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  • Are You Scared About Life Without Oprah? (VIDEO)

    Did you know there is only one "The Oprah Winfrey Show" left?! It's hard to believe, but the queen of daytime TV will soon be leaving her throne, sending young women, mothers and housewives everywhere into a sheer panic.

    If you find yourself to be one of these women (or men!) wondering if there really is life after "Oprah," don't fret. With the parody song "Scared About Life Without Oprah," Maxine Lapiduss proves you are not alone.

    Watch for a cameo by "Glee" star Jane Lynch and listen to Lapiduss lament about her upcoming life without a daily does of "O" in song.

  • By Gotham Chopra and Mallika Chopra

    We have never met Shane Bauer or Josh Fattal - 2 young men who have been imprisoned for almost 2 years deep in the black hole that is Iran's notorious Evin prison. We haven't met Shane's fiancé, Sarah Shourd, who arrived home from her captivity last year, nor have we met their families and friends who have been suffering unbearably all along.

    And yet, we feel connected to them - because, this nightmare that they are living in could be happening to us, to our family. These are two young men who found themselves in the wrong place by accident and are being used as pawns in an international chess game.

    We do not know them, yet we feel connected because injustice anywhere, against anyone - be it in a third world nation, a first world nation (believe us, it's happening here in the US), or a rogue nation - is an affront against all of humanity.

    Today, at this very moment hundreds of thousands - probably millions - of human beings are being Read More »from A Mother's Worst Nightmare: Waiting For Your Son To Come Home From Captivity In Iran
  • Be a Mother--Even Without Kids -- On Mother's Day

    By Yumi Sakugawa

    About a month ago, one of my close friends gave birth to a baby girl. I am amazed and proud that my party girl drama mama girlfriend is now... an actual mama!

    As for me, I won't be mothering any little versions of me anytime soon.

    I like to think, though, that we are all innately blessed with mama (and papa) instincts that give all of us the capacity to transform the world into a more stronger, more loving place. As human beings, we are all capable of loving and nurturing something unconditionally outside of ourselves.

    So in celebration of Mother's Day, motherhood, and to all the future mamas who are not quite ready to pop out a new human being into this world, here are some alternative ways to be a spiritual mom for all the other small and helpless beings in our world that need our love.

    1. Mother a baby seed into a flower. My friend--currently an extremely busy student at pharm school-- is the proud mama of a daffodil bulb I gave her last

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  • How To Deal With Mother's Day Stress

    By Debbie Mandel
    "My Intent Is To Turn Stress Into Strength"

    The words, Happy Mother's Day, can sting. A commercial day set aside to celebrate mothers can be fraught with stress, grief and pain. I don't mean wracking your brain to buy a generic gift. Rather, consider the daughters whose mothers have passed away, the daughters who never felt unconditional love, the mothers who have lost a baby or a child, the would-be mothers who cannot conceive, or the would-be mothers who want to adopt a child, but do not meet the legal qualifications. For us Mother's Day is more about thorns than roses.

    However, human tragedy can make one more receptive to a flash of light, a hopeful illumination which changes everything. On Mother's Day don't dodge your despair. Confront it because everything that has a front has a back - your sadness is your other side and needs to combine to form a whole person. This is the time to seek your creative self - what a mother represents: Nurturing the seed

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  • Time Travel: A Mother's Day Gift

    By Taz Tagore

    "My intent is to help us birth and parent a new generation of conscious, engaged and loving individuals"

    I've always fancied time travel. When I was younger, I wanted to travel into the future. I dreamed that life at 30 would be sophisticated; I would dab Coco Chanel on my wrists before stepping out of my New York City apartment for a glass of champagne with friends. Now I long to travel into the past-to revisit brief pockets of time when my life was insatiably good. If I had a time machine, I would set the clock back to my summer writing retreats or a handful of episodes in my life defined by a particularly poignant friendship or love affair.

    Funny enough, I had a chance to travel back in time last week when my daughter's molars emerged from her gums. I woke up one Saturday morning to find the hands of the clock had turned counter-clockwise-my toddler was in so much pain that she behaved like a newborn. It is a terrible thing to see a child, especially your child,

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  • A Stand for Our Mothers is a Stand for Our World

    By Kimberly King

    "My intent is to be an instrument of Love and Peace: and to be a Compassionate Stand for Truth, Integrity and a World that Works for ALL."

    "The best way to care for the children of our world is to care for their mothers."
    ~Kimberly King

    Mother's Day is a time to honor the immeasurable value and contribution of Mothers, and to celebrate our own Mother and those who have nurtured us throughout our lives. It's a time to say thank you for innumerable sacrifices and express our gratitude for the incomparable gift of mother's love.

    If we truly wish to demonstrate our regard for Motherhood, and our goal is to support mothers every day not just on Mother's Day, we must do more than offer cards and gifts, as important as that is. We must also offer mothers our daily encouragement and practical assistance, and we must support public policies that make children and mothers a priority in our nation and in our world.

    Despite our compassion and prosperity, the

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  • By Kim Duess

    "My intent is to inspire others to lead happy and healthy lives"

    If you told me a year ago that I would be doing Olympic Weightlifting and gymnastics and loving it, I would have told you were a bit crazy! :)

    I love to play outdoors. I love to backcountry ski, downhill ski, trail run, hike, mountain bike, sail, kite surf, dirt bike, get the picture!

    Going to the gym is not one of my favourite activites so when a friend suggested I check out CrossFit, I resisted. After doing some research on this CrossFit business, I decided to give it a go as this type of training would help increase my growth hormone which, after being tested, is quite low due to the concussions I had when I ski raced.

    I went to the first free intro which was great! I then signed up for the CrossFit Fundamentals Classes where I learned all the CrossFit techniques. I will back up and explain what Crossfit is! Here we go...

    What Is CrossFit?

    CrossFit combines

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  • NOT Good For You: Vitamin Water

    By Creo Mundi

    "My intent is to choose to lead a positive life. / My intent is to help others find their path to a positive life."

    Do you drink Vitamin Water? Do you drink it because you think it's nutritious? Better than pop? Well think again!

    It has been so long since I last blogged, but an article in today's paper literally drove me to my computer - it talked about how Coca Cola (the parent company of Vitamin Water) is no longer allowed to advertise that Vitamin Water is nutritious in the UK. Why? It is packed with sugar! Quite apart from half the vitamins being fat soluble, and therefore not absorbed in your body through just Vitamin Water, one bottle contains nearly the same amount of sugar as a can of pop - True!

    Each Vitamin Water bottle (591 ml) contains 33 gms of sugar - and one can of coke contains 39 gms. That's the equivalent of nearly four Krispy Kreme donuts. Wow! And you thought this was healthy! If you drank just one pop a day you would gain 15 lbs of weight

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  • Kim DuessKim Duess

    By Kim Duess

    "My intent is to inspire others to lead happy and healthy lives"

    I was introduced to the Neti pot (sanskrit for 'Nasal Pot) about 2 years ago. It looks like a little tea pot and most are ceramic. Using a Neti Pot is a traditional method to purify and revitalize the breathing passages. This process can reduce allergies and decrease your chances of contracting upper respiratory infections. It has been used in India for 3,000 years and has recently become more mainstream through the practices of Ayurveda.

    Dr. Oz spoke about the Neti pot on Oprah and says "Whether called nasal irrigation, nasal lavage, neti-potting or sinus irrigation - when you use it properly, it reduces dust and other contaminants in the nose, and it's a very effective way to clean the sinuses. Modern studies are showing that it's as effective as drugs for preventing sinus infections."

    How to Use the Neti Pot

    First you add warm water and a small amount (1/8 teaspoon) of sea salt

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  • Getting Back In Balance In Midst Of Stressful Life Challenges

    By Deepak Chopra

    My intent is to have at least 100 million join me in taking a vow for non violence in thought, speech and action ASAP


    I have been reading your words of wisdom and have used your works to help create balance in my life but i still feel that I have a big hurdle to overcome. The journey of my life began in former Yugoslavia and from there i arrived to the US in 1997 as a refugee with my family. Since then i have been an independent person, having to assume an adult role at an early age (11) . I have had recent suppressors in my life including betrayal by very close friends, a stressful medical/PA curriculum with numerous travel and new jobs across the US and a recent diagnosis of my two oldest brothers with pulmonary fibrosis. I feel that this chronic stress has made it difficult for me to find balance in my life. Before all these events i was a resilient person who adapted well to change . But now I feel fearful, anxious and insecure. Any suggestions on

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