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  • How To Talk To Your Kids About Controversial MTV Show "Skins"

    A bomb exploded on MTV, and your teens may have become part of the fallout. The fuse was lit years ago, however. Why didn't we do anything to disarm this bomb or snip the fuse? All of the signs were there since they were infants, on television, newspapers, magazines in the media, then on the internet, My Space, Facebook, Twitter, their cell phones… This fuse burned across all of these media, through your household and your neighbors', on the school bus and in the schools… We never looked to see where the fuse was leading, and now look what happened.

    The television show, Skins, debuted on Viacom's MTV with a viewership of 3.3 million viewers, its highest ratings in the 12-34 year-old range. Viacom, by the way, is the same company that brings you Dora the Explorer on Nickelodeon. You don't have to look too far to see the concerns with the show Skins, just watch the trailer; however, I don't want the focus of this to be the show itself, which is concerning enough; the focus should

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  • Few of us would deny that self-love is a good idea. Could you imagine telling a child, "Hey you, don't love yourself, that's selfish." Of course not. And chances are that if asked, "Do you love yourself?" most people would say, "Yes, of course I do," when in fact the majority of us don't really have a clue what self-love actually means, or requires.

    This lack of understanding about self-love isn't surprising when you consider that the current definition of self-love on is 'conceit, vanity and narcissism' (no kidding!) Or when you look at the pressures today's woman faces, equal to men in many ways, knowing she can do anything, but exhausted by her attempts to do and be everything.

    As an independent, self-confident women with tons of self-esteem, I sure thought I had self-love, until I found myself at the age of 30 almost marrying Mr. Wrong because I was afraid to be alone. Add on how much I hated my cellulite and called myself fat (I am a size 8), beat myself

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  • Detox Your Body: The Story Of My 30-Day Master Cleanse

    It all started with a croissant. Not just any old croissant, but a buttery, warm, flaky croissant filled with one long, dark smear of chocolate. After your first great pastry, or coffee, or plate of sashimi, it's hard not to be passionate about food. And although I complained bitterly when I was disappointed with an order of pastry/coffee/ sashimi that was supposed to be great, there is at least some sweetness-some reward-to mediocre indulgence. Bitterness, I imagined, is when you can't eat those foods at all.

    Last November, I experienced several outbreaks of facial hives-a story best told by my last blog post. During the first outbreak, a neighbor took one look at my face and swore that I had a food allergy. She recounted having similar symptoms and said that they disappeared after starting an Elimination Diet-nutritional parlance for eliminating foods that often cause allergies, such as wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol. In some circles, Elimination Diets are also called a

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  • Why Successful Women Will Do Less In 2011: 3 Ways To Achieve More With Less

    What if I told you that you could get more done by doing less? Would you believe me?

    Would you nod your head like you did believe me, even agree to try some of the crazy things I asked you to try, yet still fall back into your old busy, over doing patterns... you know the ones that keep you feeling overworked and overwhelmed without a clue about how to attain the peace of mind the women on the front of your yoga magazine seems to effortlessly emanates?

    I get it. I am a recovering achievement junkie and doing addict myself, programmed to push and push until I get to my goal. One of the reasons it makes it so hard to change that programming is that I have this Inner Mean Girl inside my head who I call 'Move-the-bar Brenda.' She is always moving the goal right before I get 'there.' No matter if I reach the goal I originally set out for, or that I did more than a team of 10 horses on their best day could accomplish, in her eyes, and therefore in mine, I fall short, and therefore

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  • 3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Find Fabulous Friends Faster

    If you were asked, "What's the biggest challenge you face to create the friendships you really want," what would you say?

    I'm going to let you in on a secret, your biggest challenge is not time or the inability to meet new people. Your biggest challenge is you. You determine both the quantity and quality of your friendships based on who you are and how well you know who you want as a girlfriend, regardless of who's in your circle today. Think about it. You wouldn't consider dating or getting married without giving thought to who your mate is. Yet, even though we have close, intimate relationships with our girlfriends, we rarely give conscious thought to the kind of women they are. Instead, we choose friends by chance or duty, and with the busy lives we lead, you can't afford to waste your friendtime on friendships based on obligation or on friendships that take more than they give.

    If you've never stopped to ask yourself questions like, "What kind of women do I want in my life?

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  • eHappiness: Top Electronic Tools for Finding Joy in Life

    1) "The Happiness Project" Email
    Gretchen Rubin, author of New York Times bestseller The Happiness Project, puts out a free daily email sharing lessons from her year spent test-driving the wisdom of the ages, current scientific studies, and lessons from popular culture about how to be happier. This is high-quality stuff. I love Rubin's analytical mind and refusal to be Pollyannaish. She goes deeper in examining what brings about day-to-day peace as well as long-term fulfillment. You can sign up separately to receive a daily inspirational quote email, also good stuff.

    2) "The Happiness Project" Toolbox

    If you really get into the principles espoused in Rubin's book and blog, you can create your own happiness project. The Happiness Project Toolbox can help. It's a website offering a free collection of eight tools: Resolutions, Group Resolutions, Personal Commandments, Inspiration Board, Lists, One-Sentence Journal, Secrets of Adulthood, and Happiness Hacks. The best part about the site

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  • How To Have A Great Lunchtime With Toddlers (Ages 1 - 4)

    Toddlers are selective, predictable and stubborn. Here are some tips to make lunchtime
    fun for your toddler!

    Schedule: A key to toddler lunchtime good behavior is keeping to the same schedule every
    day. Sit down at the same time each day for lunch with your toddler.

    Keep portion sizes small: In most cases, a serving of any type of food is about one
    tablespoon for every year of your child's age.

    Be patient trying new foods (or even new versions of old time favorites):
    broccoli, chopped broccoli and broccoli soup - we know its all broccoli, but expect your
    toddler to be suspicious. It can take a child more than up to ten times to try a new food.

    Offering one large food item (i.e. a sandwich) for lunch will not go over as well as
    offering 3-4 small food choices. Provide a balanced healthy lunch every day that includes:
    Protein, Fruits and/or Vegetables, Grains, and Calcium. Food choices can be simple:

    •Cheese - cubes, slices or sticks

    •Toast or mini bagels with

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  • Sexting 101: What You Need To Know As A Parent

    "My kid may be doing what?" Yes, Mom and Dad, the phenomenon of "Sexting" is taking off (no pun intended). If you don't know what "Sexting" is, it involves people, mostly teens, taking nude pictures of themselves and sending them using their cell phones to others. This action has resulted in some teens being charged with violations of Child Pornography laws. These laws can carry some serious penalties, the most serious being registration on Sex Offenders databases for 10 years. With this in mind, what would happen if the offending material was found on your personal computer?

    Why is this happening, and what do you need to be aware of to keep you and your kids safe?

    Generation Reality

    So many kids in this generation have grown up in the age of reality shows, and so many of them will do almost anything for attention and to try to "fit in." We have had Survivor, Fear Factor, Big Brother, and Jackass grace the screens of our television, movie theaters and internet for almost a decade, Read More »from Sexting 101: What You Need To Know As A Parent
  • Practical Tips To Protect Your Privacy Online

    Identity theft is all about control. Who has control over your personal and financial information? Is it you, or the criminal on the other end of your computer using your information to apply for a credit card? Losing control of your personal information can be all too easy online. But by taking some precautions, you can maintain privacy while safely surfing the internet.

    1. Adjust social-network privacy settings

    Facebook has been working to simplify their privacy settings, but they can still be confusing to the average users. Spend about 10 minutes a month making sure that your privacy settings are what they should be and are actually protecting your privacy.

    To get there, log in to Facebook, in the top right of your screen it should say "Account" when you scroll over or click on that tab you can see you Privacy Settings. Click here for a step by step process of how to adjust your privacy settings.

    Twitter, another popular social network, also lets you lock your

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  • Let’s Talk More About So-Called “Chinese” Parenting…

    In the last week, there has been a publicity blast for a new memoir, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" written by Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School and first generation Chinese-American. Her somewhat provocative article, and excerpt from the book, "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior" has been making the rounds on the internet and has sparked responses and rebuttals from many. My poor Chinese-American sister-in-law has now decided she's going to hold off on buying the book, possibly because the buzz generated by the article has turned her off. She told me the article has been forwarded to her at least a dozen times! (I happen to think she's a pretty superior woman -- and a great mother too!) In today's usual style, Chua is using semi-controversial stories to draw attention to herself and her latest book.

    Of course, there is a major (and partially valid) fear in the U.S. that our children are being "left behind". And in so many ways, parents here in the U.S. are worried

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