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  • Are You in an Abusive Relationship? 25 Warning Signs

    The recent tragedy between Rihanna and Chris Brown has left many people scratching their heads. How could someone as beautiful as her get into such a relationship? How could he do that to her? Why would she put up with it? Why did she go back to him? Abusive relationships are difficult to explain in a simple article. Their dynamics are complex.

    Abusive relationships don't start out that way. Most abusive relationships start out with candy and flowers, courting and romance. The abusive slips in, slowly and maliciously. It may not seem so obvious to the person in the relationship that things are getting out of hand because they have slowly progressed to that point over time. How can you tell if you are in an abusive relationship before someone gets hurt? What are some of the warning signs?

    You might be in an abusive relationship if:

    1. You're afraid to break up with them
    2. You feel tied down, like you have to check-in or account for your whereabouts
    3. You feel afraid to
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  • Baking Soda Beauty: 13 Reasons To Move It from Your Fridge to Your Medicine Cabinet

    As elements of spring start to peak through, I'm inspired to freshen up my "beauty routine," which has always minimal. Winter has taken its toll on my skin and hair, but enough is enough. It's time to peal back the curtain. Influenced by these 10 beauty essentials totaling $75, I started to think about glow- and shine-inducing products that I already have on-hand and my favorite of the bunch, baking soda.

    How can my favorite multi-purpose (beauty) product enhance your grooming routines? Read on. (More than a dusted off Redbook list, these applications for baking soda are a compilation of research, polls and personal use, the last indicated by an *).


    • Baking Soda is ubiquitous. It does not vary by brand nor fall into different price brackets. It's reliable and will always come to the siren call of your beauty needs.
    • It's available. You can purchase it at supermarkets, bodegas, drug stores and gas station mini-marts.
    • The
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  • Beauty on a Budget: 10 Essential Products to Live By During the Recession

    The hottest trend for 2009 across the board is CUTTING BACK. Recession friendly this and recession friendly that are the biggest buzz around town. Gone are the days of stepping into Bloomingdale's and dropping tons of cash on your beauty favorites. Regardless of how much money you have in the bank, everybody is striving to make that paycheck stretch as far it can go. Spending $25 on the amazing Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour isn't exactly a luxury people are indulging in right now.

    But your beauty regime doesn't have to suffer just because our economy is. You can still look like a million bucks standing in line at the unemployment office. So let's taking a shopping trip to the local drug store and grab 10 beauty essentials to help us get through this recession.

    Our Shopping Budget : $75.00

    Baskets ready? Let's go...

    1.) Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm ($3.29)

    This lip balm makes your dry and chapped lips so soft and healthy. It not only mosturizes with natural

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  • How To Read Tea Leaves

    One of the most challenging psychic tools for beginners is that of tasseomancy, or divining through tea leaves. The trick to reading tea leaves is to use plenty of imagination and intuition. The trick to writing an article about tea leaves is to resist -- with all one's psychic might -- using phrases such as: "get to the bottom of.." and " leaf that alone…" All in all, difficult for everyone involved.

    Students of my Psychic Experiential classes usually struggle to discern symbols and patterns from among the scattered, wet leaves. Our adult brains seem to have lost the ability to freely and wildly imagine what the shapes might mean. Logical training insists we see things exactly and this inhibits our ability to read some traditional divination methods like tea leaves. My own approach is to treat tea leaves like a Rorschach inkblot test; squint my eyes and pretend I am seeing symbols. I have had good results with this. Here are some basic hints and instructions for this fun Read More »from How To Read Tea Leaves
  • My Top 12 Tips for Traveling with Kids on Planes

    Airplanes and your children: A good mix?

    Greetings from 30,000 feet. We are somewhere over Baltimore - or maybe Richmond, Virginia - on our way to a family vacation in Florida.

    Sunshine. Warmth. Grandma and Grandpa. Mickey Mouse.

    What more could a sun-deprived, so-darn-tired-of-winter-I-could-just-spit, family from New England ask for??

    This is a relatively easy trip for us.

    I promised myself, when I adopted my sons (at the ages of two and three), that I would not give up my passion for travel. Just because there were three of us - and at that point, two of us became stroller-bound when fatigued or cranky - we needn't give up the wonders of seeing the world up close and personal.
    That would be taking the concept of "stay-at-home Mom" just a little too far. And so, we've become a traveling family.

    The boys and I have flown from Boston, Massachusetts to Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia
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  • Your Health and the Economy

    During these tough financial times, everyone is looking for ways to cut spending and reduce their overall cost of living. People are cutting back on all things considered "luxury." Unfortunately, along with the other non-necessities, people are choosing to spend less at the grocery store as well.

    What are the implications of this? What are some ways to save money and stay healthy? Take a good look at your monthly spending habits and then read on. You may find that the foods you are putting in your body are worth every penny and the grocery bill is the last place that you should be frugal.

    The old adage; "You are what you eat" should really be referred to as a law. Through a complicated system of digestion, filtration and absorption, your body literally processes and assimilates everything that you put into it. Your liver filters out contaminants including pesticides, chlorine (yes, bleach), and unnatural man-made preservatives.

    In the small intestine, the body will

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  • Top Ten Most Fascinating Movie Characters in 2008 (and their intents!)

    We all love movies, but what is it that do you love most about those films? What about them draws you to the movie theater time after time? The actors? the filmmakers? the stories? the photography?

    For me, it is all about the characters - fictional, non-fictional, human, animal or object. The ones that stay with you long after the movie is over. The ones that make you think, feel, cry and laugh. And especially the ones that you wish you actually knew.

    So in honor of the 81st Annual Academy Awards this weekend, I bring you my Top 10 Most Fascinating and Memorable Film Characters of 2008 (and their Intents!). 2008 was a great year at the movies. There were some great films and some phenomenal characters that will stay with us for a long time. Who are they? What do they want? And what can we learn from them?


    "My intent is to work, love and live with pure passion"

    María Elena is the fiery ex-wife of

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  • Top 10 Self Cleanses - Which One Is Right For You?

    Many of us find that our diets and lives get off balance - we celebrate the holidays and eat more sweets than we'd like, or we have a big project due at work and stay up all night drinking diet cola.

    For some people, the solution to getting your mind and body back in order is to follow a self-cleanse. The purpose of going through a self-cleanse-or a detox--is to rid the body of poisonous toxins that have accumulated within our inner organs and tissue. These toxins may come from eating too much junk food, living a stressful lifestyle, breathing in polluted air-or, in many cases, all of the above.

    Your body will strongly benefit from undergoing a self-cleanse. But which type of cleanse is right for you? A fast that eliminates specific foods from your diet? A 7-day liquids-only fast? We have listed ten cleanses below in the order of difficulty that will aid you in your path to physical self-purification.

    Whatever cleanse you choose to pursue, keep in mind that many of

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  •'s Guide to Valentine's Day

    To help you celebrate, the bloggers at bring you our ultimate Guide to Valentine's Day! If you are looking for ways to 'green' your Valentine's Day, gift ideas, ways to celebrate with your partner, reasons to getaway or special recipes for the big day -- we have answers! Tune in to each day until February 14th for our tips, advice, stories and more.

    Celebrate Love This Valentine's Day
    Relationship counselor Wendy Strgar writes about how to be bold and celebrate your love this Valentines Day.

    You Make My Heart Pound
    Darlene Mininni author of The Emotional Toolkit, tells us the key to happy relationships is all about your heart.

    Getting Away to Get It On
    Martial coach and the author of Tantric Sex, Diana Daffner gives us 10 reasons to get away this Valentine's Day to rejuvenate your passion

    Have A Green Valentine's Day
    Author, Norma Hartie gives us some green gift ideas for Valentine's Day

    (Com)passionate Valentine's Day Gifts

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  • How My Soul Found Its Mate

    I can't remember the exact age that the visions started, but even as a little girl, I regularly saw visions of a single, dark-colored wolf. Figuring that people would think me crazy and haul me away in a straight jacket, I kept this secret entirely to myself for close to two decades.

    In my mid-twenties, I decided to attend meditation classes with a remarkable woman who I later learned is a shaman and an intuitive. Toward the end of a wonderfully peaceful meditation, she paused and asked if she could offer each person in the class a unique message to help us with our spiritual growth. Everyone agreed. She looked at me and said she'd end with me because her message for me was so strong she wouldn't forget it. I waited as she shared a beautiful message for each person. Based on the large smiles and the nodding heads, I could tell her messages seemed to be exactly what each person needed to hear.
    Then her eyes met mine and without further hesitation she bluntly asked me, "do you ever Read More »from How My Soul Found Its Mate


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