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  • User post: Makeup 101

    Makeup has so much to offer; it can cover imperfections, elongate the face, and enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. For those that wear makeup already and need a refresher course or for those that are just beginning to wear makeup, proper application is essential to fully utilize what it has to offer.

    There are several factors to consider when using makeup. For instance, understanding the shape of your eyes (close set, wide set, hooded) is essential. As an example, close set eyes can be made to appear further apart with the proper application of eye shadow. Read more about eye shadow applications, fully illustrated too. Furthermore, understanding your skin tone and skin type is essential when selecting a foundation, blush and lipstick. Far too many times I have purchased cosmetics ignoring my skin type and skin tone and wondered why the product didn't perform as I expected. For example an oily complexion should consider powder blushes and oil free foundations. Finally,

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  • Countdown to Halloween – Time to Get Your Costume

    Halloween is enjoyed by young and old across the country. I have heard it said that Halloween is the most celebrated event enjoyed by adults. The houses are decorated with skeletons, ghouls and pumpkins, and in my hometown there are numerous costume parties and costume competitions.

    The ideas for costumes are endless, there are decade style (50s, 60s, etc.) costumes, fantasy, singers, television personalities, ghoulish and more. Above are just a few ideas to get you started.

    Visit Spirit Halloween for a wide variety of costumes for children and adults, and your decorating items.

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  • My Best Beauty Advice - still valid after 40 years!

    When it comes to skin care, my best beauty advice came from my mother. I recall as a child my mother taking time every night to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize her face and neck. No matter how hectic her day this was her nightly skin care routine.

    As I entered my teen years the normal occasional skin breakouts occurred, usually in the T-zone. Like most teenagers I was exacerbated every time my skin broke out, and I just had to have every blemish product on the market. My mother didn't quite agree as she was pretty much a soap and water person and reiterated that proper facial cleansing was the key to reduce breakouts. However, after much begging she did purchase a jar of Noxzema for me. Noxzema must have had a great marketing ploy at that time as I thought it would be the cure to my breakouts. I still can remember the "clean" smell of Noxzema to this day. I loved my Noxzema and I always felt so grown up doing my nightly skin care.

    So the moral of this little story,

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  • User post: Must Have Skin Care Tools

    Complete Skin Care TherapyComplete Skin Care TherapyIn order to attain soft supple skin, and a beautiful complexion constant care and attention is required no matter what your age or skin type. However, when shopping for basic skin care products it can get quite overwhelming with the plethora of skin care products on the market. Below is what I consider the essentials for a beautiful complexion.

    Cleanser - a good cleanser will remove dirt and is gentle on the skin. It should not strip away the natural oils leaving your skin overly tight and dry. If you suffer from dry skin, consider milk or lotion cleansers versus foaming cleansers. Oily skin types can use a foaming cleanser. For acne and/or sensitive skin there are specific cleansers on the market for your skin type. These products are usually free of fragrances and other chemicals that are usually associated with skin reactions. Get DIY cleansers and check out some great skin cleansers.

    Makeup Remover - facial cleansers are usually not formulated to remove eye makeup. Therefore,

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  • Herbal Facial - for a gorgeous complexion

    The skin produces natural oil which hydrates and protects the skin; unfortunately this oil attracts environmental pollutants, dirt, dead skin etc. Facial steam cleansers will clean and nourish the skin. So why not pamper yourself with a complete facial rejuvenation treatment! A lavish way to treat yourself to an invigorating and all natural facial. Created with quality herbs, pure essential oils, fine cosmetic clays and pure rosewater, this is an inexpensive and pleasurable way to add radiance to your skin. The ingredients are beautifully packaged in a decorative, carved rosewood box from India. Each kit comes with enough supplies for five complete facials! at $24.00 you can not go wrong.

    A luxurious and fun gift idea! Each kit contains:
    Herbal Steam - To cleanse and open pores.
    Cleansing Grains - A soap free way to remove dead skin & unclog pores.
    Green Clay Mask - For deep cleansing, removal of toxins, and to stimulate circulation.
    Facial Oil Blend - To lightly moisturize and

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  • How to Minimize Pores

    Large pores are usually associated with an oily or combination skin type. Additionally as we age facial pores become larger because the skin loses elasticity and collagen thus causing the pores to stretch. Furthermore, did you know that large pores, believe it or not, can also be genetic? For the most part however, large pores are usually an indication of poor facial cleansing.

    The skin produces natural oil which hydrates and protects the skin; unfortunately this oil attracts environmental pollutants, dirt, dead skin etc., which then becomes trapped in the pores. When the pore is clogged it stretches out thus causing the pore to appear enlarged. Usually large pores appear in the T-zone and especially on the nose. This is because that particular area of the face has the most sebaceous glands.

    There are various methods to minimize the appearance of large pores, such as skin care products and DIY remedies.

    Pore Minimizer Products - There are a number of products to help

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  • User post: My Take on the Fall 2010 Makeup Trends

    The fall 2010 makeup trends are so diverse that there is a style that can suit everyone's taste. The bold colors of crimson red lipstick on full lips, strong eyebrows, eye shadows in plums, forest green, grays with a hint of shimmer, and the always fashionable smoky eyes was seen on the runway this year. Additionally on the runway was the minimalist makeup trend in which the goal is to bring out the natural beauty of women.

    Lipstick - Red lipstick is a fashion statement in itself. When wearing red lipstick keep the eye makeup minimal especially for daytime wear. Consider plumping up your lips with a lip plumper. Did you know that brushing your lips with your tooth brush will promote circulation and plump up the lips? Another factor to consider is to purchase the right red lipstick for your skin tone. For those with a warm skin tone consider a red lipstick with yellow undertones. Cool complexions look best in reds that have a blue undertone and neutral skin tones can wear any

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  • The Right Mineral Makeup for Your Skin Type

    The advantages of mineral makeup are its anti-inflammatory properties, which is useful for those suffering with problem skin such as acne or rosacea. Additionally, mineral makeup will not clog pores as it is non-comedongenic, and is also great for those that suffer from skin sensitivity. True mineral makeup does not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances and preservatives, which are usually the culprit that irritates sensitive skin. However, if you have tried mineral makeup and it did not perform as you expected, chances are you selected the wrong type of mineral makeup for your skin type. There is a wide variety of mineral makeup products on the market and understanding the ingredients will help you make the right choice.

    Mineral makeup for oily skin: When selecting your mineral makeup, select the product that contains silica. Silica is a highly absorbent ingredient. Look for at least 7% to 15% depending on how much oil control you will need. Silica has amazing properties to reduce

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  • Super-Moisturize Your Hair This Fall

    Emu Shampoo & Conditioner - Super-moisturize dry, fly-away hair while adding volume, bounce and manageability!Best shampoo and conditioner for dry, brittle hair. Helps slow thinning and hair loss and promotes faster growing hair! Save with this top-selling Emu Shampoo & Conditioner Combo!
    Currently on sale at 25% off for internet orders.

    Also, get a Free Complimentary Emu Moisturizing Lotion with your Order!
    As fall approaches, the heat goes on and the humidity drops thus drying out the skin and hair. Get this super hair care shampoo and conditioner!

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    Carolb - author of 300+ Skin Care Recipes

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  • Wrap Your Body Thin!

    If you never had a body wrap you don't know what you are missing. They provide relaxation, rejuvenation and skin conditioning. There are wraps for moisturizing the skin, detox wraps and cellulite removal wraps. Body wraps are also known to take off inches, tone and tighten the skin.

    A body wrap is just that, your body is wrapped in towels/ bandages. The towels are soaked in a specially formulated solution specific to your skin type or a paste rich in minerals is applied directly to the skin. Body wrap paste or wrapping solutions contain essential oils, minerals and other ingredients to remove toxins, reduce inches and/or cellulite and provide skin conditioning.

    Unfortunately my budget does not allow trips to the spa especially for something as extravagant as a full body wrap. However, the good news is that there are body wrap recipes and kits so that you can easily enjoy this spa treatment right at home. Both of the recipes below are also good for spot treatments such as

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