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  • The New Way to Lose Weight

    Your current approach to slimming down may be all wrongYour current approach to slimming down may be all wrongTried losing weight a million times but never had much success? You might be going at it the wrong way: Learning how to maintain your current weight helps women stick to healthier lifestyles and lost weight, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine.

    In the study, overweight African American women were put in a program that gave them weight-maintenance (not weight-loss) pointers, such as to skip fast food, watch less TV, and cut their daily caloric intake by just 200 calories a day. They were also taught skills such as how to read nutrition labels and how to find low-calorie dishes on restaurant menus. After 12 months, 62 percent of the women were either at or below their original weight. On average, the women had dropped about two pounds each.

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    So why did this "maintain, don't gain" method work? One reason could be that it's simply easier to stick with healthy habits that

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  • How One Woman Lost 90 Pounds

    Jen Tallman, 25, went from 265 lbs to 155 lbs. Here's how she did itJen Tallman, 25, went from 265 lbs to 155 lbs. Here's how she did itBEFORE 265 lbs
    AFTER 155 lbs

    Jen Tallman, now 25, used to start the day with two breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, and a cinnamon roll. At night, she turned to takeout, easily notching up 7,000 calories before bedtime. "I wasn't active at all," says the Binghamton, New York, native. Two stabs at group dieting failed, and Jen, 5'7", hit a high of 265 pounds before her 21st birthday.

    BEWARE: The 3 Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

    The Change

    Jen suffered from exhaustion, swollen hands and feet, and headaches. When she read online that these could be symptoms of prediabetes and high blood pressure, she was terrified that her life could be in danger. "I knew I needed a permanent change," she says, "not a quick fix."

    The Lifestyle
    A gym-averse Jen started with daily 20-minute walks. She practiced simple habits such as previewing menus for light options before she went out to eat and ditching the bun on her burger. In four months, she lost 40 pounds. When her progress stalled six months in,

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  • 5 Surprising Things that Make You Tired

    .Your extreme fatigue might be coming from one of these energy suckers. Read on to find out the 5 surprising culprits.

    1. Dehydration
    It turns out that even moderate dehydration (which results in the loss of 3 percent of your body weight) can make you feel mentally sluggish and mess with your concentration. The next time you're feeling foggy or lightheaded, don't just assume you're in serious need of some food. Try downing a glass or two of water.

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    2. Cell Phones

    Checking your cell before bed amps up brain activity, making it harder to doze off. Plus, any electronic gadget's artificial blue light can suppress the sleep hormone melatonin. A 2011 poll by the National Sleep Foundation found that 20 percent of people ages 19 to 29 are awakened by a call, text, or e-mail at least a few nights a week. Power it down well before bedtime.

    3. Medication
    Many drugs have veiled energy-sapping side effects. Chief among them are some classes

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  • What Your Sports Team Says About Your Weight

    When the team you root for takes a hit, your diet may suffer, tooWhen the team you root for takes a hit, your diet may suffer, tooIt's not just the game-day smorgasbord that can threaten your waistline. If your favorite football team bombs a big game, you're more likely to binge the next day, according to new research from France.

    For the study, researchers from the business school INSEAD tracked the eating habits of NFL fans after 475 games. Turns out, the losing team's fans had consumed 16 percent more saturated fat than normal the next day. In cities with the most serious football followings, intake of the unhealthy fat actually shot up by 28 percent. Bummed-out fans also tended to increase their overall calorie intake by 10 percent.

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    In a second study, researchers found that even just thinking about a time when their team had suffered a loss made people more likely to overdo it on potato chips and chocolate than when they reminisced about a victory.

    "Fans identify with their teams--they say 'we lost,' not 'they lost,'" says study author Pierre Chandon, Ph.D. "So

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  • 5 Ways to Take Free Yoga Classes This Month

    Summer may be ending, but it's not all downhill after Labor Day: September is National Yoga Month, and to celebrate, businesses across the U.S. are offering free (repeat, free) classes and events.

    If you need a refresher course on the benefits of yoga, it helps relieves stress and, depending on the type you do, can also get your heart pumping. Bonus: A recent study found that yoga can boost your sex drive.

    Here, your guide to the gratis offerings in your area. Get ready to say om all month long!

    BEWARE: The 13 Biggest Fitness Myths

    1. The Yoga Health Foundation is offering a free week of yoga at more than 1,600 locations nationwide, beginning September 1 (and the offer is good through October 30). Check with your local studio to see if this deal is available. Note: Only new students are allowed to participate.

    2. Lululemon stores across the country provide complimentary classes once a week (they actually do this year-round).

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    3. Join

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  • 16 Signs You’re Obsessed with Your Dog

    Check out the crazy, cute, and sometimes strange habits that only a true dog lover would understandCheck out the crazy, cute, and sometimes strange habits that only a true dog lover would understandThere are few bonds stronger than the one between a woman and her pup. And whether you show your love through handmade puppy treats or a day at the dog spa, we think it's totally acceptable to adore your mutt that much. Consider this the no-judgment zone when it comes to irrational pet-owner behavior.

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    1. Your Pinterest board has more recipes for dog food than real food.

    2. You've missed happy hour on more than one occasion because your dog was home alone.

    3. Your friends know better than to set you up with a cat person.

    4. Some people have baby pictures on their phones... you have dog pictures.

    5. You dated someone with a pet allergy once. It didn't work out.

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    6. You know your dog's birthday and of course you've thrown him a party.

    7. You know exactly which Instagram filter your pooch looks best in.

    8. You may not always eat organic, but your dog does.

    9. When you feel guilty leaving them home

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  • 16 Ways to Eat Better, Starting Now

    Most of us know we should be eating more produce each day (at least five servings, we're contractually obligated to tell you). But it also seems that our produce palate is about as exciting as a pair of basic khakis.

    According to a recent study based on government nutritional data, we're coming up short in terms of eating a variety of fruit and vegetable colors: Sixty-nine percent of Americans don't get enough green; 78 percent don't get enough red; 86 percent don't get enough white; 88 percent don't get enough purple/blue; and 79 percent don't get enough yellow/orange. We tend to eat the same produce over and over again.

    This skew toward bland means we're missing out on a lot more than just good-tasting food. "There are unique phytochemicals, or plant chemicals, that vary from color to color. These various compounds all do different things to protect your health. If you're eating only red bell peppers, you're going to be limited as far as health benefits because you're not getting

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  • How to Lose Weight in 7 Days

    .Looking for a realistic deadline diet? Make these tiny tweaks from Shape-Up Shortcuts, a new book from Jen Ator, C.S.C.S., Women's Health magazine's senior fitness editor. It shows you how to score a healthier, hotter body in half the time.

    Sunday: Eliminate processed foods

    If you can't pronounce the ingredients, the food is off-limits. Or hit the produce aisle for foods with no label at all.

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    Monday: Lay off the sauce

    Not only are alcoholic drinks dehydrating and high in calories, they also make resisting nibbles difficult. (No shocker here: Studies prove women consume more calories after drinking.)

    Tuesday: Get a fiber fix

    It may be tempting to nix all carbs, but don't forgo fiber, a proven source of long-lasting satiety. Sprinkle flaxseed onto yogurt or add a few teaspoons of sliced almonds to your salad.

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    Wednesday: Burn, baby, burn

    Eating steadily throughout the day can

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  • The 13 Biggest Fitness Myths Ever

    Clear up these common misconceptions ASAP for a more effective workoutClear up these common misconceptions ASAP for a more effective workoutWhat you don't know about fitness can hurt you--and interfere with your fitness goals. For a safer workout with awesome results, forget everything you think you know about exercise, and read on to get your fitness facts straight.

    1. MYTH: You can target your fat burn.

    FACT: Working out can reduce your overall body fat, but you can't control where that fat comes from. In a new study published in Journal of Strength & Conditioning, 11 people completed a 12-week exercise program to train a single leg. Even though they only trained on one side, they lost about the same amount of body fat in each leg-and burned even more body fat above the waist.

    2. MYTH: You shouldn't work out on an empty stomach.
    Your body burns more fat when you hit the gym before you eat breakfast, according to a new study published online in the British Journal of Nutrition. Just don't skimp on water.

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    3. MYTH: No pain, no gain.

    FACT: A little discomfort is okay, but if

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  • 7 Steps to Becoming a Morning Workout Person

    Even if you're an early bird, getting up before the sun rises to go sweat your butt off can be seriously daunting. The good news: It's possible to become a morning workout person (with relatively little pain). Just follow these 7 steps

    Pack a Bag

    Every night when you get home from work, put your dirty gym clothes in the hamper and set aside a crisp, new exercise outfit. Having to dig through your dressers drawers at 6 a.m. is no fun. It's much easier to have an outfit ready to go, so you don't have to fully wake up before you get dressed.

    PLUS: The 15 Most Annoying Gym Habits

    Force Yourself Out of Bed

    Move your alarm clock across the room. That way you can't sleepily snooze-button your way through your morning sweat session. By forcing yourself to jump out of bed to silence the dreaded buzzer, you're forcing yourself to wake up quicker. And once you're already up... might as well go work out, right?

    Have a Light Snack

    Eating a full meal in the morning before your workout can make

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