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  • Making the Most Out of Your Long Distance Relationship

    By Grace Pamer

    For some people, a long distance relationship can seem like a tremendous hurdle to overcome, and many couples who are apart frequently see these relationships as positive instead of negative. Celebrities are no exception.

    One celebrity couple that speaks openly about the benefits of long distance partnerships is Victoria and David Beckham. Their busy careers frequently keep them apart, forcing them to have separate homes oceans apart. However, they feel the distance doesn't take from their love. Instead, they think that the extra space enhances it.

    The key to understanding how to make the most out of your long distance relationship is to change your way of thinking. A long distance relationship can improve your life! Take a look at some of the many benefits:

    Jesse James and Kat Von D Split Due to Distance

    1. It Can Lead to a Happier You.

    Having a lot of time to yourself, as long as you use it to your advantage, can lead

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  • Five Celebrity Couples Who Had a Low Profile Wedding

    By Creshawna Parker

    Planning a wedding is hard work. You have to pick a date, send out invites, take engagement photos, find the perfect dress, choose the hall, get a caterer - actually, the planning really doesn't end until the big day. And if you're a celebrity, add trying to shun paparazzi and other camera toting individuals to your to-do list and this task can become even more stressful. Contrary to this belief, thanks to reality TV and celebrity magazine contracts, some celebrities [insert Kim Kardashian here] have the pleasure of publicizing their exchanging of vows for millions of Hollywood enthused fans to see on TV in trade of cashing a multi-million dollar check. While, this gives off a semblance of an easy pay day for celebrities, these Tinseltown twosomes traded in the cameras and the public access to celebrate their intimate moment with family and close friends:

    1. Beyonce Knowles and Shawn 'Jay-Z' Carter: This power couple started dating back in 2002 and after

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  • Is that You, Mr. Right?

    By Melissa Caballero

    Is there such a thing as 'Mr. Right?' Hollywood and the movie producers have made us to believe so! It is very difficult to sift through reality and sweep our fantasies under the rug when it comes to our own personal love lives. We watch our favorite female celebrities being lifted off their feet (many times) on the big screen while riding off into the night hand-in-hand with a George Clooney or Zac Efron while we are left drooling and fantasizing about our own love story. We leave the movie theater captivated by this notion of 'Mr. Right,' and we're deceived by love more than ever. Let's take a look at a few important factors to keep in mind when aiming to find your 'Mr. Right':

    1. Reality vs. the big screen. It's important to take the concept of 'Mr. Right' off of a pedestal. While finding love is a wonderful thing and we are creatures who were made to share this emotion, the reality of how love can exist escapes us. We take mental notes while watching

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  • Kim Kardashian’s Daytime Date Looks

    By Ann Csincsak

    Although Kim Kardashian has had her share of ups and downs in her love life, she definitely can rock an outfit on any date. Kim has a great sense of style and always knows how to dress her curvy body to make it look great. Take a few fashion tips from her on her bright color choices and use of accessories!

    In this first look, she is wearing her signature stacked platform heels with a pop of orange, which is great for spring and summer fashion. The look works for any daytime date, keeping it casual while still looking polished. Finish it off with some soft waves in your hair and a light polish on your nails, and you will be ready for a day out with your favorite man.

    1. Blank Denim Vegan pants $78

    2. Christopher Kane Jacket (actual) $1900

    3. Urban Outfitters SkarGorn Female Tee $58

    4. Kimchi Black Platforms $68

    5. Trina Turk Tortoise Cuff $75

    Kim's next look is great for a baseball game, lunch date or any other spontaneous afternoon

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  • 5 Ways Facebook Can Help Mark Zuckerberg Keep His Marriage Strong

    By Amy Osmond Cook

    On May 19, Mark Zuckerberg married longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan, in a private ceremony the day after Facebook went public. She wore a traditional white wedding gown, and he even put on a suit for the occasion. As the Washington Post reported, fewer than 100 guests were in attendance, and they all arrived thinking they were celebrating Chan's graduation from medical school.

    Mark and Priscilla are famously low-key and grounded. For the past nine years, their relationship has grown right along with Facebook. In fact, Mark and Priscilla can use principles learned from Facebook to strengthen their personal relationships. Below are five Facebook-inspired ways that the couple can keep their marriage strong:

    7 Ways to Flirt in a Web 2.0 World

    1. Keep your relationship status public:

    No one wants to be left wondering what about his or her relationship status. Experts agree that communicating your feelings is a vital

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  • Celebrity Couples Who Have Bounced Back After Cheating

    By Jennifer Harrington

    For those who follow celebrity news, cheating in Hollywood is hardly a surprise. What is often more interesting are the couples who, despite the spotlight and scrutiny, manage to stick together through a cheating episode. So, Cupid took a look at a few high-profile lovebirds who have weathered the storm of infidelity, to see what lessons about moving on can be learned from the A-listers.

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    Former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton

    This presidential couple was rocked by scandal in the late 1990′s when the news broke that the President had an improper relationship with a 22-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky. The news of the extramarital affair eventually led to his impeachment from office, but over a decade later, his marriage to his wife, now the Secretary of State, remains intact. In her memoirs, published in 2003, Hillary wrote that one of the most difficult decisions of her life was

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  • Celebrity Couples Who Let Money Ruin Their Relationship

    By Lily Rose

    It's 2.6 inches wide and 6.1 inches long, and we all want it. We're not sure what you're thinking, but we're talking about the Benjamin's, dough, loot, c-notes, otherwise known as … money. The green stuff may not be the root of all evil, but it certainly is the root of a lot of relationship woes. Just ask these celebrity couples:

    1. Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills:
    In June 2002, model Heather Mills and former Beatles member, Sir Paul McCartney, married, but then divorced just four years later. Money may not have ruined this couple's marriage, but it certainly made an amicable post break-up relationship seem improbable. Once the divorce papers were filed, the mudslinging started. Mills branded McCartney an abusive drug user, while she was labeled as a high-class prostitute. Watching the nasty insults and allegations flying back and forth was like watching a fast moving tennis match-it left the public dizzy and a bit nauseous. With a model on one side of

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  • When Dates Go Bad: 5 Ways to Find the Funny in Dating

    By Sujeiry Gonzalez

    We've all had our share of bad dates. Even gorgeous celebrities like Katherine Heigl have dished on terrible romantic encounters. She admitted to once having an awkward date with a personal trainer, who not only gave her his headshot, but also shaved his legs. Total turn off!

    My latest bad date was with a Miami artist who was new to New York City. I met him at Bryant Park and demanded dinner, as opposed to sitting on a bench with a basket of fruit. He obliged, and we ended up at BBQ's in Times Square. As he discussed his career goals in a monotone voice (I thought I was on a date with Ferris Bueller's English teacher), I realized I was on yet another bad date.

    So, what can we do in this common situation? For my survival, I decided to find the funny in the ever present bad date. Here's how you can, too:

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    1. Imagine yourself on a deserted island.

    If you picture this, you can

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  • Four Steps for Stress Free Dating

    Getty Images By Dr. Tranquility - Lydia Belton, PhD, Ct. H.A.

    Everybody experiences some anxiety in dating, whether it's simple butterflies or anticipatory anxiety. Even a super stars like Russell Brand believe that we can find our soulmate and learn to relax through meditation. Meditation and relaxation exercises, major areas of my practice, all help to reduce anxiety. But for most of us, all we need is to follow a few simple steps to have a stress-free experience:

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    Step 1: Prepare. If this is going to be your first date, take time for a "get to know you" phone call before you set out. Find out what hobbies your date enjoys, whether or not their primary focus is work, and explore common interests. Bring up current events and ask for their opinion. This will stimulate conversation on the date and allow you to get to know one another better.

    Step 2: Plan Your Outfit. Ladies, you will feel much better if you are not hiking in stilettos.

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  • What Role Does Ambition Play in a Relationship?

    By Steven Zangrillo

    Women and men have ways of motivating each other for the greater mutual success. The need for a partner with drive and ambition is an overarching common criterion among people looking for healthy relationships. Ambition affects how we choose our partners and is an attractive quality when a person gives you the confidence that they will always be looking to improve on their successes. It begs the question of what role ambition plays in the dynamic of our relationships; how do we reconcile our need for better things? It is important to know that when ambition, positively or negatively motivated, is driving or dragging on your partnership. Here are just a few ways ambition plays a significant role in a relationship:

    1. Career:

    This is where the prospect of ambition becomes a two-pronged situation. Ambition is a dangerous factor in the scope of a relationship - it can bring goal-oriented love birds together or it can split you in two different

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