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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Healing the whole woman

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States . While I have met many survivors and women going through treatment, I actually had my first intimate experience with the prospect of breast cancer only a week ago.

    My daughter's nanny, who is an integral part of our family, was called by her doctor after a mammogram and told that she needed to have an immediate follow-up due to a suspicious lump. The 48 hours between the call and the results of the check-up were two days filled with angst, swinging emotions, uncertainty, and questioning for her and for those of us who love her. We thank God that the results were not a diagnosis of the disease.

    There are so many questions that we, as individuals and especially as women, have about breast cancer: How can we prevent the disease? How do we support those we know who have gotten this dreaded diagnosis? For those who have breast cancer, how can we better manage the medical process, our health, our happiness, and our

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  • How to Achieve Peace

    Can a single intention for peace impact countless lives on our planet? I think so. After all, it takes only a single pebble to ripple a body of water.

    I have made it my habit to talk to [my] kids about major world events, and I considerInternational Peace Day(which was this past Sunday,September 21 st) to be one of the most important.No more fighting? exclaimed my 7 year old in amazement when I explained what the world had to do.(I saw him eyeing his little sister with that theres no way expression.)How do we do it?

    If you can put actions around the word 'peace,' I said and keep those good intentions going in the hardest of times, you will have achieved peace.

    We began to define for ourselves what the word peace meant.To my youngest, peace was defined as calm, to my oldest it was harmony, but for my 7 year old, the definition was a struggle. He wanted to look it up on the internet (scientist that he is).

    To my dismay, the modern definition of the word peace is:a

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  • Get Dads in the Mix

    Hundreds of therapists, physicians, nutritionists and family members gathered this past weekend in Austin, Texas to talk and learn about eating disorders at the annual conference of theNational Eating Disorders Association.

    I was there as one of the keynote speakers, but it was surprising how rarely the power and potential of fathers and stepfathers arose during discussions about prevention and treatment of serious problems like anorexia and bulimia. In fact, I dont know that I heard that it come up at all in conversations in which I wasnt already a participant.

    Fathers and stepfathers tend to be invisible to most people working to help families with difficulties like mental or physical illness. This despite the fact that a father or stepfathers meaning and influence is unavoidable at home.

    It is a mystery why dads remain our cultures greatest untapped natural resource -- hidden in plain sight. I speak about and train professionals on how to start recognizing -- and

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  • Managing the stress of financial uncertainty

    When I was in Business School at Kellogg, investment banking and getting a job at a company like Lehman Brothers or Merrill Lynch meant that you had succeeded. The thought that Lehman Brothers has gone bankrupt is mind-boggling.

    Today, I flew from LA to NYC and watched five hours of dire news on the state of the economy. Endless sound bytes of McCain saying the "fundamentals of the economy are strong" were contrasted with Obama proclaiming that McCain doesn't get it. The reality is that this is a complex situation, and my very limited understanding of economics makes me feel incompetent in understanding many of the nuances of what could have, should have, and should be done.

    What I do know is this.

    When the market crashed in 1999, I had a good company that did not survive. Today, I believe I have another good company -- Intent -- and I am raising money in a difficult climate. (That said, this time around I will make sure we survive!)

    While my husband's income is

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  • Your Right to Choose

    I write to you today with an open heart and a genuine concern for the future of our children. At a time when the presidential race could be seen as a pissing match between adults looking to take power, there are deeper issues -- shadow issues -- that are wanting and needing to be explored. I share my perspective with you today not so that you can align with me but so that you can dwell deeply in the issues facing our world and find the courage to speak up for what you believe even if it's unpopular to do so. I am speaking up even after someone recently wrote to me asking me to refrain from talking about politics. For me, that is like asking me to not talk about life. So today, I assert my right to free speech under the First Amendment, even if that speech is socially or politically incorrect, and I want to talk about Sarah Palin, the Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican Party.

    As I've watched the Sarah Palin phenomenon unleash itself on our national airwaves, I've been

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  • Why Obama Needs to Reach Deeper

    The race has changed, now what? All reports indicate that the Obama camp is rife with confusion about where they stand in the face of the meteoric rise of Sarah Palin and John McCain's ability to bring the Republican Party together. Neither one was remotely anticipated. This is more than a bump. I think Obama needs to recognize that the tide has decisively turned in McCain's favor. Palin is shooting down the turnpike, and unless Obama puts up a big hand to stop her, McCain is going to ride her coattails to the White House. The tire is deflating on the Democrats, and once enthusiastic supporters are becoming disheartened.

    Right now, complacency is the enemy. The Democratic leadership in the House and Senate have been quiescent for more than a year, on the assumption that letting George Bush hang himself would be enough. It wasn't, and as a result public disapproval of Congress is as high or higher, than disapproval of the President. Obama can't afford to rest on his past message.

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  • 9/11 - A Moment of Silence

    I was just watching a report about the children of the victims on 9/11 reading the names of those who died on that terrible day. I was so impressed that they were so poignant - a boy who looked about 8 years old, saying that even though my father is gone, he is ever present with me.

    I remember my own emotions that day when our family thought for about 1 hour that my brother could be on the first plane, and watching the second, third and fourth ones fall. I remember being 5 months pregnant and feeling the light movements of my daughter inside me. Thinking about the world she would enter and fearing what the future held for her and those like her.

    The children I watched today reminded me that the future is bright, and hopeful, and poised, and confident, and capable. They are truly a light in the darkness of the past.

    Several moments of silence were observed today: 8:46 am, 9:30am, 9:59 am, 10:29 am. To honor those who died and the loved ones they left behind, I ask

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  • The Mommy Wars Redux

    This whole hooplah about Sarah Palin - the how can she cope as a mother of five with such a demanding job debate - that so many of us mothers had somehow hoped was long behind us - well it couldn't have come at a more poignant time.

    Back to school is always a time fraught with anxiety on all fronts. No matter how we as Moms try and position it as an exciting time of discovery and adventure, for our very wee ones, it is a scary, bewildering time of change. Just as they had got used to all that loving time at home and on vacation, suddenly they are back to school, dealing with seeing us working Moms only at the end of the day.

    My boy is into week two at a great new school. It's bigger than his previous school, with older children, and French immersion to boot, so it's taking some time to get used to. Every day I say goodbye and there are tears, then come lunchtime I dash back over town to pick him up and take him home, before saying farewell (more tears) and heading back into

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  • The Oprah Factor

    Should Oprah have Sarah Palin on her show?

    Oprah Winfrey this year did something she has never done before. She used her celebrity status to promote Obama as a presidential candidate. Oprah's support undoubtedly brought him incredible exposure.

    Todays controversy surrounds whether or not Oprah should have Sarah Palin on her syndicated show. She's had Obama on it, hasn't she?

    Obviously, Oprah doesn't support McCain/Palin. But as the person with the strongest reach to women in America, is it her responsibility to her audience to give Palin the platform?

    Is Obama on The O'Reilly Factor a parallel example?

    - Mallika Chopra,

    Visit to share what you think

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  • Back To School Tears

    Back to school this year resulted in tears - mommy tears.

    For me, it began with the closet cleaning to get rid of old clothes and stock up on new ones. Each outfit we packed up brought so many memories - remember when we chose this outfit; oh, her grandmother was so happy when she gave this to her; this is what she wore on her birthday; I can't believe she has outgrown this!

    Then, there was the back to school shopping, and realizing that my younger is outgrowing her princess phase. I never thought I would miss those princesses!! And, my elder was focused on getting a backpack that could hold her books - books she is reading!

    I was honestly surprised at myself - after all, my girls - 6.5 and 4 - are not even making major transitions. Same schools, same kids, just new teachers. But, this year, I really felt that they are growing up -- growing up way too fast.

    And, then, today - first day of school. First grade! Excitement mixed with nervousness. I watched my daughter

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