candy Choices

    Photo: Getty ImagesPhoto: Getty Images

    By Jessica DeRubbo for Cupid's Pulse

    Each year, October 31st brings with it a chance to carve the face of KISS frontman Gene Simmons in your pumpkin, dress up as a sexy version of Jasmine from Aladdin, dance to the "Monster Mash" at a masquerade with your honey and, most importantly, stuff your face with as much sugary goodness as you can possibly muster. Even though you'll most likely be clutching your aching stomach the next morning, Halloween and candy are inseparable, because you simply can't have one without the other.

    Hollywood isn't innocent either when it comes to indulging in candy on All Hallows' Eve. Celebrities may stay in shape thanks to strict diets, but everyone has been known to splurge once in a while. In fact, places like Dylan's Candy in New York City honor those celebrity sugar binges by dedicating a whole wall of treats to all of their favorites. Here are five candies that have been officially endorsed (at least verbally) by some of your favorite Tinseltown hotshots:

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  • How to Turn your Man into a Gentleman

    Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesPhoto: Hulton Archive/Getty Images
    By Deana Meccariello for Cupid's Pulse

    Ok ladies, we've all been there. Your man isn't stepping up to the gentlemanly plate. What do you do now? Nip it in the bud. If you don't deal with these issues from the get-go, you will end up resenting your beau and the relationship will ultimately fail.

    First things first, you must be vocal about your feelings. As with any relationship issue, communication is key. Tell him that his actions make you feel unappreciated and disrespected. Lay out what he does that you find rude and tell him how to fix it. If he has to choose between your relationship or holding open a door for you, hopefully he will change accordingly. Make him think about his actions before he lets the door hit you on the way out.

    If your words go in one ear and out the other, you may need to try a more subtle approach. For example:

    If you want your boyfriend to pick you up at the door, rather than honking the horn for you like some sort of taxicab service,

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  • Going from ‘It’s Complicated’ to Monogamy: 5 Tips Every Woman Should Know

    Photo: Getty ImagesPhoto: Getty Images
    By Melissa Caballero for Cupid's Pulse

    The status of our relationships in this modern day dating world have become much more complex than they used to be. Many couples go through multiple stages until they're officially declared an item. From 'single' to 'it's complicated' to 'in a relationship,' the situation can get blurry. Although the beginning of a relationship can be exciting, it doesn't always end that way. Some people date for several months without a label, and then the painstaking question "Are we exclusive?' is asked and the relationship abruptly ends with no warning. It may not make sense, or seem even fair that one question can stir so much confusion or controversy. So, many women have learned to keep mum and stay in the 'it's complicated' stage instead of turning their status back to single. But, instead of going backwards how do we proceed forwards to the comfort zone of monogamy? We spoke to psychologist, professor, relationship expert and author, Dr. Karin

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  • User Post: 5 Reasons Why Men Text Instead of Call

    Photo: Caroline von Tuempling/Getty ImagesPhoto: Caroline von Tuempling/Getty Images

    By Melissa Tierney for Cupid's Pulse

    "Wanna go out tonight? " may be a simple text that most men feel is harmless, but it's something that drives women nuts. What happened to the days of in-person conversations, or perhaps picking up the phone and calling, so you can get to know people, hear their voices, and truly sense how they are feeling? It seems that texting is no longer a trend and has become the social norm, and it is getting on the nerves of women everywhere! Which leaves us wondering, "Why do men text instead of call?" So Cupid did some digging, and we have come up with 5 reasons:

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  • 5 of the Sweetest Movie Moments

    Mandy Moore and Shane West. Photo: Kent Eanes/Warner Bros.Mandy Moore and Shane West. Photo: Kent Eanes/Warner Bros.

    By Tanni Deb for Cupid's Pulse

    Whether we admit it or not, we all enjoy a good love story - the ones that make our hearts beat, our pulses race, and the tears flow. We love getting caught up in the magical moments and gushing over romantic scenes. You probably have your own top Sweetest Movie Moments, but join us as we count down some of ours:

    5. A Walk to Remember: If you're a hopeless romantic, this movie and its leading characters, Landon Carter (Shane West) and Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), will leave you sobbing at the end. After a dangerous dare goes badly wrong, rebellious Landon is made to do community service, where he seeks help from bookish and religious Jamie - the girl he eventually learns to love. When he discovers the secret she's been carrying for two years, he plans a date at night to star gaze. He asks her to search for a specific star, and when she questions him about it, he says he had it named after her. The scene is sealed with a kiss.

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