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  • Cheese Fondue Recipe From Lausanne, Switzerland's Café du Grütli

    Photo Credit: Kurt Winner
    It seems that fondue, the very definition of 1960s culinary élan and the toast of nearly every suburban American housewife's kitchen, is making a comeback. Not because we yearn for a cheesy piece of bread on a stick, but because today we are able to create a truer version.

    The availability of real Swiss cheeses and the evolution of the American palate is the driving force. "Fondue," French for "melting," is more than a meal; in winter it is a seasonal event. The Swiss gather around a warm communal pot of cheese with family and friends after an invigorating walk or down-hill run and take turns dipping.

    In the French-speaking Swiss Canton of Vaud, one of the oldest restaurants, Café du Grütli, still presides over Lausanne's cobblestone heart. Founded in 1849, the specialty of the house is fondue made with Swiss Le Gruyere cheese, Swiss white wine and a touch of garlic and nutmeg. The fondue is delicate, nutty, slightly sweet and it clings to the bread,

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  • Denim Do's and Dont's: Bell Bottom Basics

    Finally after season upon season of the skinny jean, you can (literally) breathe a sigh of relief that the flared leg is back in a big way!

    A modern take on the 70s silhouette, the flare is much more structured this time around. The best news is that the bell shape is super flattering.

    It balances out your thighs, creating a long, lean leg. It is still in your best interest however to wear a heel with these dazzling dungarees to keep that visual line going.

    I adore J Brand's Love Story jeans. The dark wash is so retro fabulous and the flare is just right. Diane von Furstenberg has a high-waisted option that are pretty killer as well. If you do go the high-waist route, tuck in a plain white fitted tee and you're going to get an even longer and leaner silhouette; and there's nothing wrong with that!

    Since there's so much going on with your gams, it's best to keep that the focal point. I prefer topping off this look with a fitted jacket and either a shrunken tee or camisole. You can

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  • Delivery Service Makes Shopping Easy for Men: Trunk Club Men's Outfitters

    Why is dressing casual such a challenge for so many men? It is a dilemma that many gentlemen encounter when it comes to selecting what to wear outside the work zone. Apparently, wearing business attire every day is easier than forcing yourself to think outside the suit.

    Mr. Brian Saly, the CEO of the Trunk Club, an upscale online clothing delivery service for men, said that sports shirts are his biggest seller on a recently aired segment on ABC's Nightline. While casual clothing is the biggest seller for the Trunk Club , the company services all men's wardrobe requirements with head to toe looks for business, casual or formal needs.

    How it works
    A conversation with a personal clothing consultant gets things started. Shortly after the basics are covered, the customer receives a trunk of clothes delivered to their home or office. Gents keep what they like and return the rest back to the Trunk Club. Shipping both ways is always free.

    It could take a session or two to work out the

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  • Paris Men’s Fashion Week: The New Black

    The recent Paris Men's Fashion Week proved, once again, that black will always be new. As the autumn/winter '11 collections showed us, the deepest darkest of hues is the source of limitless inspiration when set against bursts of color, worked into textured outerwear or cut into the body with beautiful tailoring.

    Look first to Ann Demeulemeester and her monochrome palette with dense luxe fabrics. The designer, who practically reinvented the term "deconstruction," reworked her signature style from past collections with horizontal cuts that left garments swaying open against the body. A layering of leggings, leather pants and loose knits made for an array of poetically inspired punk models adorned with horsehair extensions.

    Dries Van Noten created an entire collection seemingly around David Bowie during his Thin White Duke phase with fur jackets, white tailored trousers, contrasting textures on lapels and lush velveteen suiting in rich reds. It was enough to send you screaming into the

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  • Luxury Spa Destinations to Start the New Year Off Right

    Health & Beauty: January isn't over yet, so there is still plenty of time to remain focused on your New Year's resolution to get healthy and fit . Whether you prefer yoga or a detox treatment, there are plenty of luxury spas to choose from in stunning destinations around the world.

    El Dorado Royale, A Spa Resort, by Karisma (Riviera Maya, Mexico)
    This resort spa gives guests the opportunity to get healthy in the Mexican Riviera. The resort offers one, three or six-day programs. Included in these programs are a personal Wellness Concierge , personal training, and nutrition programs featuring fresh, local and sustainable produce grown in a greenhouse. Guests also have the chance to bring their new healthy program home via an online community.
    El Dorado Royale

    Kamalaya Koh Samui (Na Muang, Koh Samui)
    This retreat is centered around a cave that once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditation and spiritual retreat. It offers stunning views in addition to an array of award winning

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  • Fitbit: A Mobile Body-Monitoring System

    Health & Beauty:
    Although you may always feel like someone is watching you, the end result could turn out to be a great $99 investment toward improving your overall wellness. Fitbit is a mobile electronic accessory that is as easy to tote around as a cell phone, as it keeps track of the way you do the things you do.

    Being small and light, a Fitbit can be worn around the waist (it comes with a belt), placed in a pocket, or clipped to undergarments. The mobile tracking device has the same type of 3-D motion sensor as used in the Nintendo Wii®. This is what enables it to track calories burned, number of steps taken, and total distance traveled without beeping buzzing, or attracting unwanted attention. It is even capable of measuring quality of sleep at night, when worn with its accompanying sleep wristband.

    It is not magical, so there is some data entry required by a user to count those dirty little calories. However, there is a database with more than 50,000 types of food that makes

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  • Donald J Pliner Mens Shoes: Celebrity Favorite

    Fashion & Style: Donald J Pliner luxury men's shoes have become a celebrity favorite, thanks to stylish designs that offer comfort as a primary focus.

    Donald J Pliner has been in the fashion world for decades. He started by opening stores and more recently expanded his empire to include men's and women's footwear. Male celebrities are wearing the shoes with pride, thanks to their signature comfort and style that make them perfect both on and off the set.

    Since emerging with comfortable elastic shoes in the mid 1990s, Donald J Pliner men's shoes has grown to encompass all forms of fashionable male footwear including: dress shoes, boots, basic comfort shoes, sandals, sporty styles and executive dress shoes. The line still focuses on comfort, but uses more than just elastic to achieve this goal, like an air-touch system patented in Italy.

    Celebrity fans include fashionably attired Jude Law, Clive Owen, Orlando Bloom, Zach Braff, Justin Timberlake and
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  • The Most Expensive Tanning Bed in the World

    Health & Beauty: It's cruise season , but maybe you're not planning a getaway just yet. Or maybe you're heading to the slopes instead of the islands. Either way, you don't want to miss out on that winter tan that makes everyone else so envious. Luckily, the Velocity HP1000 tanning bed has you covered.

    Indianapolis-based ETS Tan sells the most expensive tanning bed in the world. The Velocity HP1000 isn't your typical tanning bed, however. It has plenty of bells and whistles to earn the nom for being the most expensive device of it's kind. It has an open design, so it's great for claustrophobics who want a full body tan; although it doesn't allow for any shyness, as there's not much privacy.

    It comes equipped with an entertainment system built right in. The integrated four-speaker and subwoofer stereo system has four inputs, including one for your iPod. And you won't get overheated because the tanning bed has a variable speed body cooling system that cools as it tans.

    For a mere

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  • Food & Spirits: D'Anbino Vineyards & Cellars is a fun-loving family of professional musicians who strive to blend wine with music , food, and family.

    Owners John D'Andrea and Carmine Rubino were raised as brothers (Carmine's mother was John's grandmother) on the East Coast in an Italian neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. Making wine at home was a very important family event. Each year, a week-long celebration of crushing and barreling of the juice culminated in table wine for their families.

    By their early 20s, John and Carmine were pursuing their separate careers in music. Both were working in the recording, film, and television industries in Los Angeles and New York . On holidays, they and their children would get out their musical instruments and jam with the family band. In 1996, with the love of wine ever pulsing through their veins, they planted their first vineyard. The partners merged their names to form D'Anbino and started the winery in 2000. A depiction of the family band

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  • Disco Music Inspires ACNE's Spring/Summer Line 2011

    Fashion & Style: A good night lives eternally; replayed again and again. Hence, the inspiration behind the Spring/ Summer 2011 menswear collection for Scandinavian label ACNE.

    Based on a summer night escape, menswear maven Jonny Johansson, ACNE's Creative Director since the line was founded in 1996, and the rest of his men's design team, sought to incorporate innovative multi-length layers, high waist fits, and contrast of high and low length pants.

    "Fashion is the best form of self-expression. We like to design pieces that together form the coolest wardrobe, but are ultimately wearable. It becomes one way of thinking as individual pieces, but together creates a strong, modern and considered statement," explains Johansson.

    Much like an eclectic gathering, the line mixes schoolboy shorts and layered tees together with lean double-breasted suits. Navy is used heavily throughout from accessory pieces to an array of trousers.

    Exploring the juxtaposition of tightly tailored jackets

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