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  • A Lesson in Love: How to Be Your Own Best Friend

    78/365, fly78/365, flyBy The Chopra Well

    In the latest episodes of The Chopra Well's 30 DAYS OF INTENT, Iman and Natalie experience therapy sessions with counselor Alyssa Nobriga, focusing on the difficult path to self-love and acceptance. Iman bravely recognizes the role he played in a recent traumatic breakup, saying, "It's hard to forgive myself." Natalie criticizes herself for missing several key passes, which, she says, ultimately marked the end of her professional soccer career.

    Both struggle with self-acceptance in the face of these regrets, a feeling to which many can probably relate. Does self-love mean loving all of it - the faults and failures, too? To echo Natalie's words in the previous episode, "How do you love the parts of yourself that are most misbehaving?" Better just to love our friends, our family, anybody else, than to spend too much time trying to fall in love with the one person we know best… Right?

    "You can't love anyone else until you learn to love yourself."

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  • Are We All Addicts? Here's How Yoga Can Help!

    Creative CommonsCreative Commons

    By The Chopra Well

    Can yoga stand in as an alternative to violence and addiction?

    The latest episode of URBAN YOGIS on The Chopra Well features the story of a healer and recovering addict who discovered the path to recovery through yoga, meditation, and martial arts. Abdi was fifteen when he moved to New York City from Iran, and the city immediately overwhelmed him. The stress of life as an immigrant, on top of the struggles of being a teenager, eventually led Abdi to drugs and violence. He remembers thinking at one point that his lifestyle would either land him dead or in prison, but as it turned out, there was another path in store for him.

    Many people refer to a single point of awakening at which recovery and transformation begin. It may be a near-death experience, a rite of passage, or even a poignant word from a friend that makes us pause and re-evaluate. For Abdi, the back-to-back deaths of several of his friends forced him to step back and take stock of the

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  • 5 Tips for a Successful Colonic Treatment

    By The Chopra Well

    Iman getting his colonic treatmentIman getting his colonic treatment

    Have you ever had a colonic treatment?

    You'll also hear it called "colon hydrotherapy" or "colon irrigation," which might sound like the nether regions are about to become a construction site. Fear not! As you'll see in the latest episode of The Chopra Well's 30 DAYS OF INTENT, Natalie and Iman survive this interesting alternative therapy and leave feeling pretty great. So what's colon therapy all about?

    Colon hydrotherapy isn't a fad of new age alternative health. The treatment was actually developed in the early 20th century, and use of enemas (similar to colonics) and beliefs surrounding colon impurity have been around since ancient Egypt. Proponents of colon therapy believe that our bodies don't fully dispose of waste materials and toxins, which can accumulate and lead to a host of medical problems. This is called "auto-intoxication," which sounds terrifying, but as of yet has not been validated by mainstream medicine.

    Nonetheless, fans

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  • Yoga Behind Bars: Teaching Mindfulness in a Juvenile Detention Center


    By The Chopra Well

    This week's episode of URBAN YOGIS gives us a rare look at the inside of a youth detention facility, where one dedicated yoga instructor is busy changing the lives of teenagers within its walls. Leslie Booker began her career in the fashion industry and would have never guessed she'd one day exchange the runway for a juvenile detention center in the Bronx. But then again, Leslie certainly wouldn't be the first to see her life transformed by the practice of yoga.

    Leslie teaches yoga and meditation practices to youth in detention facilities in New York City through Lineage Project. Lineage places yoga instructors in prisons, public schools and other community sites where young people can most benefit from the calming and therapeutic techniques of the practice. In their own words, Lineage's mission is to "use mindfulness practices to break the cycle of poverty, violence and incarceration in New York City." Their students range from ages ten to 24 and

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  • Orgasmic Meditation: An Interview with Sexpert Nicole Daedone

    Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 12.23.31 PMScreen Shot 2012-10-22 at 12.23.31 PM

    By The Chopra Well

    The latest episode of 30 DAYS OF INTENT on The Chopra Well YouTube channel may be the most "radical" of all. You are in for a treat! As part of their 30-day transformation journey, Natalie and Iman meet with author and speaker Nicole Daedone for an introduction to Orgasmic Meditation.

    Watch the episode here!

    This wellness practice brings two people together for a 15-minute session of clitoral stimulation. (Do we have your attention?) We interviewed Nicole on the meaning and importance of orgasmic meditation. Hear why she thinks believe OM will be the next yoga or meditation in the wellness toolkit!

    The Chopra Well: What is OM and where does it fit in a holistic wellness program for personal development?

    Nicole Daedone: OM stands for Orgasmic Meditation. It's a practice that is a gateway to more vitality, connection and Turn On. It's deliberate and structured with repeatable results. It's a meditation, equally powerful for both

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  • How a Celeb Photographer Found Yoga and Never Looked Back

    Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 12.42.14 PMScreen Shot 2012-10-23 at 12.42.14 PMBy The Chopra Well

    It's no secret that yoga is a popular pastime among celebrities and socialites. Being mindful and living a healthy lifestyle has perhaps never been so celebrated as it is today. But what about when a big shot photographer - who has captured the likes of Andy Warhol, Billy Idol, and The Rolling Stones - turns away from his glamorous life in pursuit of a very different path?

    Check it out in the latest episode of URBAN YOGIS on The Chopra Well.

    Michael Halsband made his entry into the art world at the height of rock'n'roll photography. The list of people and bands he has photographed, collaborated with, and even traveled with is remarkable. The beauty and richness of celebrity life captured Michael's imagination and aesthetic sensibility, and that passion comes across in his exquisite photographs. But glamor fades and stars age, and Michael began to look around ask himself, "What now?"

    In URBAN YOGIS Michael describes an encounter with Coldplay's

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  • How Yoga Messed with My Mind

    love your body - 2

    By Angela Jamison

    Santa Monica in 2001 felt like the crux of Kali Yuga. The dark age of the spirit. That's where I got in to yoga.

    I went to UCLA for a Sociology PhD. I would train in what C. Wright Mills called seeing the familiar in the strange, and the strange in the familiar. Statistics, archival research, and ethnography. Science.

    The second month of graduate school, a car got in the way of that plan. It hit and nearly killed me in a crosswalk just off Santa Monica Boulevard. When I came to, an EMT was inserting a needle into my forearm, and-shell shocked-I began to fight. She told me that my neck was broken, and that if I didn't stop struggling, I'd be paralyzed. Voila. This well-timed suggestion took my body offline from the neck down until early the following morning.

    For 24 years I had identified as the weakest, most physically awkward, least flexible kid in the class: my body had been a problem whose cravings and failings delayed my intellectual

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  • Thoughts on Hair, Beauty, and Race

    By Mona Opubor

    Nigeria is the Promised Land

    I'm an Indian woman, and you know what? I have BEAUTIFUL HAIR. It's shiny and lustrous. I have the kind of hair you see in hair commercials.

    I married a Nigerian man. When I met him, he had dreadlocks. Now he shaves his head once a week, almost to the scalp.

    We have three children whose hair is unlike their parents… or one another's. And you know what? They have BEAUTIFUL HAIR.

    There seems to be universal agreement that my hair is great. But not everyone agrees with me about my kids. I know the politics are complex but I don't believe that the more African your hair is, the less attractive it is.

    Radha has soft, thick hair. It tangles easily. When it is long and she wears it down-i.e., not now-I have to detangle it for forty-five minutes before we can leave the house. She has tight curls. Her hair grows up into the sky, not down to her shoulders. It grows very fast. It is hard to give her a good haircut but it has been

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  • Do You Need a Body to Do Yoga?

    Yuko during treatmentYuko during treatmentBy The Chopra Well

    From the confines of a hospital bed, what options do you have to move around?
    Wires, tubes, sheets, and monitors all conspire to keep the body still and safe, but the inactivity can be agonizing. Many of us take our freedom of motion for granted, and the painful lack only hits home when we are seriously ill or injured and unable to move.

    Artist Yuko Kodama found herself in this predicament when she learned she had a rare and aggressive form of cancer in her mouth. The latest episode of The Chopra Well show, Urban Yogis, features Yuko's story and the role yoga played her recovery. A yogini for over sixteen years, Yuko lay in her hospital bed, desperate to move and stretch her body. In an amazing moment of inspiration, Yuko closed her eyes and began doing her Ashtanga yoga practice in her head. "This is great - I don't even need a body to do yoga!"

    In addition to her other treatments, this imagined yoga practice helped Yuko develop the strength and confidence

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  • Life, Loss, and the Healing Power of Horses

    By The Chopra Well

    In today's episode on The Chopra Well's 30 DAYS OF INTENT, Iman and Natalie visit Silver Horse Healing Ranch. Sara Fancy practices horse therapy at her therapeutic and educational facility, and she leads Iman and Natalie each through a session. We interviewed Sara on her former body building career and why horse therapy is such a powerful healing practice.

    Watch the episode here!

    11061_1256140436165_3986584_n11061_1256140436165_3986584_nThe Chopra Well: We have to ask…It says in your intro card that you are a former body builder! Can you tell us about that?

    Sara Fancy: I quit competitive bodybuilding in 1996 after focusing on it for ten years. I came to the realization that a professional bodybuilding career for women did not really exist, meaning there was no potential for making any money even though I was competing for my pro card. Bodybuilding takes a tremendous amount of discipline and focus. After quitting I was at a loss as to what to do with my life. I started boxing and had a trainer but when

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