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  • Designer Decor on a Dime

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - June 18th, 2012


    Get the Look for Less!

    The start of a new season always makes me want to spruce up my surroundings. Which for me means obsessively scouring Pinterest and eBay in the middle of the night to see how I can get the look I want …for less. Luckily, my sleepless night have yielded a bounty of Fab & Fru alternatives to high end home decor!

    My Love of LuciteScreen Shot 2012-06-18 at 1.29.26 PM

    Seriously, is there anything more chic than the look of Lucite? My latest obsession is Alexandra Von Furstenberg's collection. And though her "On The Rocks" side table - which retails between $2000-2600 - is on my wish list, I was able to add a similar look to my living room - for a fraction of the price - courtesy of CB2! Set of 3 clear nesting tables, $199.

    Screen Shot 2012-06-18 at 1.28.03 PMA Nod To Mid Century Mod

    I've been wanting to add a touch of mid century mod to my home - but the real deal vintage is extremely expensive. Which is why I was very excited to find the starburst bowl at Crate &

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  • Last Minute Father’s Day Finds

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - June 13th, 2012


    Fab & Fru To The Rescue

    Procrastinators, you've come to the right place! Fab & Fru has found some last minute Father's Day gifts for the Dad in your life. All of our picks are available on Amazon Prime - which means Prime members get free two-day shipping, so your gift is sure to get there well before Sunday. *If you're not already a member you can enjoy all the perks of Amazon Prime for a full month FREE until July …just make sure to cancel your subscription before the 30 day period is over to avoid the annual fee if you're no longer interested!

    Screen Shot 2012-06-13 at 1.35.00 PMFor The Jokester

    Or, for the office worker who is about to go postal. This "Bullshit!" stamp is just the thing to put a smile on Dad's face and lighten up his workday stress. For added impact add the "Really?!" stamp to round out your gift. Also very useful for getting your aggression out on parking tickets. $12.95 on Amazon Prime.

    For the Wine LoverScreen Shot 2012-06-13 at 1.32.22 PM

    Ok, maybe Dad is a bit more

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  • Daddy's Little Girl

    by Brandi Savitt - June 14th, 2012


    Teaching the Value of Money

    Whether they know it or not, my parents did something right when it came to teaching my brother and me the value of money, and we are both truly thankful. Raised in an upper-middle class suburb, we were blessed to never worry about having to go without. But - at the same time - my parents were hell bent on making sure their kids were not spoiled and knew how to manage and earn their own money. Not an easy task - especially when many of our friends got whatever they wanted the second they asked…

    Twenty something years later, I decided to ask my dad what was most important to him when it came to teaching us about money when we were young. So in honor of Father's Day, here are my parents' timeless money lessons to pass on to generations to come. Father really does know best. Thanks Dad (and of course Mom too). Happy Father's Day!

    The Value of Possessions

    Dad believes if you never teach kids how to

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  • Designer Summer Looks for Less

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - June 11th, 2012


    Affordable Formal Wear Fashion

    I don't mean to brag, but I've had a quite a few Fab & Fru fashion victories over the past week. With all of the special events I have to attend this summer, I was desperate to find the perfect dress (or two) to round out my summer wardrobe. And as much as it pains me to admit it, I found my fashion inspiration at one of my most dreaded destinations - the local mall.

    My Shopping Mall Strategy

    For me, a trip to the Beverly Center mall requires some major mental prep - even when I'm focused on exactly what I need to find. I usually start my shopping efforts fighting a mild wave vertigo as I acclimate to the windowless, depressing vortex of chain stores, food courts and eager perfume sprayers. But this trip, I was particularly victorious when I decided to power up my iPod and let Mick Jagger accompany me up the escalator to my summer fashion destiny. The surprise result: Mick and I found some

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  • Kick Start Your Creativity

    by Brandi Savitt - June 7, 2012


    Affordable Funding for the Arts

    At this point, most of you have probably heard about Kickstarter and the trend of crowd funding. But what do you really know about this Fab & Fru way to become part of a creative community that helps make cool projects a reality?

    Get Inspired By Welcome to Kutsher'sWelcome to Kutsher's

    When our friends Caroline and Ian announced their Kickstarter campaign last week to raise $10,000 to help finish their documentary on the famous Catskills Resort- Kutsher's - (think Dirty Dancing), we got inspired by their story and the power of Kickstarter…

    For the last five years, Caroline and Ian have been capturing the magic of a time gone by in Jewish American and entertainment history. And now, if all goes as planned, by June 27th they will have enough funds raised from friends, family, and creativity enthusiasts like you to complete their film Welcome to Kutsher's - and release this extraordinary time capsule for the world to

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  • Small Change Can Make a Big Impact

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - June 6th, 2012


    Your Neighborhood Kids Need You

    We all know the bad news: our local schools and shelters are really suffering in this crap economy. The good news? Most of YOU still probably have it within your means to make a huge difference in your communities - with what basically amounts to small change from your pockets.

    Even if you can't donate as much to those in need as you have in the past, check out these Fab & Fru ways to make a huge difference - with relatively small sums of money …

    Socks Rock

    My sons' school organizes a shoe donation each year for the children of a very poor elementary school in our city. This year, one story particularly moved me - one of the little boys opened up his new shoes and also found a new pair of socks in there. He had been wearing the same pair of dirty socks to school every day and was so happy to have a new, clean pair that he literally burst into tears. So it got us thinking…

    Even if you

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  • Cash Gifts for Teachers?

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - June 4th 2012

    Girl giving an apple to teacher

    A Private School Lesson In Giving

    It's the end of the school year, which means every mom is talking about what to give her children's teachers as a year-end thank you gift. The CliffsNotes version of our thoughts: teacher's gifts are one area where we stress being fabulous - and not frugal!

    Now we're not saying to give a gift you can't afford, but keep in mind these are the people who do everything from wipe your kids' butts to help correct your parenting errors. If there was ever a time to splurge, this is it!

    Cash Is King

    While every school differs in policy - and many public schools deter parents from giving teachers cash at all - in the private school sector, cash is still king. In our survey of private school teachers, one message came through loud and clear: the most appreciated gift of all is CASH, or a cash equivalent, like a gift card. Teachers are woefully underpaid and are uber appreciative for the supplement

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  • Start Talking!

    by Women & Co. - May 30th, 2012

    What To Ask When Selling Your Home

    When it comes to big financial decisions, do you ever find yourself at a loss for words? We've all been there: so overwhelmed you just don't know where to begin. Which is why we are so excited that our fab friends at Citi's Women & Co. have started a new series called "Start Talking!" They've got great advice for how to get some of life's most stressful conversations started, so …Let's Start Talking! Today's topic? Choosing a real estate agent to help sell your home. Particularly in today's depressed market, it's crucial to pick the right agent! I don't know about you, but my mailbox is flooded daily with flyers from agents telling me why THEY are the best. Many of them have stopped by in person to give me fancy calendars and personalized memo pads. But once you've recycled all their marketing material, there are a few key questions you need to ask when interviewing a potential agent!

    Hiring a Real Estate

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  • A Mediterranean Memorial Day

    by Brandi Savitt - May 24, 2012

    Give Your BBQ Menu a European Twist

    Memorial Day may be an American holiday, but that doesn't mean that your BBQ can't test culinary borders! Whether you're hosting your own Memorial Day backyard bash, or bringing a dish to a friend's soiree, WOW the guests with one (or all) of these Fab & Fru warm weather recipes!

    Start Off with a Pitcher of Sangria

    Nothing says summer like a pitcher of cold and delicious sangria. ...And our Roasted Peach & Basil Sangria Recipe is to die for! Remember, Sangria is one of the most frugal - and impressive - drinks you can serve up for a group. Plus, the unexpected addition of basil makes it all the more FAB!

    A Shot Glass of Gazpacho, Please

    Serve Refreshing Gazpacho as an appetizer. For a fun twist, ditch the spoons and pass out shot glasses or champagne flutes full of this delightful chilled soup!

    Baa-Baa Lamb Burgers

    Quality ground lamb may be little pricier than ground beef, but this Greek Style Lamb Read More »from A Mediterranean Memorial Day
  • Fab & Fru Tequila Use!


    The Magnificent Bloody Maria

    If you're anything like us, you probably have some extra tequila laying around from your Cinco de Mayo celebration. And if you're anything like us, you probably only ever drink tequila in Magaritas (or, of course, solo as a shot)! But that's all about to change. Just in time for Memorial Day, we want to remind you of one of our favorite Fab & Fru uses for tequila: The Bloody MARIA!

    New Take On A Classic Fave

    You all know by now that being Fab & Fru requires a lot of creativity - but not a lot of cash. By substituting your leftover Tequila - instead of Vodka - in your Bloody Mary, you'll not only use something you have on hand, but you'll also treat your guests to an unexpected delight! And recycling and reusing is all the rage, right?

    Make it Extra "Especial"

    For an extra Fab & Fru presentation, just creatively label the drinks - all you need to do is stick a sign on a sombrero, it takes only two seconds, but makes it seem more special. Read More »from Fab & Fru Tequila Use!


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