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  • Seven Tips To Make The Most Of Your Summer Vacations

    By Jamie Wheeler,

    Everyone looks forward to summer vacation. But we've all had vacation-related let-downs, whether it be mismanaging time or forgetting a crucial item at home, or feeling unprepared for a day's adventure. Reduce the chances of disappointment by following these tips:

    Book Flight and Hotel Together

    · Consider using one of the websites pictured above to book your flight and hotel together. Airlines and hotels have many deals together and you get great savings on both.

    Consider "All-Inclusive" Vacations

    · All-inclusive vacations are wonderful, especially if you are traveling with children. It's a good idea because as travel writer Anna LoBuono says, ""Kids like to try different things, but if you've shelled out $60 to rent snorkeling gear and they suddenly get cold feet, it's wasted money." Typically, all-inclusive packages include meals, snacks, activities and tips.

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    Pack Light,

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  • The Power Of Meditating With Others

    By Mallika Chopra,

    I learned to meditate when I was 9 years old, and it has proved to be an invaluable technique for dealing with stress and being at peace with who I am.

    One of my favorite memories growing up is meditating with my parents. When I would come home from school, my brother and I would settle in for the afternoon, do our homework, watch some television, and usually before dinner spend 15 minutes meditating with my mom. And on other occasions, when my dad (Deepak Chopra) was leading a seminar or speaking to a big group of people, we would meditate with dozens, if not, hundreds of other people.

    While meditation is fundamentally about self-exploration, the coherence from meditating with others makes it personally and socially more powerful. While some are skeptical, there have been numerous studies that have shown that a large group of people meditating together has a measurable effect on the greater population.

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  • Seven Sensational Summer Beauty Tips

    By Jamie Wheeler,

    Ahhhh… summer! We all like to get out to the pool or to the beach, spend time in the garden or hang out on restaurant patios with friends. But all that sun can hard on your skin and heat can melt your make-up and kill your hair. Combat the less desirable elements of summer stressors with these helpful hints!

    Chill Your Foundation Keep your liquid foundation in the refrigerator. When you apply it, the heat from your face will make it apply evenly and smoothly for a perfect, even appearance.
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    CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90 Go Bright and Bold On Toes Make your pedicure color last longer by selecting bright shades such as red or pink. Paler colors fade quickly when exposed to sun and sand, even with a protective top coat. Lemon Juice for Natural Highlights Get great highlights without the expense or harshness of chemicals by applying lemon juice to your hair. Squeeze some lemon juice into a glass and comb through or rub a halved lemon Read More »from Seven Sensational Summer Beauty Tips
  • 8 Must-Have Summer Barbeque Accessories

    By Jamie Wheeler,

    Summer is synonymous with grilling and great friends gathered for a barbeque feast. Father's Day is coming up and most dads love to grill. Why not make his next gathering even more enjoyable with one of these eight fabulous accessories? It's a gift he'll be grateful for, and one you can enjoy the benefits of as well!

    The Ribolator

    This rotisserie-type product keeps meats succulent and evenly cooked. "The RIbolator" cooks more than just ribs. Use it to grill perfectly cooked chicken, chops, and more!

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    Portable Grill Light

    Planning a party that will last til dusk or later? A grill light is a wonderful accessory. This stainless steel grill light is battery-operated and clamps on easily. NO more running in and out to "check" the meat color!

    Beercan ChickCAN Rack

    I have a friend that swears by this accessory; she says it makes perfect and delicious grilled poultry. "Instructions

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  • A Romantic Summer Picnic For Two

    By Jamie Wheeler,

    Summer time is the perfect time for a moveable feast. Less face it: most of us spend far too much time basking in the glow of a computer screen instead of basking in the glow of the sun. We can forget how pleasant is to be unplugged. Make it a point this summer to pack up your pic-a-nic basket, grab a blanket, grab your sweetie and leave all of your electronics at home. Yes, ALL of them (or at least leave them in the car). The following tips will help make your outing delicious, rejuvenating, and memorable.

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    First, let's talk food. A great picnic need not take a lot of effort, but since this is an adult picnic, it can be more adventuresome than what you'd pack if the kids were along. So leave the Cheetos and chocolate chip cookies at home, and consider some of the following goodies instead:

    · A loaf of French bread. Slice it up, butter the slices, and put the loaf back together again. Put the buttered loaf in a paper bag.

    · An assortment

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  • How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit

    By Jamie Wheeler,

    Supermodel Cindy Crawford once said, "They were doing a full back shot of me in a swimsuit and I thought, Oh my God, I have to be so brave. See, every woman hates herself from behind."

    Just think of it… if a woman near perfection has doubts about her body, what hope is there for us, mere mortals?

    Well, while most of us are not supermodels, there are ways to pick the most flattering suit for your body type and feel more secure by accentuating the positives and diminishing the negatives. Here are some tips for choosing the right swimsuit.

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    Large Busts

    If you are well-endowed in the chest, follow these guidelines:

    · Choose bright colors or prints. Dark colors can look frumpy.

    · Choose a top that lifts and separates.

    · Look for a top with an underwire to maintain and lift your breasts.

    · Try horizontal stripes on the bottom half to detract from the upper.

    · Tankinis

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  • 7 Summer Road Trip Tips

    By Jamie Wheeler,

    The American Road Trip: it's a staple of summer, celebrated in story and song. You probably have memories of family road trips: playing Old Maid with your sister in the backseat of the station wagon, stopping at Stuckey's for a "Pecan Log" or an "All-Day Sucker," and waiting anxiously for the sight your hotel and the promise of a swimming pool. Even though gas prices are high, a road trip is still the most cost-effective vacation you can have. Make it easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable with these helpful tips:

    - Check Your tire pressure, Including the spare. Your Owner's Manual will tell you the proper amount of pressure. - Check the tread depth. Insert a penny with Lincoln's head down. If the tread covers his head halfway, you're good to go
    - Check the walls of the tires for any cracks or bulges.

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    Check Hoses, Fluids, Brakes and Air Conditioning
    - Look under the hood and

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  • Ten Sizzling Summer Grilling Recipes

    By Jamie Wheeler,

    "Grilling takes the formality out of entertaining. Everyone wants to get involved." ~ Bobby Flay

    There are few things in life more pleasant than a summertime barbeque, whether it is in the backyard or the beach. There is a leisurely quality to grilling that serves to make the food seem even more delicious. This summer, in addition to the usual fare, why not try one of these great recipes and bask in the glow of your friends' praise…well, when they stop eating long enough to do so!

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    Grilled Prosciutto-Wrapped Figs with Bleu Cheese and Pecans

    Replace the chips and queso with this innovative combination of the sharpness of bleu cheese, the sweetness of figs, and the saltiness of prosciutto. Make quite a few. They disappear quickly!

    Grilled Portobello Mushroom Bruschetta

    A tasty treat to begin your feast! Portobello mushrooms taste fabulous on the grill and

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  • 7 Fresh, Swanky Summer Cocktail Recipes

    By Jamie Wheeler,

    One of the most wonderful things about summertime is its dual nature. Summer seems to invite both relaxation and adventure. It's a time to lay by the pool or stick your toes in the sand, luxuriate in the sun and try new things. A beautiful summer cocktail can be pleasing to the eye, delightful to the palate, and refreshing to the spirit. The next time you are headed to a pool party or entertaining on the patio, surprise your friends with one or more of these fabulous summer cocktails.

    Bolshoi-Basil Cocktail

    Beautiful in a tall glass, basil provides a hint of sweetness to the vodka and smells heavenly.

    4 parts Russian Standard Vodka
    3 parts fresh lime juice
    3 fresh basil sprigs
    2 tsp. sugar

    What a pretty drink for the Fourth of July! A maraschino cherry is just the pop you need in this slightly sweet, slightly sour drink while awaiting the fireworks, hopefully on a private veranda with a great group of

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  • 5 Tips To Find Serenity In Your Busy Life

    Stressed out? Feeling stretched with too much to do? Want to just escape from your life for a bit to a far away island for some peace and serenity?

    I have learned from years of meditation that some simple techniques help anchor us through difficult times and make the good times more enriching.

    Here are some tips I have used to find serenity in my life:

    1. "I AM" Breathing Exercise. You can do this any time, any place (even when you are stuck in traffic). Its a simple breathing exercise: every time you inhale, mentally say the word "I"; and every time you exhale, mentally say the word "AM." Pay attention to how the breath flows in and out of your body, and visualize the breath spreading from your lungs through your chest, down your arms and legs. The "I AM" breathing exercise is meant to remind you that your true self is empowered, in control and creative - you not bound by your job title, your income, your age, your appearance or anything else.

    2. Watch a video.

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