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  • 10 Best Couple Movies For a Rainy Day

    Spiderman and Mary Jane's famous kissing scene. Photo: Columbia PicturesSpiderman and Mary Jane's famous kissing scene. Photo: Columbia PicturesBy Andrew Pryor for Cupid's Pulse

    It's that time of year when snow changes to rain and budding connections can turn into blooming romances. But if April showers are putting a damper on your potential outdoor plans, simply dust off the DVD player, pop some popcorn and curl up on the couch with that special someone. Here are 10 suggestions of all movie types to get you started:

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  • David Arquette and Courteney Cox: Did Over-Complaining Kill Their Marriage?

    By Guy Winch, Ph.D., author of The Squeaky Wheel for Cupid's Pulse

    While it's natural to moan and complain to our spouses and expect support and understanding from them, too much complaining can change the very nature of our relationship and damage it beyond repair. When David Arquette and Courteney Cox announced they were splitting up last October, Arquette mentioned that Cox was sick of "mothering" him. For a celebrity couple, the two have been relatively close-lipped about the details of their separation. However, it's fair to assume that if Cox was doing too much mothering, Arquette was doing too much complaining.

    When one member of a couple becomes an over-complainer, it creates significant stress on the relationship and the entire household. Unproductive complaining such as venting, whining and moaning, creates an atmosphere of negativity and dissatisfaction that pervades the home. Over-complaining of the unproductive kind can also make it difficult for other members

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  • Cupid Exclusive: Jaimie Hilfiger on Old Hollywood Romance

    By Vicky Sullivan of Aspiring Socialite for Cupid's Pulse

    Supermodel Jaimie Hilfiger, niece of famed fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, has been seen around town wearing the latest in fashion - which includes old Hollywood styles. During L.A. Fashion Week, she wore a light pink cocktail dress complete with old world-inspired lace and Edwardian beadwork designed by Sue Wong to the designer's My Fair Lady Champagne Brunch/Fashion Show at The Ceders, the former historic Hollywood home of silent-screen icon Norma Talmadge, which was purchased by Wong in 2004. Hilfiger's most recent project is being the face of boyfriend Igal Dehan's jewelry line, Cuffs of Love, worn by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, the Hilton sisters, and Stevie Wonder.

    Hilfiger took time to speak exclusively with Cupid's Pulse about love, dating and celebrity style. For hopeless romantics intent on experiencing the romance and chivalry of old Hollywood, this young model reveals how to glam up your love

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  • After The Breakup: Should You Stay in Contact With Your Ex?

    By Natalie from Baggage Reclaim for Cupid's Pulse

    One of the trickiest aspects of modern dating and relationships is the etiquette minefield that is keeping in touch with your ex.

    There are two important things to consider:

    Are you over them?: Have you worked through the loss of the relationship, grieved your feelings good, bad, and indifferent, accepted that it's over and reached a point of not being emotionally invested?

    What is your purpose for staying in contact?: If it's friendship pure and simple, working together or sharing kids necessitates contact, these reasons are understandable. Anything else is a hidden agenda.

    Unless you were 'over' him by the time you broke up, you need space before contact.

    Many people believe that the mark of a good person is one that can remain friends with an ex…even one that didn't treat them well in the relationship. As a result, often the 'dumper' pushes for contact because gaining agreement makes them feel less guilty.

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  • Can She Ever Forget Her First Love?

    By Chandler Jones for Cupid's Pulse

    You've just met the perfect woman: she's beautiful, sexy, and best of all deeply in love with you! There's just one problem: you are not her first love. Can she love you more than she loved her first flame? Was he better than you in bed? Does she think of him while making love with you?

    A common belief is that one's first love is also the most powerful. In fact, a lot of people say that you never forget your first love. What does this mean?

    I've talked with various women about the subject, all of them married to men who are not their first loves. To my surprise, they all essentially told me the same thing. They said that the first love is mostly passion and the second love is much deeper.

    When a woman is in love for the first time, she thinks he's the only one for her and that she has no choice in the matter. Without him, she 's lost. When she loves for the second time, however, she knows that there are a lot of other men available

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  • Dating Tips for Renee Zellwegger and Other Singles Over 40

    By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, for Cupid's Pulse

    The pain of dating and breaking up isn't just reserved for the young. Singles dating in mid-life and beyond face the same heartbreak, confusion and anxieties as those in their 20′s and 30′s. These challenges are compounded by the insecurities that frequently come with age, especially for women: Am I still desirable? … Am I still attractive? … Will I ever find another partner?

    Celebrity couples are no exception. After 24 years of marriage, Tony Danza, age 59, filed for divorce from his 52-year old wife, Tracy Robinson. Jennifer Aniston, who has been in the headlines with several unsuccessful relationships over the past decade, is now telling reporters that she's happily single.

    Recently, celebrity couple Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper, considered one of Hollywood's top power couples, broke up after dating for two years. When asked during an interview about the nature of their relationship, Cooper mentioned that marriage

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  • 10 Ways to Meet Someone on St. Patrick’s Day

    By Krissy Dolor

    You don't have to be Irish to be lucky in love on St. Patrick's Day. We all want to find a special little leprechaun to call our own - and he doesn't always have to be the one knee-deep in green beer or hiding at the end of a rainbow. If you're celebrating the holiday this week, here are 10 tips for meeting someone new during 2011′s Blarney blowout:

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  • By Cupid's Pulse

    Cupid Exclusive!

    With The Bachelor final rose ceremony less than a week away, single women are placing their bets on who they think ABC's two-time Bachelor, Brad Womack, will give that final rose to on March 14.

    It's down to this season's two fan favorites: soft-spoken southern mother Emily Maynard and sassy, slaphappy divorcee Chantal O'Brien. Based on Womack's infamous dumping of both DeAnna Papas and Jenni Croft in season 11, many fans wonder if he'll leave his final two picks heartbroken as well.

    While everyone has an opinion, nobody can be sure what will happen. Even Bachelor reality TV spoiler sites like Reality Steve have reported different endings before next week's season finale. That's why Cupid's Pulse took this question to the experts: six rose-loving revelers from past seasons - David Good, Natalie Getz, Tenley Molzahn, Kiptyn Locke, Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth Kitt.

    After all, who better to ask than former Bachelor and

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  • Marriage Is a Loaded Word

    By Kenneth Weene , PhD. for Cupid's Pulse

    We got engaged on April Fool's day. That was a propitious start. At least she couldn't claim that I didn't have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Prior to that, I'd only agreed to getting engaged-to-get-engaged one evening at the restaurant called Big Chicken Fry (honest).

    Before you get the wrong idea, I loved her, I was committed to her. In my head we were going to grow old together. My concern was the word - marriage.

    I've always been about words; not just what they mean, but what they imply. Throughout my career as a therapist, my concern about the word "marriage" has been borne out. The word creates expectations. It changes and codifies roles. It imposes mental burdens where before there were none.

    To come to terms with these burdens, some couples live together before marriage. They think it will give them a good sense of what their lives will be like after they tie the knot. If they're satisfied, they then marry. Then, Read More »from Marriage Is a Loaded Word
  • Finding Love After a Break-Up: Should You Jump In?

    By Kelly Seal for Cupid's Pulse

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift. Photo: INF; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagicJake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift. Photo: INF; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagicWhen someone leaves us broken-hearted, our natural reaction is to find love again as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, healing a broken heart takes time and patience. It's necessary to spend some time alone so you can build your own strength and move on to a happier, healthier relationship in the future.

    Like us, many celebrities move from one relationship to the next, hoping that this will ease their pain and help make the transition easier. Eva Longoria started dating Penelope Cruz's brother Eduardo shortly after her split with Tony Parker. Jake Gyllenhaal quickly started dating after breaking up with Reese Witherspoon, leaving a trail of girlfriends behind including Taylor Swift, Carey Mulligan and Jennifer Aniston. While romance creates a sense of happiness and excitement for a brief time, eventually old pain can start to resurface.

    If you've recently endured a break-up, try giving yourself some time off and do the following before rushing Read More »from Finding Love After a Break-Up: Should You Jump In?


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