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  • Graduation Gift Guide


    Hot Gifts Under $100

    'Tis the season to help graduates start their new lives…in style! We've picked a few of our Fab & Fru favorites - under $100 - perfect for both the high school and college grad…

    41MVeTGxGfL._SL500_AA300_Fab & Fru Tools

    When you think Jonathan Adler you think FABULOUS - and not at all frugal, right? Well, check out his tool box gift set - for under $25! It's perfect for the grad who will finally be living alone. Even if you don't know the first thing about home repairs, at least you can look chic doing it!


    Jewelry designer Adina Reyter is one of our favorites - our latest obsession is her "Hoop Bar" - a totally fabulous array of different sizes and shapes (hello, Hexagon!) of hoop earrings - in both gold plated and silver. Choose more funky for the grad going off to college, and more understated for that college grad going on real world interviews. Either way, she offers a huge selection of chic - all for under a hundred bucks!

    Boatman+Geller+Cell+Monogrammed+Phone+CasesMake It Monogrammed

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  • Is Land's End Cool Again?


    The Stealth Chic Of A Favorite Brand

    Ok, let's face it. You probably never thought Land's End was cool, but that's about to change. That's right: we're talking about the mail order retailer you probably last shopped at for a pea-coat in middle school. And, shocking but true: Land's End is actually full of fantastic Fab & Fru Fashion Finds!

    No, Really...

    Just hear me out on this one. A lot of brands put their hipness right out there for you to see. Not Land's End - they go to great lengths to put their models in the worst colors and combinations. They make you work to find the chic. But if you dig deeper, we swear there is a treasure trove of affordable fashion just waiting to be found...even for YOU, theAAAAC0iQ5bUAAAAAAbbVIQ stylish, urban shopper! Our discovery happened as most do - in the middle of the night surfing the internet. Here is the 411 on finding Fab & Fru fashion at Land's End:

    Look Beyond The Featured Color

    Land's End will often feature a piece of clothing in a color you might not Read More »from Is Land's End Cool Again?
  • CONNECT: A Fab New Way to Network

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - May 7th, 2012

    Want To Get Ahead At Work?

    Wishing you could network with other professional women? Looking for female mentors? Craving advice on how to get ahead at work? Then we've got great news for you: Citi and LinkedIn just launched CONNECT: Professional Women's Network! We've already been using this new online resource and can't wait for our readers to check it out...

    Ok, So What Is CONNECT?

    Connect is a new LinkedIn Group, superpowered by our friends at Citi & Women & Co. It is a fantastic forum dedicated to women helping each other become savvier professional networkers and advancing in their careers. Very Fabulous - and since it is FREE - very Frugal! It's sort of like going out to one of those cocktail networking events after work - except this one goes on 24/7 and you can participate from the comfort of your own home...

    Work Smarter

    Every woman we know is multi-tasking to her limits (and beyond). Which is why we like the advice from Nicole Read More »from CONNECT: A Fab New Way to Network
  • Stoop Sale Savvy

    by Brandi Savitt - May 3rd, 2012

    Gross the Most at Your Next Garage Sale

    If you've ever strolled through Brooklyn between April and October, you know that you can't walk down the streets on the weekends without stumbling upon multiple stoop sales (our urban version of a garage sale). And this Sunday, my co-op is hosting a stoop sale in the front yard of our brownstone. Our goal? To sell as much unwanted clutter from our apartments as possible, and put our collective earnings towards a bunch of small repairs we need to make in the building. At the end of the day, what ever we don't sell we'll donate to Goodwill. Not a bad idea, right? In fact, I'm excited to mingle with the passerbys, bargain with hardcore rummagers, and rake in some cash. Our expectations are high, so I talked to the one expert who rocks it every time - our favorite garage sale guru, Sofia Black. Check out her tips on how to turn your front yard into an inviting and lucrative boutique for the day. --Remember- Read More »from Stoop Sale Savvy
  • Thinking Outside the Gift Box


    Fab & Fru-nique Mother's Day Presents

    Don't have a lot of money to spend on mom? So what! That's no excuse for giving a boring Mother's Day Gift. If you think having "only" $20 bucks to spend means a another Target gift card tucked in with your Hallmark Card - THINK AGAIN. In honor of May being Small Business Month, here are our favorite Fab & Fru gift ideas - all under $50 and all from small - but FAB - businesses!

    For The Gourmet Mom: Modern Bite

    You've never seen cookies like these before! For $30 you can give mom the most fabulous, modern designed "tile" cookies (see main photo) - and they taste as good as they look! These tres chic sweets not only come individually wrapped - they are also packaged in a 2665241883_fb1daa7430_ogorgeous gift box. Everyone we know who has tried Modern Bite is hooked ...including us!

    For The Artsy Mom: Xenia Taler Picture Frames and Tiles

    Speaking of tiles...We've written about our love for Xenia Taler handmade tiles before - and just in time for Mother's Day they Read More »from Thinking Outside the Gift Box
  • Are You the Center of the Universe?

    by - Brandi Savitt - April 26, 2012

    Teaching Self Esteem, not Entitlement

    Last week, I had the misfortune of dealing with a colleague who asked for a promotion for a job she was simply too inexperienced to handle. The ultimate problem was her demanding nature, and that her entitled tone (backed by no experience or strategy) offended many people involved in the account. The icing on the cake? She was totally oblivious to the drama she had caused to the project and her team, and therefore could not bring herself to understand the consequences or take responsibility for her actions... Cut to the chase: her ego and sense of entitlement were so extreme, she ultimately was let go! It got me thinking - how can you stop this sort of behavior from forming before it costs you your job?!

    Don't Blame Generation Y

    While 20-somethings battle with the repercussions of being given the label "The Entitled Generation", it is up to all of us to consider that maybe it isn't the fault of the Read More »from Are You the Center of the Universe?
  • The Best Baggie Alternative

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - April 25, 2012

    Go Green & Save Money with LunchSkins

    My sons' school has been doing a great job encouraging parents to pack "no waste" lunches for the kids. No waste meaning: no paper napkins, no disposable utensils and absolutely no plastic sandwich bags! And while I am all for the Green movement - it has taken a lot of trial and error to find eco-friendly products that I would actually recommend to friends and Fab & Fru readers. After experimenting - a lot - I found a baggie alternative I love: LunchSkins! And what's even more Fab & Fru? They are now available at TARGET! Now you really have no excuse.

    lunchskinsDollars & Eco-Sense

    In addition to protecting the environment, LunchSkins also protect your wallet. For example, Ziploc sandwich bags run about $4.50 for 100, and Ziploc's snack bags run about $3.90. Assuming you are constantly replenishing your supply like most moms I know, you're probably dropping at least $100 a year on plastic bags. Instead, the Read More »from The Best Baggie Alternative
  • Beauty Without Botox

    by Lisa Moore, April 23, 2012

    The Magic of Makeup

    Thinking about plastic surgery? You're not alone. 13.8 million plastic surgeries were performed in 2011. $12.4 billion dollars went into those surgeries - that's $1.80 for each person on Earth! As far as some of the most popular procedures go, 5.7 million Botox treatments were performed last year - at between $120 and $400 per treatment. Nose jobs cost between $3,000 and $15,000, collagen injections run anywhere from $300 up to $5,000, and the 119,000 facelifts performed in 2011 set people back between $6,000 and $15,000 each! Before dropping big bucks, check out these tops tips for your eyes, lips and nose to help keep you looking young - while keeping your money in the bank! EYES: Lavish Lashesblack-woman-makeup_picnik As we age, our eyelashes often thin out. Investing just a few bucks in false lash PIECES will give you an eye lift for less! Forget what you think of the thick falsies of the past, today's lashes are subtle fillers that give a natural,Read More »from Beauty Without Botox
  • Get Cash Back for Shopping

    by Liz Bronson - April 19, 2012

    Shop & Save With Ebates

    Don't you just love opening the mail and finding a big fat check? If your answer is, "Nope!" then this probably isn't the article for you. For everyone else, let me introduce you to my best online shopping friend - If you play it right, Ebates will save you money each time you shop online, and then send you cash back four times a year for the online shopping you're doing anyway.

    Sharing the Commission

    Sound too good to be true? It's not. Ebates is a shopping portal for over 1,500 stores. Instead of keeping all of the commission they make from the stores when you shop, they give a portion back to their customers!

    Easy Money

    Thank goodness, Ebates is user friendly. All you need to do is log into Ebates, and then choose whichever store you want to shop at - Target (3%), (6%), Macys (3%), Ace Hardware (4%), TurboTax (8%) and even places you wouldn't think of like Groupon (3%) or Omaha Steaks Read More »from Get Cash Back for Shopping
  • Make a Mistake on Your Taxes?

    by Alexandra Pauline - April 18, 2012

    1040x to the Rescue!

    Phew! Tax season is officially over...or is it? If you've just realized you made a mistake on your taxes, you're not alone. One of the most common errors? Forgetting to sign the form! If it turns out that you have to revise what you filed, you're in luck: Fab & Fru has teamed up with tax guru Nick Rizzi - the CEO of Smart Tax - to find out what mistakes are most common, and how a handy little form called the 1040x can help fix them!


    Forgetting Deductions

    A common tax mistake people make is forgetting to account for certain deductions. The great thing about deductions is that they reduce your tax liability - which leaves you with more money in YOUR pocket. So, if you've forgotten to account for a charitable donation you made or a hefty medical expense that is eligible - no need to worry. All you have to do is fill out a 1040x and you can amend any return from the past three years - and Read More »from Make a Mistake on Your Taxes?


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