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  • Ashley Greene Talks Beauty and Her Biggest Icons

    Ashley Greene strikes a pose at the AVON Awards.Ashley Greene, Getty ImagesAshley Greene is becoming a permanent fixture on Hollywood's best-dressed lists as she jetsets around the world promoting "Breaking Dawn: Part 1," and since the vampire vixen broke into the business as a model she definitely knows how to pop a perfect red carpet pose. We caught up with Ashley at the Avon Foundation for Women Global Voices for Change Gala in NYC last week to talk about beauty and her biggest idols!

    The 24-year-old plays the fashion-loving vampire Alice Cullen in the "Twilight" series, so it should come as no surprise that her biggest idol is none other than "Breakfast at Tiffany's" star and clothes horse Audrey Hepburn.

    "Audrey Hepburn, I've always been a huge fan of because I think that she is all encompassing and she had it all," shares Ashley. "She was beautiful, elegant, a huge philanthropist, and an amazing actress and so I really respect her for everything that she did."

    But the Florida born actress says the one person who can top Holly Golightly is

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  • Q&A With Regis and Joy Philbin on retirement, success and marriage

    Regis and Joy Philbin hit the tennis court to share how they rely on Advil® to relieve their aches and pains through a new true stories commercial spot which will debut this fall. Michael Simon / StartraksRegis Philbin may be getting set to retire from his daily show, "Live! With Regis and Kelly" but the 80-year-old wants to set the record straight - "I'm moving on; I'm not retiring."

    One thing is for sure, Reege definitely isn't slowing down and he still has an incredibly sharp sense of humor. He and wife Joy Philbin have recently partnered with Advil for their TakeActionTakeAdvil campaign, among several other projects! I snagged an exclusive interview with everyone's favorite TV host and his sometimes co-host Joy earlier this week to get the scoop on their plans for the future, their favorite memories over the years, and their secrets to success in their careers and marriage.

    Shine: We know you are leaving "Live!" November 18, let's talk about retirement.

    Regis Philbin: It is so easy for people to say, 'What are you going to do when you retire?' In a sense I am retiring for awhile. I'm moving on from the show, not the business."

    S: Is it true you are doing a reality show?
    RP: Oh

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  • Beyonce and Jay Z Expecting: 4 Reasons They'll Be Great Parents!

    Kevin Mazur/WireImage.comBeyonce and Jay ZBeyonce dropped some big news on the red carpet at the 2011 MTV VMAs - she's pregnant! We would have never guessed the "The Best Thing I Never Had" singer was preggers after she sported a very svelte leotard at her concerts at NYC's Rosewood Ballroom, but are we surprised? Not at all! Bey dropped the hint that she'd have a baby when she was 30 years old, and the songstress is only a week shy of her 30th birthday. Tonight as she took the stage for her performance, she gave a little tribute to her bun in the oven saying, "I want everyone to feel the love growing inside of me." Her rockin' performance grabbed a standing ovation from the VMA audience, so (natch) Beyonce gave the audience what they wanted and rubbed her baby bump, while proud papa Jay-Z looked on with a mile-wide smile! We couldn't be more excited for the hip hop duo! Here are four reasons we're thrilled Jay-Z and Beyonce are becoming parents!

    Imagining Beyonce sing lullabies is a heavenly thought: Can you just imagine

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  • Who Would You Rather Double Date With? The Obamas or Kate and Will?

    Will and Kate are just a normal couple!The CambridgesThis past week we watched the Obamas meander around Martha's Vineyard, while across the pond the other most powerful couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have been wandering around Wales. I love that two of the most powerful couples in the world still attempt to lead "normal" lives, even when it comes to dates! Michelle and Barack dine out!The Obamas

    With designer duds, first-class travel, and Michelin-star chefs at their fingertips, it is actually somewhat refreshing to see these power couples attempt average dating. Strangely enough, the two couples actually have similar dating styles! Let's take a peek at three of their similar dates and see which couple seems like the most fun to double date with.

    Dating Should Be An Adventure:

    Last month Kate and Will grabbed their paddles and set out on a canoe trip in the Canadian wilderness. Earlier this week, the Prez and his lady hopped on their bikes for a little trail riding in Martha's Vineyard. Both couples clearly enjoy being outdoors! The best part is that Read More »from Who Would You Rather Double Date With? The Obamas or Kate and Will?
  • National Dance Day: 8 Movie Dance Moments To Inspire You

    Did you know July 30, is National Dance Day? Yes, that's right - those genius judges and producers over at "So You Think You Can Dance" nationally sanctioned a day for you to cut a rug! As if we even needed an excuse! To get you inspired for the toe-tapping soiree we've collected some of the best movie dance moments of all time!

    What movie dance moments did we forget? Feel free to add in the comments section!

  • Troubled Songbirds: Were Their Lyrics A Cry For Help?

    The world was stunned this weekend by the death of Amy Winehouse, but celebrity watchers have long since sensed that this star was in trouble. The British songbird was saturated with problems throughout her musical career - she walked a tight rope with addiction, her failed marriage, and the fickle world of entertainment. Despite her troubles, the beehive-sporting star can be tapped as one of the most ingenious musical protégés of the decade.

    The question is - were her honest lyrics a cry for help? Winehouse wrote her chart topping hit "Rehab" in 2006, giving fans an inner look into the life of the star that had a longtime public battle with substance abuse.

    "I don't ever wanna drink again/ I just ooh I just need a friend/ I'm not gonna spend ten weeks/ have everyone think I'm on the mend/ It's not just my pride/ It's just 'til these tears have dried/ They tried to make me go to rehab but I said 'no, no, no'"

    Looking back at these lyrics after Winehouse's recent passing; it seems

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  • 5 Celebs We’d Love to See Roast Their Exes

    Word on the street is Denise Richards, Charlie Sheen's winning ex, is being asked to roast the man himself on Comedy Central. I've met Denise before, and she is a classy and cool lady - not to mention, fiercely protective of her kids, Sam, Lola, and new daughter Eloise. I can't imagine her dishing o

  • 5 Packing Tips We Learned From Kate Middleton’s North American Tour

    Kate charms the Canadian crowds. Kate Middleton ( Kate Middleton get any cooler? Not only did the beautiful Brit snag the world's most eligible bachelor, she might be the most savvy packer and traveler we've ever seen. Sure, Kate's been beaming in McQueen and strutting in Manolos - but when it comes to travel, the newbie bride is no muss, no fuss! As summer kicks into high gear, let's steal a couple travel tips from jetsetting Kate.

    1. Bring the Basics: The practical princess packs the basics, and you should too! Kate's been spotted wearing the same pair of J Brand 811 skinny jeans three days in a row. Think of your go-to outfits like, jeans, a tee, stylish walking shoes, and something dressier, when planning your trip outfits.
    2. Dress Up, Dress Down: Grab pieces from your wardrobe that can be re-purposed depending on the activity for your vacation. Kate was all business as she boarded her flight to Canada in a Roland Mouret dress paired with a navy SMYTHE blazer, but a couple days later she dressed down the blazer
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  • Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Want To Say I Told You So To Elisabetta Canalis?

    George and Elisabetta in happier times. Flickr, nicolas geninI don't know George Clooney or Elisabetta Canalis. Whatever I do know, is what I've picked up in the glossies reading about the high-profile pair for my job as an entertainment editor for Yahoo! When news broke that the jetsetting couple had called it quits - I was depressed.

    I know, I know - I don't even know these people! I can't call up Elisabetta and say, "Well, you tried!" or "Sorry to hear about the breakup, how do you feel about some chunky monkey and a date with Ben and Jerry?"

    I can't say to George, "Hey, I know you were upfront with her about your intentions. And I respect you for it; but shucks."

    I guess my disappointment isn't really with George or Elisabetta, but just how depressing the dating scene seems to have become these days. Is it just me, or is everyone claiming "they don't believe in marriage" or "I don't want to get married till I am 30 or later, or ever." So what are we all dating so much for? Is marriage now considered -- a fairytale? I was always under the

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