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  • Fab & Fru Allergy Solutions

    by Brandi Savitt - March 22, 2012


    Natural Ways to Beat Allergies Year Round

    Did someone say 85 degrees in Chicago - in March?! This heat wave sweeping the country may be a welcome reprieve from the winter blues, but it has also slammed us full court press into an early allergy season. If you're anything like me and hope to control your seasonal allergies without relying the annoyance - or expense - of allergy medications or shots, read on. We have some natural Fab & Fru solutions to help you get some relief without pricey visits to the doctor!

    Neti Pot to the Rescue

    If you suffer from allergies, or even a cold, nasal irrigation is an ancient ritual recommended by ear, nose, and throat surgeons to help flush out irritants in the nasal passage while helping to relieve sinus pressure. One of the most cleansing ways to irrigate your nasal passages (we know, it may sound unappealing) is by using a neti pot. Used for centuries in India, this Ayurvedic practice of cleansing theRead More »from Fab & Fru Allergy Solutions
  • The Case of the Stolen Car Seats

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - March 21, 2012


    Cops, Robbers & Homeowners Insurance

    Yesterday was an ordinary day, until I found myself at the center of an international crime thriller! Okay, well, not exactly ... but I DID have two car seats stolen from my very own driveway. Here's what happened: our babysitter set our car seats down next to my car - in my driveway - and then came back inside for maybe 60 seconds because I had forgotten to give something to her. She went back out and - that's right - the seats were GONE.

    Get to Know Your Local Police Precinct

    Or at least have their phone number handy! Not only did I not even know what police precinct I was in, I didn't even have their number. By the time I managed to look them up and call, many minutes had gone by. I know the odds of catching the car seat thief was slim, but I realized that my precinct should definitely be on my go-to list of important phone numbers!

    Insurance to the Rescue?

    This theft - the first since we Read More »from The Case of the Stolen Car Seats
  • Careers that Pay Women More

    by Alexandra Pauline - March 19, 2012


    Breaking the Glass Ceiling One Job at a Time

    This March marks the 25th anniversary of Women's History Month, and we thought we'd celebrate by showcasing some of the professions where women are kicking some serious salary butt over their male counterparts. According to American University Professor Caren Goldberg, "Women in traditionally male-dominated jobs are rewarded for bucking the stereotype, while women in traditionally female jobs are rewarded for 'fitting in." Alas, many women must still fight for equal pay throughout their careers. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2010 that women only earn 81 cents for every dollar earned by men, what are the jobs where the ladies are on top, so to speak? Check these careers out: The Magic of Television It's no secret that the entertainment industry is dominated by high-powered men, but according to, female television directors and producers often earn up toRead More »from Careers that Pay Women More
  • Downton Abbey & Inheritance

    by Brandi Savitt - March 15, 2012

    Inheriting Money 101

    I may be a little behind the eight ball with my new - not so guilty TV pleasure - Downton Abbey, but as I enter watching the second season of this British based period drama, I can't seem to shake the fall out of the old time sexist marriage and inheritance laws that haunt the Crawley family. --Don't worry, I won't spoil the show...

    Historically Speaking

    For those of you not familiar with Downton Abbey, the series begins in England during the years leading up to World War I. This multi layered drama touches on so many money related issues, it's mind boggling, but the family's main money conflict is two fold... The Earl of Grantham (and head of the family estate), Robert Crawley, is married to Cora, an American heiress. In order to secure that Cora would not divorce Robert and take her money with her, Robert's father had made a deed of transference that locked Cora's money into the family's estate. At the time, no one Read More »from Downton Abbey & Inheritance
  • An Essential App for Online Shoppers

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - March 11, 2012


    Get Organized & Save!

    We wrote about the money-saving SLICE app last year when it debuted - and the latest scoop is it just became available for all you Android users too!

    What Is Slice?

    As you may recall, Slice is a FREE, web based service and downloadable app that saves you time and money by organizing your online receipts. It pulls all the info you need - shipping notifications, tracking numbers, return policies and customer service info - and organizes it all in one easy place. Basically, it is a dream app for someone like me who shops a lot online but tends to be, shall we say....chronically disorganized. I tend to forget "return by" dates and misplace online receipts - all of which equals money flying out of my pocket. Here's what makes Slice so Fab & Fru:

    Hassle Free Returns

    This is the biggie for me, and I am guessing maybe for a lot of you too... I have to admit, there have been times that I have been forced to hold Read More »from An Essential App for Online Shoppers
  • Best All Natural Deodorants

    by Brandi Savitt - March 8, 2012


    Why Avoiding Chemicals Is Worth the Price

    You've probably noticed that at most major drugstores there are typically ZERO non-antiperspirant deodorant options for women - while the men's section offers at least 3-4. And you're also probably aware of all the reports suggesting potentially harmful links between aluminum (a major ingredient in antiperspirants) to breast cancer, and of course Alzheimer's disease - not to mention other terrifying chemicals found in deodorants, like parabens... So what's an educated consumer to do - especially when the social norm (and more importantly the consumer price point) still pushes women to use toxic chemicals to stop sweating and smelling? While none of us ladies want to smell bad, the health risks of using chemical laden deodorants and antiperspirants are just too great. So, we've done a little homework and gathered the info you need to know. From the most cost effective high-end organic brands to Read More »from Best All Natural Deodorants
  • Five Fast Credit Score Facts


    Credit Where Credit Is Due

    We really have to give credit to our Fab friends over at Citi's Women & Co. Just when we were feeling overwhelmed at the thought of tackling our credit rating, they've brought us Five Fast Facts about Managing Your Credit Score. So take five - and take control of your credit score!

    1. Your Credit History Has A 7-Year Shelf Life

    Your credit report tracks monthly payments, credit limits, and payment patterns over 7 years, but prospective creditors are usually concerned with the last 2-3 years.

    2. Joint Accounts Link Your Credit Status To Your Partner's

    Divorce settlements are not indicated on your credit report. Any account that remains in both names will continue to link you to an ex, so a late payment could show up on both of your reports.

    3. Employers And Potential Employers Have Access To Your Credit Report

    If you're applying for a job that pays at least $75,000, the employer has the right to see - and judge - your

    Read More »from Five Fast Credit Score Facts
  • Are You a Savvy Shopper?

    by Alexandra Pauline - March 5, 2012

    Save on Your Next Shopping Spree

    Starting to get spring shopping fever? Well, we have some Fab & Fru tips to help wake you out of your shopping hibernation AND keep you on top of some of the most savvy deals year round!

    Know When to Shop the Discount Rack

    Knowing WHEN to shop is one of the easiest ways to save. Most retail stores follow a set weekly schedule for when they move items to the sale rack - thus making the following day your PRIME TIME to shop. Department stores are typically known for doing their markdowns on Tuesday nights before closing, which means Wednesday morning is the time to find the best selection on the latest deals. Though this might be the first time you're hearing about the markdown schedule, it's really NO secret. If you want to find out when to let your fashionista ferocity strike, all you have to do is ask the manager of your favorite store!

    Get Smart About Sales Tax

    With sales tax hovering

    Read More »from Are You a Savvy Shopper?
  • Do Women Need Marriage Anymore?

    by Brandi Savitt - March 1, 2012


    The Changing Face of the American Family

    The recent New York Times article, "For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside of Marriage," really got us thinking about motherhood, money and marriage. The story addresses the changing face of family in the U.S., and how illegitimacy no longer has the same stigma for young unmarried mothers - in fact, it is the new norm. And while 59% of all women who give birth in the US are married, it is the generation of young mothers under 30 who have tipped the scales the other way - with the biggest jump among white women in their 20's. So, why are so many young women choosing NOT to walk down the aisle? Is it possible that men are phasing themselves out of their role in society and don't even know it?

    What's Love Got To Do With It?

    In the tradition of marriage, the notion that you marry for love is relatively new. In fact, it was not until the 1920's that dating became a popular trend. Historically, Read More »from Do Women Need Marriage Anymore?
  • Fab & Fru J. Crew

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - February 29, 2012


    Personal Shopper - Sans Price Tag!

    The luxury of having a personal shopper has always been reserved for the rich and famous. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered that J. Crew offers their own personal shopping service - FOR FREE! You can take advantage of this service online, over the phone or in-store -- which is what I did yesterday.... I had the good fortune of meeting Max - my new J. Crew personal shopper - who shared some insider tips on the very Fab & Fru side of J Crew. In addition, he also took the time to show me the proper way to roll a shirt sleeve and tuck the tail of an extra long belt. Needless to say, I'm in love! Not only did Max help me find some classic staples that look and feel great, he helped me find affordable pieces that fit my my budget constraints. Check out my Fab & Fru FINDS that are so versatile, I can wear them all year round!

    No. 2 Pencil Skirts

    This skirt is so flattering I felt like I Read More »from Fab & Fru J. Crew


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