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  • What do you want to do with your body after you die?

    I've always been fascinated with mummies - its incredible to see how the pharaohs have been preserved for thousands of years. You can literally see their facial features. And the treasures that were buried with them are such a testament to the richness of the times. However, being mummified really hasn't been practical for hundreds of years.

    In college, I used to love visiting cemetaries. Reading each tombstone - with a name, date and description of a person - always fueled my imagination of different places, times and experiences. But space again is becoming an issue, and the embalming process has chemical and environmental issues. This article that I read yesterday, Embalming Might Keep You Looking Fresh at Your Funeral, But Do You Know What It Does to the Environment?, inspired me to write this blog. It asks the question do we really need to disinfected, preserved, cosmeticized and deodorized after death. Fascinating to think about - we are dead after all.

    We are living

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  • An Exciting New Model For Couples Living Together: SEPARATE BEDROOMS

    Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera did not have the most stable marriage ever. Though their mutual passion and intense admiration for each other was undeniable, both of them betrayed each other in a string of affairs, with Diego even sleeping around with Frida's sister early on in their marriage. SCANDAL!

    Though Frida and Diego's lifelong alliance was hardly picture-perfect, I believe they got one thing right: living inseparate house-studios connected by a bridge. As a married couple, they still had their own work space, sleeping space and living space. I wonder a lot if there would be more happier marriages if more couples did that.

    Granted, not all of us are filthy rich enough to commission an architect to design our own dream two-houses-connected-by-a-bridge space for ourselves and our romantic partners. But we can do the next best thing: live together, but have separate bedrooms.

    Once considered the living arrangement of estranged couples who have fallen out

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  • Freezing my Eggs, Part 1: The Box

    This morning, a FedEx box arrived containing $3,300 worth of medications. And so begins the process of freezing (hopefully without scrambling) my eggs.

    "It's a miracle!" says my best friend Jen, the mother of two.
    "You're so lucky that you have the choice to extend your fertility," remarks a 44 year-old woman who tried IVF the past several years but failed, and is now using an egg donor and surrogate to have a child.
    "OMG, do it!" texts a man my age whose 42 year-old fiancée has had two miscarriages over the past two years.

    Yet I can't help but feel sad as I open the box and sort through the piles of hormones, syringes, needles, and gauze pads, placing a few precious bottles of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) in the fridge. This is not what I wanted to be doing at age 37½, alone. I wanted to be having a child years ago, with my (now ex) husband. Confronted with such undeniable evidence of my status as a single and childless woman who is running out of time,

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  • While researching for the many magical non-cooking uses for garlic (you can apparently use it to make glue and cosmetics!), I learned that garlic can be also used to treat yeast infection. What?

    So says an article on Sufferers of this annoying condition can take a clove of garlic, peel off the papery skin, insert the clove in the vagina at night and remove it in the morning. For a more potent treatment, you can cut the garlic in half (to expose the infected area more directly with the powerful garlic juices) and repeat the treatment for several days.

    In both cases, it is recommended to sew a string through the clove for easy retrieval. (Think tampon, but with garlic.)

    Why garlic? In addition to spicing up the blandest dinner recipe, garlic is a potent yeast and bacterial-killer. And unlike antibiotics and other over-the-counter medicine, garlic is 100% natural: the only side-effect you will have to worry about is mild garlic breath. (It is common for

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  • Why I Am Not Excited At All To Watch The Movie Version Of "Eat, Pray, Love"

    Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search For Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia, the best-selling memoir by writer Elizabeth Gilbert, is the ultimate emotional porn for women.

    And like millions of other women, I ate up every single page of it. Finding yourself and falling in love after a very painful divorce? Encountering life-changing spiritual epiphanies while traveling solo in several exotic countries? Oh, yes, yes, YES! Give me MORE!

    Needless to say, my heart sank when I heard that a movie version of the memoir was in the making and it was going to star Julia Roberts. When the movie trailer of Eat, Pray, Love finally came out on Apple trailers, my morbid curiosity compelled me to watch.

    I am not excited at all to see this movie.

    Gilbert's memoir works so well because it is exactly that: a memoir. It is a series of extraordinary events that so happened to a woman gifted with the ability of narrating her life experiences in an extremely likable,

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  • Women-Friendly Porn? Yes, It's Possible

    Looking for some online smut to watch with your partner-in-crime--or just by yourself? Certainly, there's no shortage of porn, nudity and other X-rated material when you are surfing the web. But what if you are getting bored of seeing the same bleached blond sorority-type with the pierced nipples and boob job getting gang-banged by five douchey-looking bros in some guy's apartment?

    Not all porn sites are created equal. And contrary to popular belief, not all porn has to be just about some dude getting off on dominating some chick with a spray-on tan. Is it possible that porn can be about celebrating female pleasure, too?

    And contrary to another popular belief, not all males enjoy watching Barbie-doll lookalikes-- and actually would prefer to see very real-looking women achieve orgasm on their own without the help of any studly male "professors" or "gynecologists."

    I asked one male acquaintance for his recommendations of non-mainstream, women-friendly porn sites that fit

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  • The Today Show's "Modern Wedding" That Isn't Really

    The Today Show is hosting a contest,Today's Wedding: Modern Love! "TODAY is throwing a modern day wedding! Whether your love blossomed over the Internet or you met the old-fashioned way, we want to hear from you!" touts its Facebook entry page. It's a seemingly sweet idea- you and your significant other can enter to win a wedding on the Today Show and you get a free honeymoon!



    Well, sure, if you're heterosexual.

    Apparently "modern love" still excludes the millions of gay and lesbian couples out there.

    According to fine print, winners must be heterosexual.

    GLAAD contacted the network last week to find out why its application listed only "bride" and "groom" as options for applicants since the Today Show welcomed same-sex couples to apply to its "Hometown Wedding Contest" in years past. Good As You blog alerted us to the application problem.

    NBC sent GLAAD this statement regarding the 2010 Modern Day Wedding Contest:

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  • Michigan Man Fired From Wal-Mart For Medical Marijuana Prescription

    Maybe I'm a little desensitized from living in a city where just last fall we reportedly had more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks but firing a man for a legitimate marijuana prescription to deal with the pain of his brain tumor seems a little harsh to me. This isn't some bro that went to Venice and ranted about headaches to some "doctor" off the boardwalk. This man was legitimately in need of pain medication yet Wal-Mart found that completely unacceptable.

    Joseph Casias might just feel like a dope for doping -- even though it was legal.

    The Michigan father of two sued Walmart this week for firing him after he tested positive for marijuana -- which he was using to alleviate pain from a brain tumor and sinus cancer.

    Casias, 30, was canned late last year after five years on the job in
    Battle Creek.

    According to the complaint, Casias tested positive for marijuana in a drug test administered after he injured his knee at work, under a

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  • A New Social Media Site For Kids Too Young For Facebook: Togetherville

    This was bound to happen sooner or later. A new online social network is now out in beta form--and it's specifically for kids too young for Facebook.

    Called Togetherville, this online network aims to emulate the digital version of a safe and friendly neighborhood that is fun and interactive for both child and parent. As the founder and parent Mandeep Singh Dhillon says in an article in CNN:

    "We built Togetherville using the spirit of the neighborhoods most of us remember when we were kids," said co-founder, CEO, and parent Mandeep Singh Dhillon, "where everyone knows everyone else and watches out for each other. In Togetherville, parents have peace of mind that their kids are playing with people they know and trust and kids have fun while learning the tools they need to become good digital citizens."

    As online safety is a huge concern with any parent, the developers of Togetherville emphasize parental controls and parental permission for their children who enter this

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  • Ah, Florida. The Sunshine State and land of incredibly bizarre news.

    Over the past couple years, Florida has become the capital of odd-ball news stories from the incredibly silly to the frighteningly horrifying. For example, one Miami Herald headline from 2009 reads "Someone dragged a six-foot nurse shark onto the Metromover and through the streets of Miami, trying unsuccessfully to sell it for $10 before finally abandoning it in Overtown." Not to mention a man who beat his daughter to death for not being a boy or another man arrested for biking in a Batman Suit.

    Now, one Florida doctor is prenatally administering drugs to assure that the babies turn out heterosexual.

    A pediatrician in Florida is giving preggo patients experimental hormone treatments in the hopes of preventing their future daughters from becoming lesbians.This isn't quite what I had in mind when I suggested that more drugs should be tested on pregnant women.

    The hormone, dexamethasone (also
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