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  • Single Celebrities We Want to See Hitched

    By Nic Baird for

    Whether single by choice or by broken heart, the prospect of marriage for the unattached seems distantly hypothetical. If you're a free spirit looking for flings, fun and flirting, you'll avoid even the thought of it at all costs. For those recovering from a lost love, it's important not to give up, because Prince Charming will come again. In fact, there are some Hollywood bachelors and bachelorettes who are in desperate need of true love as well. Others are devoted to such a carefree life of casual hookups that it makes one wonder if even the most glamorous single celebrity could lock them down. Here are the stars we'd like to push down the aisle:

    1. Robert Pattinson: Shying away from public appearances, steady drinking and tales of heartbreak characterize the media vampire since his split from Kristen Stewart. Robert Pattinson is known for his legion of Twi-hards, and it's only a matter of time before a Hollywood lady gets close to Team

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  • Pros & Cons: Splitting the Bill on a Date

    By Whitney Baker for

    "Going Dutch" is becoming more and more popular, not only with your closest friends but also with your partner. While it's still typical for your man to pay for your date-night bill, it's equally common for couples to split the bill. Of course, for a special occasion, such as your partner's birthday or an announcement of a job promotion, it's nice to cover the entire bill as a surprise to your significant other. But other times, you may want to go halfsies to show them that you can still pull your own weight. Still, there are both pros and cons for splitting the bill on a date.

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    1. It keeps things fair and balanced. It's nice to feel like you're contributing to your relationship: emotionally, financially or otherwise. If you want to split the bill on your next date, approach your partner about it. They're sure to appreciate your effort. There are even

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  • 6 Things Women Should Never Do in a Divorce

    Photo: Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images
    By David Wygant for

    In the crazed battle of the exes (or soon to be permanent exes) we too often tend to act on our emotions. We're angry. We're annoyed. We're upset. We're devastated. Divorce is like going through death, and it affects more than just the couple: kids, parents, friends - it's the ultimate division of assets. For those of you who have or are going through it, you know what it feels like. It sucks. So, I want to give a few tips to those out there in the arena -especially the ladies. Here are a few things that women should never do in divorce and why:

    1. Make the man the bank: If you were not the earner in the relationship and you attempt to turn your ex into a Bank of America during the divorce process, you're going to get far less in the settlement than you ever would have, than if you showed a little prudence and appreciation. Nothing makes a man more irritated than knowing he's being used for money. Here he is, in the process of getting a

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  • Your BFF Chose Her Boyfriend Over You – Now What?

    By Jessica Nappi for

    You and your best friend are usually inseparable: you laugh until you cry, lie side by side on the beach all day and even pluck each other's eyebrows. So when she finds Mr. Right, it's easy to find yourself left in the dust. You no longer hang out, and the only time you see her is when you accidentally bump into her while she's hand in hand with her boyfriend at the mall. While it's perfectly normal to have that "can't get enough" feeling when a relationship begins, it's not okay for a friend to leave you out of their life because you've been replaced by someone else. Here are some ways you can help them find a balance between love for you and love for their partner:

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    1. Let them go through their honeymoon phase: When two people meet and the chemistry is tangible, it's hard to rip them apart, especially in the beginning. Every couple goes through what is called a "

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  • Favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings

    By Sarah Ribeiro for

    Engagement rings are one of the most important elements in beginning a marriage. They signify the bond you have with your partner, their commitment to you and the security of your relationship. Of course, there's also the glamour and luxury that comes with a gorgeous diamond on your hand. Here are some celebrity engagement rings that perfectly represent both the strength and extravagance of celebrity marriage:

    1. Kate Hudson: Kate Hudson's engagement ring from Muse rocker Matt Bellamy is an outstanding statement in such a private relationship. The $200,000 platinum ring is a nine carat emerald-cut diamond with tapered baguettes on the side. The two have been engaged for a year. Although they have no wedding date set, they do have a son together, Bingham.

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    2. Kate Middleton: The royal duchess Kate Middleton was definitely given a ring fit for a queen. Her love Prince William

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  • Love Lessons Learned from Marilyn Monroe

    By Amy Osmond Cook, Ph.D. for

    Marilyn Monroe had it all-fame, beauty, wealth, and some powerful boyfriends-but the one thing she wanted most eluded her. She had three troubled marriages and a host of unfulfilling affairs, and she removed herself from all of them for various reasons.[1] Marilyn's unhappiness amidst spectacular success is nothing short of tragic, but we can learn from the path she trod in her short 36 years of life. From her brief comments about the unraveling of her marriages, here's the advice I believe she would give about how to learn from her relationships and find lasting love.

    1. Find a guy you enjoy talking with

    Marilyn married her first husband, James Doherty, when she was just 16 years old. Her legal guardian was moving away from California and convinced the two young lovers to get married. The marriage was not a good fit from the beginning-he didn't approve of her modeling career, and he spent much of the marriage in

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  • 5 Celebrities Who Found Love After Rehab

    By Daniela Agurcia for

    We've all witnessed several celebrities succumb to the dark side of fame and fortune and end up checking into rehab. For some of them, rehab has been the end of their career as we know it, while for others, it's been their breakthrough. Even better, some celebrities managed to find true love after recovering. Maybe romance was just what the doctor ordered. Here are five celebrities who found love after rehab:

    Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Made Love Last

    1. Britney Spears:
    Against all odds, Britney Spears has made a comeback. The pop star has been in and out of rehab, even spending some time in the psychiatric ward after a series of breakdowns. It's been a bumpy road for the singer, but she has since been successful in her career and is now happily engaged to her former agent, Jason Trawick. Unlike her unsuccessful marriage to Kevin Federline, Spears and Trawick seem to have discovered true love as the star climbs her

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  • How to Turn a Summer Fling into a Healthy Relationship

    By Bernadette McCadden for

    The summer time is notorious for producing flings, and why not? When the sun is high and you and your man are together, everything seems perfect. It's easy to just have fun with your guy and not have it become too serious or worry about where it might lead. But what happens to your summer fling when the temperature cools and the leaves start changing? Do you make transform that fling into something more or just call it a great three months? If you decide you want to make the relationship into something more serious, make sure you go about it the right way. Create and maintain a healthy relationship by following a few simple rules:

    1. Communicate:
    Talk to your man and express your wishes to continue the relationship and see if he wants to move to the next level as well. Communication is the most important thing in creating and maintaining a healthy relationship. Remember that this includes listening to his wants and needs, not

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  • Zoe Saldana’s Laid-Back Style

    By Ann Csincsak, Vintage Sweet & Chic for

    The fast rising star of the new hit film 'The Words,' Zoe Saldana, gets a top-tier award for her easy laid-back style. She always dresses to impress, even in her everyday denim. She takes a t-shirt and makes it special with eye-catching accessories and flawless makeup. If you're looking for a great weekend outfit to wear on a daytime date or out to a lunch at your local farmer's market, take a look at Zoe before heading out the door.

    1. J. Crew Basic White Tee, $25

    2. J Brand Skinny Leg Jeans (actual), $175

    3. Asos Tassel Crossbody Bag, $26

    4. Rocker Bracelet Set (, $16

    1. Knitted Blue Cardigan (,

    2. Bacio 61 Estatto, $160

    3. Waverly Cory Satchel, $295

    4. Grey and White Striped Tee (, $33

    5. J Brand Maria High-Rise (actual), $220

    No matter what your style, remember to stay true to yourself and you will always look amazing! Follow the

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  • How to Break Up Without Breaking Them Down

    By Melanie Mar for

    We've all heard of the phrase "I love you but I'm not in love with you." Hopefully it wasn't being said to you. It's a hard thing to let someone down, especially a person that cares for you more than you care for them. What does this phrase mean? Moreover, how can you express this sentiment to someone you care for deeply while causing the least amount of pain? We'll explore some key ideas that can help you break the news as easily as possible:

    Love: Humans need to give and receive love for emotional and physical reasons. In fact, there have been studies in orphanages that show physical contact is vital to well-being. Babies who are not held or nuzzled enough will literally stop growing, even if they are receiving proper nutrition. Literally loving one another is crucial to our overall wellness. Fortunately, mutual loving can be exchanged between close friends, family members and beloved pets. You don't have to be exclusively romantic

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