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  • Why Women Apologize More Than Men

    Women apologize frequently even when they believe they have done nothing wrong. Here are common instances when women say, "I'm sorry": Someone perceives her to be at fault; someone is experiencing physical or emotional pain; she doesn't understand what is being said. Psychologists at the University of Waterloo in Ontario conducted a study divided by gender and found that men were more thick-skinned about insults and less likely than women to think they did something wrong. This gender divide about apologies ranks right up there with women having a hard time saying no and accepting a compliment without reducing it to being undeserved. Also, a great deal of female humor is self-deprecating. Can you identify a pattern?

    Women are natural people pleasers due to biology and culture. When a woman apologizes even when she is not guilty of anything, she wants to please. When a woman says yes even though she is overextended and depleted, there is an inability to stand up for the self

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  • Fall, as we've all known since we were little, is the season of change and transitions. Students get new classmates in school. Leaves change color. Summer flip-flops are traded in for chocolate brown boots. The weather gets cooler and crisper, which may mean less iced coffee and more hot soy lattes. Good-bye, summer barbeques. Hello, apple-picking. Who's ready for fall?

    Just as how seasons are not meant to be static, neither are people. We are at our greatest element when we are open to new ideas, flexible to life curves and are willing to get out of our own comfort zone. Here are 10 ideas to shake up our usual routines, and all for the better.

    1. Change your attitude about something you currently don't like. So you can't stand your know-it-all co-worker. And he's not going to quit anytime soon, and neither are you. Rather than constantly bitching to your spouse about how he drives you up the wall, maybe you can approach his next one-sided rambles with some sympathy and

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  • Do Men Prefer a Face or a Fanny?

    Females worry about their bodies as early as elementary school and as late as midlife. They diet, pound their bodies into submission and are rarely satisfied. Walking around in stiletto heels many have developed back and ankle problems. Men are often puzzled by female body dysmorphia. A new study from the University of Texas settles the different perspective of the sexes: for a short term relationship men drool over a woman's body. However, for a relationship that goes the distance men prefer a woman's face.

    During an interview on my radio show a plastic surgeon Dr. Hubert Weinberg, who is a clinical professor at Mount Sinai in New York, frankly stated that a woman should not need a face lift as long as she does not yo-yo in weight or smokes. It is the weight gain and then the weight loss which cause the face to sag. Also, he advises older women not to lose too much weight to look as svelte as when they were young because their faces will become haggard, harsh and appear more

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  • Can You Use A Placebo To Improve Your Sex Life?

    A new research study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine backs up what women have been sharing with other women throughout the ages: "When it concerns sex, use your head! The mind is your most erotic organ." The study asserts that 35% of women given a placebo pill as opposed to Cialis improved across the board from desire and arousal to orgasm. Dr. Andrea Bradford one of the study's authors explains the reasoning behind the surprising results that thinking about sex, scheduling and doing it will improve satisfaction. In other words, success breeds success.

    Female sexuality is complex. Basically women do not get anatomically dysfunctional the way a man does and so a pill can help him physiologically, but not be effective for her unless she believes it will make her sexy. For women stress is the libido killer. With a woman's to-do list growing while the number of hours in a day remain the same, her stress levels are surging. When a woman is depleted, unhappy, overwhelmed

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  • Food Myths: True or False?

    Here, today - I share my Favorite Food Myths. They're my favorites, because I actually believed them before I began to dig a bit deeper and question their validity.

    What is a Food Myth?

    Somewhere between here and there, someone came up with a thought that seemed somewhat reasonable and a good many of us bought into it, hook, line and sinker. A food myth is something that is based on an old wives' tale, urban legend, wishful thinking or outdated science. It is something that is not true!

    Every so often (like right now), one might question their food and diet beliefs and ask, "How do I know that it is true?"

    1. The Negative Calorie Food Myth:
    The act of chewing certain low calorie foods, such as celery or cucumbers, burns more calories than the food itself.

    Truth: Chewing burns approximately 11 calories per hour. The reason celery and cucumbers appear on most healthy living plans is because they are low calorie, high nutrient foods; not because you will lose

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  • The Surprising Antidote to Loneliness

    Loneliness is recognized as a growing health problem. Isolation has been shown to adversely affect the cardiovascular system and implicated in depression. The internet and TV continue to build a higher wall. A broad research study from the University of Chicago Medical Center has found the root cause of loneliness and so, the treatment. The surprising findings: Addressing loneliness is not about attending support groups with other lonely people or teaching better social skills. Rather loneliness can be healed by improving one's self-esteem - creating a more positive self-perception in relation to others.

    This is a new approach to an old problem. Loneliness is really about the relationship one has with the self. Consider telling a person who feels he or she doesn't measure up to others to engage in a social activity! Their response would be: "This party is out of my league. Everyone will ignore me." "I can't take a class at the gym. Everybody is so much better and will laugh at

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  • Why Does Taking It Easy Make Us Feel Guilty? Tips To Take That Break You Deserve

    As a workaholic nation with extremely short vacation days, we can get pretty masochistic when it comes to working. Many of us find it normal to work late at the office, volunteer to take up extra projects we don't have to do, and enslave ourselves to our work BlackBerrys even on weekends and evenings.

    So why is it so hard for many of us to take it easy?

    Here are some common reasons:

    - We feel that we haven't worked hard enough to "deserve" this break.

    - We feel guilty if we take a break: other people are working just as hard, if not harder, and they aren't taking any breaks.

    - We are afraid of being punished for taking a break: if we take a break, we might be seen as lazy and lose our jobs.

    - We take pride in overworking ourselves and it becomes a competition. If we pull in the longest hours and sleep the least, we are better than our peers.

    - We are ego-driven to work harder: we want the next promotion, the next raise, the more superior job title.

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  • Tips To Cut Back On Your Caffeine Intake

    Instant human: just add coffee.

    A lot of us need coffee to get through the day. We need coffee like cars need gasoline, or like crack addicts need their crack. The idea of a world without coffee is too blasphemous to consider--because all chaos would break loose. We would crash our cars into our neighbor's mail boxes from sleep deprivation. We would accidentally forward lolcats to our bosses, and important Excel documents to our friends. We would fall dead asleep in the middle of an important presentation. Because life without black coffee, frothy cappucinos, soy lattes and expresso shots is simply not possible.

    But lo and behold! Word on the street is that too much caffeine is not good for you, and it will do our mind and bodies a whole lot of good if we make the effort to cut back on our caffeine intake. What gives?

    Yes, a strong cup of coffee wakes you up. But it is a jittery kind of energy that can make your thoughts go at warp speed, decrease your concentration,

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  • You know it's back-to-school season when notebooks and pencils are suddenly dirt-cheap everywhere you look. Students across the nation are trekking back to school with new backpacks, classes and classmates. Are you eager to get back into the learning groove, too?

    Fortunately, you don't have to be enrolled as a full-time student at an official school if you want to be a passionate student of life. All of us--regardless of our age, income or time availability--can be passionate learners every single day for the rest of our lives in any subject matter we are interested in, whether it is as specific as learning how to knit or as broad as becoming a more informed global citizen. Here are 8 general tips to really get yourself into the learning groove in the school of life this season.

    1. Always have a reading book in hand no matter where you go. Reading stimulates creativity, critical thinking, and opens the horizons of your imagination. Even if it is only for ten minutes a day,

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  • Can Headaches & Heartaches Be Helped With The Same Bottle Of Tylenol?

    We all have different ways of dealing with the tribulations of life. Some of us hit the gym to exercise away our worries, some of us call a good friend for a shoulder to cry on, or if you're anything like me, a bowl of instant mashed potatoes and When Harry Met Sally usually do the trick. But no matter how you deal with it, pain in all its forms & glory, is a universal factor of life. We all have to deal with being hurt. Whether it's a divorce, a death or rejection at work, the path back to happiness is not always an easy one and it's one of those few sicknesses that you can't just pop a pill for... Or is it?

    A new study says help just might be a medicine cabinet away!

    A social psychologist at the University of Kentucky who has been studying people's reactions to rejection read of how rats responded positively to Vicodin, a prescription strength pain reliever, and wondered if an over the counter pain reliever could do the same thing. His theory was based on a part of

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