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  • Sex, Love, Intimacy: Understanding and Enjoying Your Sexuality

    In my previous posts I discussed the importance of establishing a sense of self-worth. In my next posts, I'll look at how this sense of self-worth plays into your sexuality and relationships, and how your sexuality and relationships affect your sense of self worth.

    Regardless of what your mother taught you, when you came of age and sex hormones flooded your brain, you started to yearn for that forbidden, seductive, carnal knowledge. As a species, our sex drive is a survival instinct. But as a female, your sex drive is obviously more than an instinctual need; it's wrapped up in feelings of comfort, love, companionship, excitement, naughtiness and hope.

    Profound, trusting relationships with other people form the foundation of your personal community and essentially your universe. Such positive mutually beneficial relationships can intensify your sense of self-worth. Your one-on-one relationships are the cornerstones of your existence; you may even set your personal compass by

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  • 17 Best Ways to Nurture and Grow Your Relationships

    The following 17 tips offer guidance on how to nurture and grow your personal relationships and how to be your best self so that loving, healthy relationships are possible. Arm yourself with the tools that can help you avoid making self-destructive choices. Write down the following in your journal and reflect on them frequently as part of your work towards creating that special relationship.

    1. Learn to compromise.

    2. Acquire and build your ability to be assertive.

    3. Disagree without demonizing. You are BOTH individuals; you both have a right to your opinions.

    4. Recognize that very often when you make concessions or compromises, you are not caving in, you are staying in.

    5. Think compassion not competition . Chill out. Revisit hot issues when you've cooled off and can re-open the door of reason.

    6. Resist the urge to push each other's buttons. You know what I mean . Button-pushing is a no-win, inflammatory activity.

    7. Retain individuality. The

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  • How to Find and Impress the "Perfect" Man?

    Statistics say men lie five times more often than women. (Now ask yourself, is that true, or did I just make it up?) And despite human progress and enlightened times, we're still slaves to our genes. Males are hardwired to impress women. Watch the elaborate dances some birds go through to win over a female -- puffing up their chests and using their feathers to exaggerate how big they are. Human males are no different. They're going to tell you they're richer, stronger, taller, and more important than the next guy to win your affections.

    That said, our equal opportunity world has skewed the course somewhat. The days of women sitting back, waiting to be picked up aren't as common. Women can now go on the offensive. They can go on the prowl to pick up a guy if they desire. And with these turned tables, it's become more important for women to impress men.

    This new need for women to become proactive when picking up guys increases the chance that you might exaggerate, or fudge certain

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  • How to Avoid Getting Sick at The Gym

    The other day I was completely grossed out and horrified when some rude, sneezing, snarfing, and sick person was working out next to me. (Makes no sense, because we're working out to feel good and get fit/healthy right)? With all the people, sweat, and warmth, gyms are the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Here are a few ways to protect yourself and avoid getting sick from nasty germs (and people) at the gym.

    Stay home if you're sick.
    Do you want to catch a cold from a sick person at the gym? Of course not! And other people don't want to pick up your sick germs either. If you are have a fever, are sneezing, and/or coughing, you are contagious. Stay home. If you have a cold, give yourself a chance to rest and recover and return to the gym when you are feeling better. If you do feel up to working out, try exercising at home or outdoors instead where you won't infect others.

    If someone is sick, stay away from them. Studies show germs from a sneezing/coughing person travel

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  • What do Men Really Want? Food, Sex, Laundry . . .

    As a people, we've come a long way. We've cracked the human genome, crossed the seven seas, sent man to the moon and put Ryan Seacrest on TV. We've made technological and social advances (although the Seacrest thing is debatable). Well done us. But despite these advances, the relationship between men and women remains very much the same. We will always be slaves to our DNA. Women will always think their butts are too big and men will never ask for directions.

    So even though we're now entrenched in the 21st century, men still possess needs that have been with them since the dawn of time. When it comes to relationship bliss, it's food, sex and laundry.


    Food has a deep psychological effect on us. What do people do to celebrate an occasion? They eat together. Even Jesus had a blowout meal with his buddies when he knew his time was up. We eat to live. Food makes us happy. Food means we have the energy to live another day. Food is also where we sink our sorrows. Hands

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  • 7 Tips for Making Your Children Flu-Resistant

    Just when you thought cold and flu season was over...

    Two Christmases ago, we were unhappy participants in the rampaging outbreak of Norovirus. My older son picked it up in Orlando, presumably among the masses at Disney World. As he proceeded to "share" it with me, his brother, my parents and a couple cousins, we spent a lot of time talking about germs and how to avoid them.

    When we weren't vomiting.

    With headlines focused on swine flu and a possible pandemic, it feels like the right time to re-visit the subject.

    Here are our Top 7 Healthy Family Tips for Making Your Children Flu-Resistant.

    1. Set an Intention.
    Expect to be strong and healthy. Live like you are strong and healthy. Write an affirmation for yourself and your family and use it. Something like, "We are always healthy, strong and safe. We spread good health and happiness everywhere we go. We are always surrounded by healthy, happy people."

    Be Healthy, Happy People.
    Take care of yourselves. Get enough sleep. Drink
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  • User post: Are You Guilty of Emotional Eating?

    You have two options in regard to emotional eating: you can try to eliminate it altogether or you can try to make better use of it by making emotional eating more conscious. The latter would be consistent with the goals of harm reduction, a humanistic form of psychotherapy that offers a pragmatic risk-reduction approach to managing problematic behaviors.

    Three Principles of Mindful Emotional Eating

    If becoming a mindful emotional eater is the goal you'd like to pursue, the following three principles will help you transition from mindlessly-reactive emotional eating to mindfully-conscious emotional eating in moderation:

    1) when eating to cope with emotions, accept emotional eating as a legitimate coping choice, not a coping failure;

    2) when eating to cope with emotions, follow a predictable eating ritual, with clear start and end points;

    3) when eating to cope with emotions, remember that emotional eating does not have to mean emotional overeating.


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  • 4 Symptoms of Wonderful Relationships

    This week, I met with a wonderful young man who wanted to talk about falling in love one day. It was a tough subject for him. He was brought up in very typical circumstances and had therefore developed a belief that relationships are difficult, imperfect, full of compromises and require a bit of work to maintain. His past experiences had verified these beliefs and he was very good at criticizing himself over what appeared to be mistakes.

    It surprised him to hear me admonish him and emphatically state that great, warm, perfect relationships exist and are available for anyone who wants them. He was surprised. He was relieved. There had been too many trips to the bars with buddies full of advice on how to pick up women: how he needed to act, what to look like, and how to talk.

    How miraculous it was to hear that some people have fulfilling, enriching, satisfying and authentic relationships. You have a decision, I declared. You can decide to have the usual type of marriage, or

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  • Get Into Great Shape for Summer

    The calendar says spring and a feeling of imminent dread creeps into your heart as your mind imagines a beach with a beached whale and you are the whale. You make plans for a marathon run into the water and will stay there until it is time to leave. How will you ever remove the layers of clothes to reveal the real expansive you! It's hard to change a perceived weakness - sometimes you are fighting genes, years of emotional programming and an environment which tempts you to transgress. The saboteurs at the top of the list are your past failures, poor choices and sour relationships. All these foes don't give you a minute's peace. Calm down and ease into yourself. I have a solution which does not require pounding your body into submission in the gym or experiencing deprivation constantly obsessing about food.

    It's much easier to build on a perceived strength. For instance a clinically diagnosed blind person is not going to see no matter how intense the desire, tenacity or the

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  • A Chopra in a Yoga Class

    Are you intimidated by doing yoga. I am!

    I realized today that it has been over 3 years since I took a yoga class. I blogged about my last yoga class on October 4, 2005! The original blog is below...

    Undoubtedly, yoga is good for us on so many levels. But the performance anxiety gets me all stressed out.

    So, my intent is to start yoga again. Wish me luck - I need it.

    That Chopra Smile - October 4, 2004

    Today, I was a Chopra in a yoga class... And the first thing I did was lie.

    Last Christmas, Gotham gave me a gift certificate for yoga classes. The certificate was valid for 6 months, and I had not redeemed it. When the guy looked at the certificate, luckily, there was no date on it -- so, I lied. I told him, with a sweet smile, that I received it for my birthday in July. Not a moment of Chopra guilt.

    As he was putting my info in the system, he furrowed his brows and I knew the question was coming. "Any relation to Deepak?" I nodded. "Yes, he's my father."

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