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  • Top Things To Bring When Traveling With Toddlers & Preschoolers

    GettyGettyRemember the days when you could pack for an overnight trip in five minutes flat, with your biggest concern being to remember your lip gloss and deodorant? Now that you're a mom, packing has taken on a whole different life form! Diapers, toys, outfits, more outfits, snacks, books, more toys, more outfits ... ACK! How can something so cute and so little require SO MUCH STUFF?

    Traveling for the holidays (or any time of the year)? Let this list of overnight essentials for toddlers and preschoolers be your guide. (Oh, and don't forget to pack some lip gloss and deodorant, mom! Still essential, for you, and, um, everyone around you!!)

    Diapers or Disposable Training Pants
    A good rule of thumb for toddlers and preschoolers is five diapers or pull-ups for each night away from home. This way you'll be covered in case of any stomach troubles caused by eating food your kid is not used to, but you don't have to haul the entire big box from Costco.

    Travel Size Baby Wipes

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  • Unexpected Meanings for Baby Names You Love

    GettyGettyYou finally found the perfect baby name for your perfect little angel... it works with your last name, it honors a relative, it nods to your heritage, it doesn't rhyme with a curse word, and neither you nor your significant other has a relative, ex-lover, or enemy with that name. But before you go inking it on a certificate, you might want to check out its meaning. Some of the most beautiful and popular names have some of the most bizarre and not-so-pleasing meanings!

    Meaning: Dog
    We promise that if you choose this Biblical name for your baby son, he won't bark at the moon or chase cars (but until he's totally potty trained, we can't promise you that he won't pee on the rug).

    Meaning: Swine, pig
    We're pretty sure that Ellen's beautiful wife, Portia de Rossi, doesn't live in a barn, eat slop and snort uncontrollably.

    If male patterned baldness runs in your

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  • Avoiding Christmas With the In-Laws

    Family holiday traditions are great- as long as they're mine.

    gettygettyIn six years of marriage, I've never, ever been to my in-laws for a major holiday. Not for Christmas, not for Thanksgiving, not for Easter, not even for the Fourth of July. And to be honest, I hope I never have to go. I've been able to avoid going thus far because of a series of great excuses: pregnancy, a new baby, various moves, vacations, a sore throat (that was a good one), yada yada. But now I've run out of viable excuses and I know I'm expected to show up this year-and I just can't deal.

    I want to be with my family on Christmas morning … and Easter Sunday and Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve! It's not that I don't like my in-laws. Actually, I love them. But Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without my mom. I want my daughter to experience my family traditions, not someone else's (even if that someone else happens to be her father). I know that I'm terribly selfish. I feel like I'm being a crappy wife. But

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  • Family Holiday Traditions You Can Start Right Now

    GettyGettyYou don't have to be the Cleavers to have fun, memorable holiday traditions. Skip out on expensive traditions-and the ones that make you feel frantic-and try these simple, from-the-heart alternatives.

    Find a Holiday Light Show
    Bundle up and jump in the car to find the best (and tackiest!) holiday light displays in the neighborhood. Enjoy the large yard inflatables, Santas on the rooftops and lampposts transformed into candy canes, and then head home for hot cocoa and real candy canes.

    Watch a Holiday Movie Marathon
    Stay in your warmest pajamas all day and watch your favorite Christmas movies. Whether you introduce your kids to classics like Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life, show them the ones you loved as a kid like A Christmas Story and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or enjoy new classics like The Polar Express and Elf, you'll be cozily in the Christmas spirit.

    Go Christmas Caroling (At Home)
    Go Christmas caroling ... in your living room.

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  • Great Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

    I'm pregnant!

    I am pregnant.


    Whether this phrase is running through your head a zillion times a day because you're stoked beyond belief, or you can barely believe it, it sure is exciting. But before you shout your news from the rooftop, be sure to tell your family and friends first. Check out these creative ways to let them know.

    Capture the Moment on Film
    Waiting to make your big announcement at a family get-together or holiday? Gather the group for a family picture and instead of telling them to say "cheese," say "I'm pregnant," and be ready to snap some shots of the reactions.

    Create a Cover Story
    Paste a pic of your head onto a pregnant celebrity's bod on the cover or "baby bump" section of a celebrity gossip mag and add the headline "Look who was just spotted with a baby bump!" Leave the mag open on the family coffee table, in your mother's mailbox or in the lunchroom of your office.

    Hide a Hint in Your Handbag

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  • The Best Ways to Sleep While Pregnant

    GettyGettyYou toss and you turn and you finally find the perfect position for your sore back and heavy belly... ... only to realize five seconds later that you have to get up and pee. Again. The only thing harder than getting sleep while pregnant is getting sleep with a baby (but you'll learn that on your own soon enough). For now, here are some ways to sleep away the rest of your pregnancy in comfort. Sweet dreams!

    Nesting Instinct
    Start "nesting" early by creating a nest of pillows for your growing bump. An extra pillow under your hips/thighs and another under your breasts will accommodate and support your belly. You'll take up more space in the bed, but that's something you and your partner should be used to now.

    Light Exercise

    Gentle, low-impact prenatal exercise during the day will give you the muscle and energy release necessary for you to fall asleep easily and deeply at night. (Exercise when you're pregnant? Yes, we went there. No, don't hate us!)

    Bubble Bathe That Belly


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  • I Want a Girl

    I'm pregnant and I'm going to be disappointed if this baby is a boy. Really disappointed.

    I'm embarrassed to admit that to myself, much less say it out loud. It makes me feel like an awful mother, one who's going to scar her child for life before it takes its first breath. I know I should be happy with either gender, as long as the baby is healthy. After all, a baby is a baby, a gift, right? I feel guilty for even thinking otherwise.

    But, guilt-ridden or not, I'm thinking it. I want a girl. I want a girl bad.

    And it gets worse. Here's the truth: I'm really not sure I can love another boy. I worry that I will always favor my first son, Joey, over a second son. I mean, sure, he'd be my baby, but when I think about a boy baby, I can't seem to drum up feelings of love. I just can't wrap my mind around the idea of another boy. Honestly, I'm actually afraid that this poor baby may be rejected by his own mother from day one if he has the audacity to be born male.

    My ultrasound is in a few

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  • Weird Pregnancy Symptoms You Didn't Expect (Or Wouldn't Have Believed Anyways)

    GettyGettySure, you were expecting the weight gain, the back pain and the morning sickness, but no one told you about these odd, deep, dark and (sort of) disgusting pregnancy symptoms. (Don't worry. They're totally normal.)

    Long Thick Hair
    Yes, on your head, but also on your back, upper lip, chin, legs, nipples ...

    This fun pregnancy symptom will crop up at the least opportune moment. Like when you're trapped in an elevator with your boss. Very attractive.

    You weren't expecting to be in Swan Lake, but you're freaked out to find that your changed center of gravity makes you move more like Elephant Swamp.

    Dark, Blotchy Patches
    If (when) dark spots crop up all over you-on your face, belly, nipples and-you look like you had an accident with the self-tanner-don't despair! Called melasma, these spots typically fade after you give birth or stop breastfeeding.

    You're perspiring. A lot more than usual. And not just in your pits,

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