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  • 10 Memorable Fictional Fathers

    To celebrate Father's Day this Sunday (June 21st) here is a look at 10 loving and inspiring fictional fathers. Some are men, some are even women. Some are old, some are young. Some are biological and some are surrogate. Some are crazy scientists and some are super spies. But above all, all these men have one passion in their life and that is their children. They might not be real people but their love and devotion reminds us why we love our Fathers so much. (Warning: It does contain spoilers about some movies/television shows)

    1.) Jack Bristow, ALIAS (played by Victor Garber)

    Jack Bristow is not a textbook father at all. He is a spy for the CIA and spent most of his daughter's childhood away on top secret espionage missions. Because of him, his daughter was also sucked into the same dangerous occupation. But the minute you meet Jack you realize that his entire life is defined by one thing - his daughter, Sydney Bristow. He goes to jail for her, kills people for her,

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  • Combat Hair Loss Naturally

    Looking in the mirror became a difficult experience for Janet. It seemed like every day her forehead receded further and her already thinning hair became thinner. Feeling like everyone might be criticizing her appearance she became embarrassed to go out and worried what might be causing her hair loss.

    Her husband Thomas had many of the same concerns. Only 42, he had noticeable baldness.

    Janet and Thomas are not alone in their experiences. By age 40, two-thirds of Caucasian men are noticeably bald. While many people wrongly assume hair loss is a men's disease, one in four women experiences some degree of unnatural hair loss in her lifetime. But being in good company may not ease your mind about the causes of hair loss and what you can do to slow it down or stop it altogether.
    Hair loss of about 50 to 100 strands daily is normal. There can be many factors linked to accelerated hair loss, including: medications and chemotherapy, genetics, fad diets, chronic stress, hormonal imbalances,

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  • Do You Have Fat Genes?

    We have identified the fat gene! It is not just a gene but it's a gene with a variant. It's called the DRD2 gene. The variant that is heavily associated with obesity, alcoholism and addiction is the A1 allele.

    I believe that our ability to look at genes, which is relatively new, is the key to finding cures for many of the diseases that plague us today. Dr. Ernest Noble, at UCLA, studied the brains of dead alcoholics. (Sounds like fun, don't you think?) In 1990 he published a ground breaking paper on his findings. He was the first to find the DRD2 gene with the A1 allele to be prevalent in alcoholics. I was privileged to hear him present at the recent Food Addiction/Obesity Conference in Washington.

    Dr. Noble told me that we all have the DRD2 gene. It is the reward gene in the brain that mediates our dopamine and makes us feel good. People with the A1 allele are dopamine deficient and therefore have a baseline state of feeling sort of lousy. Alcohol, other drugs of abuse, and food

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  • 5 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart

    Chances are, you knew it was coming. He seemed distant, busier than normal. He stopped returning your texts.

    "Is something wrong?" You asked.

    A lot of times we miss the small signs of a breakup, even though it's looming on the horizon. But after it's over, it finally dawns on you. He's just not that into you, and he hasn't been, for quite awhile.

    The First 7 days

    The first week after a breakup can be torture, emotionally. There are so many unanswered questions, and the initial rejection is hard to accept or understand. After all, you're fabulous. Why doesn't he see it too? Breakups make us feel vulnerable and insecure, a natural result of someone telling you they want distance or complete separation from you.

    A Whirlwind of Emotions

    During the first few weeks, you're likely to experience a rush of emotions, ranging from sadness, shock, anger, and desperation. Heartache arrives with so many unanswered questions. Where did we go wrong? Is there someone else? Did I say or do the

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  • 5 Ancient Secrets of Seduction

    "Tantra" means "instrument of the body." It sounds exotic, but it is actually very simple. Tantra teaches us to use all five of our senses consciously, because our senses are how we are connected with the physical world. And of course, it is with our five senses that we connect with each other, too. If you're looking to up the romance quotient in your relationship, here are a few tips from ancient India. And for good measure, let's use the romantic rose in each example. Red roses were said to be the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red signifies desire!

    Touch ("Sparsa" in Sanskrit)
    The skin marks the visible limits of the body, it is where we make contact with the world. Our skin is our largest organ, and 16% of our body weight. With touch we experience much of our environment: temperature, clothes, sheets, shower, etc. Wake up the sense of touch with massage. Use different materials and textures, such as a feather, a velvet hat, baby powder, a silk scarf, or rose

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  • 10 tips on where to put your money NOW

    OK. The financial panic seems to be over. No major investment bank has followed Lehman Brothers into that good night. AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are totally, hopelessly bankrupt, but Uncle Sam is fully committed to keeping the zombies shuffling. And while some (many?) of America's banks are surely running on fumes, there's no doubt that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation will cover deposits to the statutory maximum -- maybe much further.

    If you're like me and just about everybody I know, you lost a hefty chunk of your savings in the past year and have been too shell-shocked to revisit the scene of the crime. But duck-and-cover is not an adequate investment strategy for the long term. Some day you'll have to get back in the saddle. And the sooner you do, the more likely you'll be able to meet your savings goals - whether it is college for the kids, a house in a better neighborhood or retirement before you're too old to enjoy it. Here's a few tips (ten of them, because

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  • User post: How Do We Feed Vegetarian Kids?

    For different reasons, significant numbers of kids are choosing a vegetarian diet. As I recently discussed on Good Morning America and GMA Health (watch them here), a vegetarian diet can be an extremely healthy nutrition plan for a child as well as an adult. I wanted to follow-up those pieces with more tips for parents of vegetarian kids.

    How do we develop eating occasions for vegetarian kids? Paying attention to a) nutrient balance (carb, pro, fats) b) providing variety c) including vegetables …I will start with C first.

    Vegeta - rian…say it with your child…veg-e-ta-rian…parents often struggle with getting their kids to eat vegetables. If your child chooses to be a vegetarian, its worth it to discuss the old "what's in a name" and have them commit to eating a rainbow of vegetables during their week.

    Tip #1 Dip them in hummus, peanut or almond butter, or a yogurt (or tofu) -based dip and they will get protein as well

    Tip #2 Try great-tasting products like Dr Praegers

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  • How to Sleep More and Weigh Less

    Lots of weight loss products promise miracles. One in particular that I recall says a magic pill lets you lose weight while you sleep. Now, groundbreaking new studies are revealing that you don't even need a mystical (and questionable) potion to lose weight while sleeping; what women in particular need is sleep itself for effortless weight loss. (Do you know of an easier way to lose weight than indulging in lots of restful sleep?) There's one caveat though: women need to sleep enough hours to reap the rewards; skimp on sleep and the converse occurs-you're more likely to put on pounds.

    Counting Zzzzzz's

    Are women really more prone to put on pounds when they don't get enough sleep? Absolutely, says Sanjay Patel, M.D., the lead investigator of the study that revealed the link. To come to this unexpected conclusion, Dr. Patel and his team conducted the largest study of its kind. Starting in 1986, they began to track the sleep habits of almost 70,000 middle-aged women; at the

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  • Magic Ingredient - 10 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Your Home, Health and Beauty

    Apple cider vinegar is my favorite new DIY household product. Just as how baking soda has a huge range of uses from personal self-care to household cleaning, apple cider vinegar can do pretty much anything--for your skin, your hair, your house, and even your pets.

    I learned about apple cider vinegar when I was researching ways to get rid of the fleas that had unfortunately begun cropping up in my apartment from my roommates' two cats. Apple cider vinegar, apparently, when rubbed on the pet and added to the pet's water, can greatly help repel the fleas from the animal.

    Why should we all start using more apple cider vinegar? First of all, apple cider vinegar is a completely natural product: apple juice is fermented to hard apple cider, which is fermented a second time to apple cider vinegar. In integrating this natural product into our homes, we instantly decrease the consumption of unnatural chemicals in our daily lives.

    Here are many other benefits of apple cider vinegar

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  • 14 timeless ways to live a happy life

    How we achieve happiness can be different for each one of us. Our passions, expectations, life experiences, and even our personalities all contribute to the level of happiness we experience in our lives. Some find happiness in their careers while others prefer the bliss found in their marriages or other intimate relationships.

    No matter how you define happiness for yourself, there are certain universal and time-proven strategies to bring, and sustain, more happiness into your life. The following 14 timeless ways to live a happy life can be adapted and even customized to fit your needs. Over time, these strategies will become positive and life-changing habits that will begin to bring more happiness, joy and peace into your life.

    1. Notice What's Right

    Some of us see the glass as being half-full, while others see the glass as half-empty. The next time you are caught in traffic, begin thinking how nice it is to have a few moments to reflect on the day, focus on a problem you have been

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