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  • The Law of Attraction Between Celebrity Couples

    By Yolanda Shoshana, Luscious Lifestyle Diva for Cupid's Pulse

    Jesse James and Kat Von D. Photo: Splash News Online; Michael Williams/StartraksJesse James and Kat Von D. Photo: Splash News Online; Michael Williams/StartraksBiker boy and ex-husband to America's sweetheart, Jesse James recently declared that 2010 was the best year of his life. That declaration definitely made some people raise an eyebrow or two. Since when does a messy divorce and the possibility of losing your child constitute the time of one's life? But according to James, it all led to him finding love with Kat Von D. When he announced his engagement to Von D, people said they are perfect for each other, which was not necessarily a compliment in their case. That said, there's no doubt that the law of attraction was working its magic when the two of them met.

    Simply speaking, the law of attraction is when "like" attracts "like." Take a look at Jesse James and Sandra Bullock's different places in life. Clearly, they had perspectives and ideals that simply didn't match, whereas James and Von D are on the same page.

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  • Sexting: Good, Bad or the New Lipstick on Your Collar?

    By Emily Macintosh of My Life On Match for Cupid's Pulse

    If you've read my blog, you know that I popped my sexting cherry this year. I found sexting to be flirty, scandalous and fun, but I also found it to be a bit dangerous. If I took a picture of myself and sent it, would he show it to his friends? Could it end up on the Internet? What if I go missing on a hike and that's the last picture they have of me to show on the 6 o' clock news? In this new age of technology, is sexting just another step in the dating world or is it the new way to cheat (and think you're not going to get caught)?

    Several celebrities have jumped on the sexting and technology train this year, too. Couples like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore and Lamar Odom and Khole Kardashian have been publicly showing their love for each other over Twitter. But, sexting is different. It's meant for the two people who are involved and not the rest of the world. Unfortunately, because cell phone records are not as private

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  • Can a Friends With Benefits Relationship Really Work?

    By Lora Shor MSW and Judy Belmont MS for Cupid's Pulse

    In a day where the Internet has replaced dating, and texts are sent far more often than flowers, it's no surprise that men and women alike have begun to re-evaluate what they need out of a relationship. In the recently released movie No Strings Attached, Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman weave their way through a "Friends With Benefits" (FWB) relationship, all the while attempting to stay uncommitted and unattached. Without giving anything away about the movie, we can all see what might happen here, because many of us have been there, done that … and fallen deep into the hole. And so, the eternal question remains unanswered: can two people (FWB) be with each other sexually without getting either attached or hurt? In "The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life" or love, even if you're in the hole, try to move through it with grace while keeping your friendship intact. Practice the following tips to either avoid digging a deeper hole or to

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  • Dating a Playmate

    By Bridget Marquardt, former star of The Girls Next Door for Cupid's Pulse

    Originally published on

    As a television personality and former "Girl Next Door," men often think they know me personally. But just because I'm accessible, that doesn't mean I'm obtainable!

    The truth is, while having men pay attention to you when you're out at dinner or at a club is flattering, the constant flood of cheap lines and cheaper cologne can quickly ruin an evening.

    So what's a guy to do when he wants to land the girl of his dreams? Drop the posturing and player image, listen to what the woman has to say, and take…it…slow. In order to get things rolling in the right direction, I've come up with several apps currently available at that are certain to take your dating skills to a new level:

    50 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew (Free for the iPhone) - Are you struggling with your relationship? Let's face it, you can never know everything about a girl! But don't

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  • This Is That Love

    By Celeste Friedman, author of Single 101: 101 Reasons to Celebrate Being Single for Cupid's Pulse

    As a singer-songwriter, I can be guided by my muse at anytime of the day or night. Several years ago, it whispered into my ear while I was on my way to join my friends for services at their church. It was a two-hour drive on a brilliant, sunny Sunday morning in northwest Ohio. Passing the cornfields, farms and grazing horses, I was simply enjoying the beauty of the day. I thought of how sweet it was that my friends had invited me to share that wonderful summer day, and began to think about their amazing love story. Suddenly, it hit me. They had won the lottery in love and happiness. Before I reached my destination, I had written the lyrics to the chorus and finished the song after returning home.

    Tammy and Scott have that love that we all dream of or read about in fairy tales. Whenever you see them together, they have contentment in their smiles and joy in their eyes. On April

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  • 10 Tips To Keeping Your Valentine

    By Brenda Novak, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author for Cupid's Pulse

    With Valentine's Day approaching, it's easy to start pondering your love life. The "what if's" begin to run rampant, and the future is undoubtedly a big focus. If you can't imagine your life without your current partner, you need to start thinking about how you plan to keep him or her. Brenda Novak, bestselling author of more than 30 Harlequin romance novels, has some tips on how to do just that, which she's garnished from her own experience and research:

    1. Avoid negative thought patterns: Allowing yourself to mentally or verbally tear down your significant other is like gnawing at the bond that holds you together.

    2. Remember that this person means more to you than anyone else: This includes your parents and your kids. People who live their entire lives for their children are often disappointed to find that they have no relationship left once the kids head out on their own.

    3. Be more flexible

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  • ‘The Bachelor’ Recap Episode 7: Sand, Skin and Broken Rules

    By Krissy Dolor for Cupid's Pulse

    On this week's "most dramatic episode of ABC's The Bachelor yet", Brad Womack and the remaining six bachelorettes head to the beaches of Anguilla. As this is the week before hometown dates, when Brad gets to explore/invade four women's home lives, he must make the ultimate decision - who does he see himself being with at the end of the day?

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  • Love the One You’re With

    By Sherry Richert Belul, founder of Simply Celebrate

    Whether you're madly in love, still looking for love, or are in a snit with the one you love, these 14 tips below are surefire ways to jump start more luvin' feelings in your life, just in time for Valentine's Day. Just choose one of these suggestions and try it out - on your spouse, your beau, yourself, or a friend. Or for those who crave a larger dose of feelin' good, try one a day for the next 14 days!

    - Make a Love List full of silly, sweet, funny, poignant reasons why you love someone. When you're mad or disappointed, read this list! When you're happy and in love, add to this list. If you're sad or lonely, make a Love List for yourself, a relative, or a friend.

    - Share the things on your Love List with the person for whom you wrote 'em. Mail 'em in a card. Send one text message every hour. Write them on notes and hide them in their shoes or coat pockets. Make a poster. Leave voice messages on their phone.

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  • Find Your Five-Star Celebrity Relationship

    By Dr. Dorree Lynn, Intimacy Expert

    Wouldn't you like somebody to love? It seems most of Hollywood thinks they do. So many celebrities jump in and out of relationships that we need a scorecard to keep track. Just when we they've got it right, Cupid's pulse hits a flat line. If celebrities can't keep their relationships together, we wonder: can we? Take beloved Sandra Bullock, left standing at the altar of her professional accomplishments, Oscar in hand, gushingly thanking her beloved Jesse James - only to find he has been screwing around behind her back. Naturally, she instantly dumps him. We also keep hoping that Jennifer Aniston will find her special love. Her ex, Brad Pitt, appears to have a great thing going with Angelina Jolie - at least for now. Then, there's David Arquette, who was dumped by Courteney Cox. One celebrity couple who appears to have it all is Sarah and Matthew Broderick (if we disregard the pre-marital tabloid fodder). And at least we've got Jeff Bridges, Helen Mirren, Meryl Streep, Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon as beacons of hope.

    How do we avoid the heartbreak of loss and pain to go after long-term love?

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  • How to Have an Irresistible Online Dating Profile

    By Julie Spira, online dating expert and the bestselling author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating

    February may be the shortest month of the year, but for those anticipating Valentine's Day, it's critical to ramp up your online dating search. There's no quicker way to find a date on the Internet than by starting with a cyber face-lift of your existing dating profile.

    With more than 116 million members worldwide viewing online dating sites, the odds are in your favor that you'll be able to snag a date by Valentine's Day with these tips:

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