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  • Top Baby Name Trends for 2011

    From ParentsConnect - It's a New Year and we're making our predictions for the baby names that'll rise to the top of the charts in 2011! See which names we're putting our money on and add your own predictions below!

    Italian Names for Girls

    Mama mia! Italian names are on the rise! While Isabella overtook Emily and Emma for top of the charts in 2010, Sophia will be making a debut at #1 sometime in the near future. Will it be 2011? Other names with Italiana flare for the new year: Gia , Gianna , Lucia , Giuliana and Roma / Romy

    Click here for Twilight-inspired baby names!

    "Little Old Man" Names for Boys

    "Little old man names" aren't just for grandpas anymore! As parents look for something dignified, yet not too kooky, look for old-timey names like Warren , Arthur , Walter and Stanley to make a comeback.

    Names Starting and Ending With "O"

    The O's have it! Last year anything with an X in it was hot stuff! This year, everyone wants to rock the O sound with names like: Orion , Otto ,

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  • Top Holiday Stress Relief Tips

    Sometimes the biggest turkeys at your holiday table are the irritating relatives, from either your or your partner's side of the family. From little annoyances like Snoresville conversations and tacky personal questions, to big beefs like combative cousins and meddling mother-in-laws, we know that holiday get-togethers can try a parent's patience. Here are eight easy tactics for making sure your holidays are as happy as they can be!

    Call Your Best Friend

    When your MIL (mother-in-law) gets so OOC (out of control) that you think you're going to burst, grab your cell and head to the pantry or porch to call your BFF (best friend foreverandever). You'll be able to get out your frustrations in a much-needed venting session and she'll help you see the humor in your situation.

    Get Out of the House

    Offer to head to the store for that forgotten recipe ingredient or volunteer to take all the kids to the neighborhood park. What would seem like a chore on a regular day can be a very

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  • Great Family Holiday Traditions You Can Start Right Now!

    You don't have to be the Cleavers to have fun, memorable holiday traditions. Skip out on expensive traditions-and the ones that make you feel frantic-and try these simple, from-the-heart alternatives.

    Find a Holiday Light Show

    Bundle up and jump in the car to find the best (and tackiest!) holiday light displays in the neighborhood. Enjoy the large yard inflatables, Santas on the rooftops and lampposts transformed into candy canes, and then head home for hot cocoa and real candy canes.

    Watch a Holiday Movie Marathon

    Stay in your warmest pajamas all day and watch your favorite Christmas movies. Whether you introduce your kids to classics like Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life, show them the ones you loved as a kid like A Christmas Story and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or enjoy new classics like The Polar Express and Elf, you'll be cozily in the Christmas spirit.

    Go Christmas Caroling (At Home)

    Go Christmas caroling ... in your living room. Load up the

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  • Holiday Stuff We Gripe About But Secretly Love

    Ahh, the holidays! Long lines, cranky, overtired kids ... cranky, overtired moms ... annoying relatives, credit card bills ... There's plenty to complain about this season. But there are some things you complain about that you secretly love, and you know it! We're calling your bluff on these holiday gripes that are close to your heart.


    Whether you're a die hard Black Friday veteran or an online-only shopper, you have to admit you get a little thrill when you find that perfect gift for your hard-to-please brother-in-law or your have-everything-already mom. Or when you score the season's must-have item . (We won't judge if you do a little fist pump!)

    Get our Holiday Gift Guide!

    Wrapping Presents

    Sure you'll be up 'til 2 AM on Christmas Eve (and the kids will be UP at 4!), but it's a final moment of quiet in the chaos of the lead-up to the holiday. And if you can convince your partner to help, it's a great time to reconnect.

    Get Great Gift Wrap Ideas

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  • 5 Hilarious Holiday Sites That’ll Make You LOL

    Holidays stressing you out? You need a good laugh!

    Ugly Christmas Lights
    This site has hysterical pics of holiday decorations gone bad! It'll make you look like Martha Stewart in comparison!

    Awkward Family Photos
    Think your holiday card photo is bad? Check out these "Oh no they di'int" family photos and you'll feel better about yours!

    Scared of Santa
    He's huge, he's hairy and let's be honest, can be downright scary! This site has lots of funny pics of kids wailing on Santa's lap.

    I Can Has Cheezburger
    The holiday version of this iconic site features a different hysterical, holiday-themed LOL cat picture and caption every day!

    Skuidoo Yuletide Yuk Yuks
    This site has tons of silly jokes, polls, pics and videos to make your holidays even merrier. Not all of the content is PG though, so stick around if your kid logs on!

    Cookie Recipes
    for the Holidays

    5 Sites That

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  • Best Christmas Baby Names

    Celebrate the season with these festive baby names!


    This French word for Christmas is festively fitting for both boys and girls. Plus it's a heckuva lot more exotic than naming your kid Christmas.


    Ah, a Christmas Carol! With a name like that she can't grow up to be a Scrooge.


    Joy to the world! This super-popular middle name makes everyone happy. It's on trend, too: Three-letter names are everywhere right now.

    Cinnamon & Ginger

    Nothing says the holidays like a little sugar and spice and these spicy names might be perfect for your sweet little girl. Double the treat if they're twins!

    Winter Crafts & Activities to Fight Cabin Fever


    Deck the halls with babes named Holly, fa-la-la-la-laaaa-la-la-la-laaaa.


    Any baby with a name this special is bound to bring the magic and wonder of the holidays through the whole year.


    Who said Old St. Nick can't come in the form of a brand-new baby?


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  • My Heartfelt Apologies to My Breasts

    We put our boobs through a lot. Here's one mom's apology to her breast friends.

    Dear Boobs,

    I just wanted to write and say thank you ... and sorry.

    I'm sorry for all you've been through over the past five years what with all the pregnancies and nursing for months on end. I'm sorry for all of the tenderness, the cracked nipples (why couldn't that kid get his latch right?!), the mastitis, the clogged ducts, the thrush, the chemical burn (that was totally my bad! I had no idea putting straight grapefruit seed extract on nipples would cause 2nd degree burns). I'm sorry for the time Leo intentionally bit you and drew blood. I'm sorry for the time he twisted your nipple so hard it turned purple for days. I'm sorry for flashing you to the general public on a regular basis. I know you're shy by nature, but I just couldn't get that stupid Hooter Hider to work. And most of all, I'm sorry that you went from being two buoyant, glorious orbs to the deflated, sad rock-stuffed socks

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  • The Ultimate Potty Training Readiness Quiz

    We are all about helping our favorite people-parents, of course!

    The secret to potty training success is making sure you and your kid are really ready, because starting too soon can mean weeks or months of frustration and tears-both yours and your kid's! Take our quiz to see if you and your tot are ready for the pot. If you answer "yes" to most of these questions, it may be time to give potty training a go!

    Potty Training Age

    Is your kid at least 18 months old (preferably between 24 and 30 months old)?

    She Wants to Know More

    Does your kid seem curious about the potty?

    Planning to travel with little ones? Check our top things to pack!

    Is He Interested in Doing the Same?

    Does your kid watch you with interest when you go?

    Potty-time Signals

    Does your kid indicate in some way (signals, words, gestures) that she needs to go?

    Is He Unafraid of the Potty?

    Is your kid completely unafraid of the potty and of the

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  • Your Ultimate Holiday Cookie Recipes

    It's that time of year again! Yep, COOKIE time! And we've got 25 tempting holiday cookie recipes that are almost as easy to make as they are to eat. Looks like Santa won't be the only one snacking this month!

    Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies

    Are there six words that sound more magical together? They bear repeating: Peanut butter. Chocolate Chip. Sandwich Cookies. Cue Homer Simpson-like drooling.

    Makes: 1 dozen cookies
    Prep time: 30 mins
    Total time: 50 mins

    Get the Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies recipe!

    Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies

    These sandwich cookies not only look festive, they're irresistibly delicious, too! (Santa might need two of these!)

    Makes: 1 dozen cookies
    Prep time: 30 mins
    Total time: 50 mins

    Get the Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies recipe

    Mini Cheesecakes

    For us, any size cheesecake can be considered "hand-held." For "normal" folks, these mini ones are probably more appropriate.

    Makes: 18 mini

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  • This Mom Spies on Her Kids Online. Would You? Do You?

    How far would you go to keep your kids safe online? This mom installed spyware and hacked her kids Facebook accounts!

    Seems like kids spend more time online than they do eating and sleeping combined. A recent study found that more than 50% of all teens log on to social networking sites every day and 22% check in a whopping 10 times a day!

    Which makes a parent wonder, what on earth are they doing on there all that time?

    Find ways to reward your kid's good behavior on ParentsConnect.

    Truth be told, most of us have no idea. We'd like to think our kid is just chatting with her BFFs, but the reality can be a lot uglier than that. With cyberbullying, sexting and sexual predators rampant on the net, kids often fall prey to the darker side of the web.

    According to the New York Times, when Christine, a Bay Area mom, found her 6th grade daughter receiving pornographic pictures, promising sexual favors and playing a sexually explicit version of truth or dare

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