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  • Bye Bye, Bikini Wax!

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - February 23, 2012


    Hello, Hair Raising Savings

    If you could be saving yourself $1000 this year, not to mention a lot of time and pain - you'd probably be interested, right? It turns out you have to look no further than your own body to find extra cash in places you might not have thought possible! That's right: consider - just consider - the possibility of giving up your bikini wax…

    Great Expectations

    Bikini waxing has gone from novelty to perceived necessity in the past decade. And while I have never personally understood the allure of shelling out a fortune to have my pubic hair violently pulled off, I recently started thinking about it from a financial perspective. Waxing is not only painful and time consuming - it's expensive!

    One of the best trends we can see coming out of the recession? Pubic hair seems to be making a comeback. We're guessing a lot of women just can't afford the upkeep anymore - combined with the fact that

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  • Our New Favorite Brunch Recipe


    The OMG Omelet Muffin!

    There's nothing better than sharing a delicious Sunday brunch with family or friends. So, when Brandi's sister-in-law Megan forwarded us a recipe for "Omelet Muffins" - from the fabulous blog Quirky Cookery - it quickly dawned on us this has to be one of the most Fab & Fru recipes we've seen to date!

    Here's the deal: make personal mini omelets in an old muffin tin - you can eat them on the spot, make them in advance, or freeze 'em for next time…

    Not only are Omelet Muffins a very elegant dish to serve, they are also totally frugal. Like a traditional omelet, you can throw in whatever leftover ingredients you have on hand - a great way to make sure you're not wasting valuable produce and meats. The recipe make 12 muffins, so there's room to customize each one to please everyone in the family. And because they freeze perfectly, these bad boys are also an easy hot and homemade breakfast to serve your kids any day of the week!

    Omelet Muffin Recipe

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  • Cheap Vs Frugal: What do you do in a cash-only situation?

    Better For Business?


    Last week Kristina and her business partner Tristen were at a conference in Berlin. They were invited to an industry party by Paul and Mark, the owners of a young, growing European company interested in doing business with them. On the way back to the hotel, the four fast friends decided to stop and eat at a Turkish restaurant before turning in…

    The guys insisted on paying for dinner, but then the waiter informed them that the credit card machine at the restaurant was down. Mark went across the street to the ATM, but it was out of cash. Luckily, Kristina had enough money to cover the bill, and the crew was saved from a long night of washing dishes…

    At the conference the next day, the embarrassed Mark and Paul offered Kristina some cash to contribute to the bill. But Kristina felt completely cheap accepting money from her new potential partners and told them not to worry about it. This annoyed Tristen, and she later told Kristina that because Mark and

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  • Tantalizing Tax Time Tips

    by Alexandra Pauline - February 20, 2012


    Take Your Finances from Fragile to Fabulous

    Wondering what could possibly equal the excitement of Missoni at Target? Yes - tax season is almost here!

    Ok… tax time gets a bad rap. But since we want to look at your bank account as being half full - rather than half empty - here are some things you can do to make tax season (a least a little bit) more tantalizing!

    Mirror, Mirror

    While you're busy preparing your tax returns, your recent financial history is staring you right in the face! Instead of freaking out, open your eyes and take an honest look at your year. Did you reach your money goals? Or did another year of potential savings slip you by?

    According to Lois P. Frankel, author of Nice Girls Don't Get Rich, "Women have a very complex relationship with money…we don't think accumulated wealth is important. And what you focus on is what you get." So, whether it's starting a small CD or paying off your student

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  • Turn Your Opinions into Change

    by Brandi Savitt - February 16, 2012


    Dear Mr. President…

    It doesn't really matter if you like to talk politics, or you tend to keep your opinions to yourself. Soft spoken or not, we don't know a woman alive that doesn't have a strong opinion about something - and we want to hear yours. Not only is this an election year, the future of the world as we know it is at pivotal point. Action speaks louder than words, and we at Fab & Fru think that NOW is the time to stop waiting for others to come up with solutions and start voicing our own!

    No matter which political party you identify with, we want to create a safe and neutral place for women to share their ideas, not to argue, but to inspire change. Please take the time to comment on the issues that matter to you most. Think of this ongoing forum as our own Fab & Fru think tank. Forget the politics and focus on solutions. If you could stand in front of Congress, in front of the President - what would you say? This forum

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  • Make Your Jeans Last Longer

    by Brandi Savitt - February 15, 2012


    6 Tips to Preserve Your Favorite Denim

    Six months ago, I invested in a pricey pair of dark denim jeans that I absolutely love. I thought I was doing everything right when it came to caring for them. I turned them inside out in the wash to help preserve the color. I washed them in cold, and I usually - but not always - hung them up to dry. And while there's still some life left in them, sadly my favorite pair of jeans has seen better days…

    You want to know the worst part? I only bought one pair, and now I can't seem to find the same style in my size…anywhere! So, in effort to stretch out the life of my bootcut bad boys, I thought it was time to get educated on the best way to care for denim!

    Stop Washing Your Jeans

    It doesn't matter who you ask, all experts say that washing your jeans wears them out way more than wearing them. In 2010, Carl Chiara, Design Director of Premium Brands at Levi's, told The Wall Street Journal

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  • Romance and Finance


    Start Talking Money with Your Partner Now

    So, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and you're racking your brain to think of a great gift to give your mate… Well, before you break the bank on fancy chocolates and Champagne, we suggest actually TALKING about the bank - because having a money talk is sort of like a fabulous bikini wax - painful at first, but then well worth it!

    It's easy to put off these financial convos, so we advise making Valentine's Day your deadline - and since no one wants to have the Money Talk ON Valentine's Day itself, you'd better get on it right now! But where to start? Check out these great tips from our fab friend, President and CEO of Women & Co., Linda Descano! We love her suggestions on how to talk money with your honey:

    Money Matters

    Talking about money can be an emotionally charged subject, but it's an important conversation for couples to have regularly. No, it's not romantic in the traditional sense. And yes, you may

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  • Write-Offs for Freelancers!

    by Alexandra Pauline - February 6, 2012


    The Art of Tax Deductions

    If you're a freelancer, or you own a small business, the idea of getting a tax refund is likely a foreign concept. Unlike our W2 bound friends, the art of understanding tax deductions is even more crucial for 1099ers when figuring out what you really owe each quarter and at the end of the year. Consult with your accountant and take advantage of these Fab & Fru career specific tax tips - so you don't end up paying more than you actually owe!

    Writing-Off Your Home Office

    What constitutes a home office anyway? It doesn't matter if you're a musician, writer, financial consultant or a florist, if you work from home, you may be eligible to write off portion of your rent or mortgage if your work space fits the IRS's criteria. According to the IRS, the key is your home office must be used for the business ­ purposes ONLY, and if audited, you must be able to prove it. Even if your work area is part of

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  • Winterize Your Skin Naturally

    by Alexandra Pauline - January 30, 2012

    Body care series - Young woman applying facial mask

    Cheap Tricks for Healthy Skin

    As the dry winter weather wreaks havoc on our delicate skin, there's no need to overpay for skincare products whose ingredient list you can't even pronounce. Check out these Fab & Fru tips to keep your skin happy, healthy and winter ready the au naturel way!

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  • Rent the Runway

    by Stephanie Berenbaum - January 26, 2012


    One Night Only

    Last weekend, I was at a tres chic friend's bday party, and the Birthday Girl was wearing a fantastic cocktail dress. Believe me, it looked very fabulous - and not at all frugal. So, of course, I had to ask where she got this piece of couture. My fashionable friend immediately replied, "Rent the Runway!" Though we've mentioned this online service before, I myself wasn't a member. But I was so impressed with my friend's look, that I went directly home from the party, signed up and discovered a whole world of Fab & Fru fashion right at my fingertips!

    What is Rent the Runway?

    Rent the Runway lets you rent (you probably figured that out) designer fashion for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy it. We mean really a fraction - like up to 90% less. YUM! And while I have visited actual stores that rent fashion, I have never used an online service and was curious…Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss Rent the Runway

    How It Works….

    I was a little

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